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Should You Buy YouTube Comments That Will Boost your Video Instantly (5 Tips)?

20 april 2020

Should You Buy YouTube Comments That Will Boost your Video Instantly (5 Tips)?

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform in the world. There are lots of YouTubers who are getting fame and money by making videos on youtube. You should keep in mind that it takes years of dedication and hard work. If you are new on Youtube there are other alternate ways like buying Youtube comments which can bring more hits to your video. Especially, for beginners, it is a very fast way to gain popularity and hits. Buying comments also make you look more genuine and increases engagements.

<a href="">How to Buy YouTube Real Comments to Attract YouTube Audience Fast?</a>

How to get more hits on your YouTube video?

From engagement to getting hits, it helps in various ways to the YouTubers. Here are some benefits:

1. Increases Engagements: 

Buying comments increases the engagement on your channel. New comments bring new viewers and if they watch your video and comment it will increase the engagement. The quality content will make this process exponential. Comments also bring more traffic in terms of feedback which will increase your search rankings on YouTube.

2. Attract more Traffic 

When the audiences will see your video and scroll to the comment section the quality comments make them trust you more which will increase the traffic on your channel. Good comments also increase the time which user spent on your video so that YouTube will promote it organically. 

How do YouTube Comments work?
There are many sellers for fake comment but that is tracked by YouTube and your account will be banned. Real comments are made by the freelancers who are paid to do so. They are real comments also and will increase the engagement on your video. These types of comments are impossible for YouTube to track.

How to get more Comments on my Video For Free?

There are many ways to get free comments on your video. Sometimes beginners don't have an idea of how to do that. Here are the tips to get more comments on your video for free:

 1. Comment on the comments of other youtube channels and engage them. It will bring more comments to your video in exchange. People will come to know about your channel and content and promote them too.

2. Promote your video on other social media platforms which can help you gain more comments. It will funnel other social media traffic to your channel.

3. Ask questions in your video and tell your viewers to answer in your comment box. It will increase the comment. As the audience will love to answer if the question will be interesting.

4. Reply to the previous comments on your video which will also increase the comments. Replying will provoke more replies from the people.

5. Highlight comments in your video which will make your audience comment more to get featured in your video. It helps to get real YouTube comments.

So, if you are a new YouTuber we have discussed the ways to get more comments on your video for free.

Final Words

So, here we have discussed that should you buy YouTube comments to get more hits on YouTube videos and other benefits too. As mentioned earlier more comments can do wonder to your YouTube channel. Always get real YouTube Comments to maintain your trust. Here we have also given the ways to get more comments on your video for free which will help the beginners a lot. Always beware of the fake sellers and do proper research before buying YouTube comments. Use these tips to promote your YouTube channel and comment below if you find the content useful.