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Vi-IMproved. Vim Introduction and Tutorial - IMHO. I often tried to learn the great Emacs editor/IDE/operating system.

Vim Introduction and Tutorial - IMHO

The last time I tried it, I spent some time getting comfortable with it until I wanted to customize my .emacs file. That was the point when I entered vi .emacs. As soon as I realized what I’ve done, I knew that Vim has won me over a long time ago. Vi-vim_cheat_sheet.gif (GIF Image, 1024x724 pixels) - Scaled (82. Welcome home. Vim: Seven habits of effective text editin.

Bram Moolenaar November 2000 If you spend a lot of time typing plain text, writing programs or HTML, you can save much of that time by using a good editor and using it effectively.

Vim: Seven habits of effective text editin

Vim Color Scheme Test. Best of VIM Tips, gVIMs Key Feature. Documentation: tip. Vim Commands Cheat Sheet. How to Exit Editing a File Inserting Text.

Vim Commands Cheat Sheet