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Vi-IMproved. Vim Introduction and Tutorial - IMHO. I often tried to learn the great Emacs editor/IDE/operating system.

Vim Introduction and Tutorial - IMHO

The last time I tried it, I spent some time getting comfortable with it until I wanted to customize my .emacs file. That was the point when I entered vi .emacs. As soon as I realized what I’ve done, I knew that Vim has won me over a long time ago. So, here I am – using Vim as my editor of choice. Another big motivational boost came after I discovered that my preferred shell (ZSH) has an awesome vi-mode including the command mode (yes, you can switch between command and insert mode!).

Vim has a great deal of features, and learning them takes some time. I took the approach to start using some tutorial and let the help-system guide (type :help <command> to get help for the command) me through the rest. Another reason I like to use Vim is because it’s much more healthy than Emacs (using the default-keymappings). Just remember: Vim’s basics are really very simple, but in combination the simple commands become very powerful.

Vi-vim_cheat_sheet.gif (GIF Image, 1024x724 pixels) - Scaled (82. Welcome home. Vim: Seven habits of effective text editin. Bram Moolenaar November 2000 If you spend a lot of time typing plain text, writing programs or HTML, you can save much of that time by using a good editor and using it effectively.

Vim: Seven habits of effective text editin

This paper will present guidelines and hints for doing your work more quickly and with fewer mistakes. The open source text editor Vim (Vi IMproved) will be used here to present the ideas about effective editing, but they apply to other editors just as well. Choosing the right editor is actually the first step towards effective editing. Part 1: edit a file 1. Most time is spent reading, checking for errors and looking for the right place to work on, rather than inserting new text or changing it.

Quite often you will want to search for some text you know is there. If you see a specific word and want to search for other occurrences of the same word, use the * command. In structured text there are even more possibilities to move around quickly. Use % to jump from an open brace to its matching closing brace. 2. 3. Vim Color Scheme Test. Best of VIM Tips, gVIMs Key Feature. Tips Home Vim Tips Blog (NEW) Cygwin VimTools Buy Vim Book Support VIM Submit to Social Websites.

Best of VIM Tips, gVIMs Key Feature

Documentation: tip. Vim Commands Cheat Sheet. How to Exit Editing a File Inserting Text Inserting a file Deleting Text Changing (or Replacing) Text Substituting The arguments that you can use for the substitute commands:[c] Confirm each substitution.

Vim Commands Cheat Sheet

Copying and Moving Text Undo/Redo/Repeat Moving Around Basic motion commands: k.