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Ping. My favorite sites using the Twitter API - Veronica Belmont. I’ve long been a fan of Twitter, and despite the many naysayers it has become an integral part of many peoples web existence.

My favorite sites using the Twitter API - Veronica Belmont

Since Twitter shares their API with developers, it opens up a whole world of mashups and sites that take advantage of the huge network that Twitter is accumulating. This subject has been covered by people before, but I thought it would be fun to share a few of my personal favorites. The best search tool for Twitter that I’ve found. One of my biggest annoyances about Twitter is that the Replies tab only shows responses with your username as the first word in the tweet (e.g., “@veronica talks about her cats too much”) and not responses with the username any where else (e.g., “sick of hearing about @veronica’s cats”).

Tweetscan solves this by finding any instance of the word. Takes the Tweetscan idea one step further by tracking entire conversation threads. This would be insanely helpful to me if I had a car. Welcome to twhirl. SocialToo Twitter Preferences. Oneforty the Twitter outfitter. Apps. Seesmic Desktop is (not surprisingly) a desktop Twitter client that allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts in a single UI. Features: utilizes Adobe Air environment ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts ability to create groups and lists, and split feeds into columns TwitPic support and video capture via drag and drop search feature allows users to track any topic The Good: Seesmic Desktop is the latest offering from the gang that brought us twhirl.

Perhaps it is “twhirl plus”. The Not-so-Good: We are bearing in mind that there are more features planned for Seesmic Desktop (it is in “Preview” release now), but there are a few things that we would like to see: (1) the ability to manage other social networking tools, (2) the ability to schedule tweets for future transmission, (3) having the “follow user” feature available in all columns, not just the home column and (4) having the ability to re-size columns if desired. rates it: ★★★★ Tweet Manager / Login. 15 Essential Feeds for Freelance Web Designers.

Freelance Folder recently posted an open thread asking the question “How Do You Stay Sharp?”

15 Essential Feeds for Freelance Web Designers

The post has some great discussion in the comments section, where many people said that it’s through web sites and blogs that they are able to keep up to date on developments in their particular fields. Web Design / Development Blogs You Should Be Reading I myself have a set of design and development related blogs that I read… whether for the latest xhtml/css and WordPress tricks, for design inspiration, etc. I asked my designer friends on Twitter which sites they thought were the best design blogs to read. You know, the old question “if you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one…” LOL Without a doubt, the number one answer was Smashing Magazine – for good reason! Feedtweeter. La folie Twitter : 101 liens sur Twitter et +

Michelle Blanc, M.Sc. commerce électro. C’est via le blogue et les commentaires subséquents de Jeremiah Owyang, que j’ai pris connaissances de plusieurs outils permettant d’augmenter les plaisirs et l’efficacité d’utiliser Twitter.

Michelle Blanc, M.Sc. commerce électro

C’est outils permettent aussi de commencer à faire du monitorage de brand dans cet univers en croissance constante. • Twhirl un utilitaire de bureau pour suivre vos discussions Twitter et il permet entre autres de raccourcir les URL des hyperliens que vous voulez partager. Mais il n’est cependant pas aussi rapide que votre page Twitter. • Tweetscan pour faire le monitoring de qui parle de vous de votre marque ou d’un sujet qui vous tiens à cœur. Startup twitter. We've argued in the past that Twitter can be a platform for serious discourse and our own Marshall Kirkpatrick famously stated last year that Twitter is even paying his rent (by which he meant that Twitter had become an invaluable tool in his blogging).

startup twitter

But while Twitter can be a great facilitator of discussion, it can also be hard to follow and there's something of a steep learning curve for new users. The four startups below aim formalize the discussion in Twitter around organized polls. Twitter Census is probably the most sophisticated service in this mini-roundup. It takes advantage of the hashtags concept to track poll responses. Specifically, it tracks the #Survey hashtag.

Twitter Census then tracks the results and displays them in a graph. But say you don't have a large group of followers to draw on. Twitter Answers works by taking questions that users send via direct message to the service's Twitter account (QnA) and then outputting them to the Mosio community. - all your twitter accounts in one place. Twitter 50.