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Internet. Firefox. Travel. Sharing. Detection. Domains. Javascript 2. NPA.RMLABS.NET - Phone Number Geolocator. HousingMap. HowItWorks/ Ether gives you two ways in which you can market yourself to people who want to buy your services.


First, you get a unique Ether Phone Number that you can put anywhere – like on your business card or a yellow pages ad. Second, you can choose from a variety of Ether Buttons which directly link to your business that you can put on your blog, website, or in email. You are in complete control of who calls you because you decide where you put your Ether Phone Number and Buttons – you aren't placed randomly in a directory.

There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and no connection fees. Calculator: Add to or subtract from a date. XML+Java - WSDL viewer. WSDL has its constructive logic, but it is hard to read / understand the content by business professionals (mostly non-programmers).

XML+Java - WSDL viewer

Here is a small tool to visualize the web-service in a more intuitive way. I developed this transformation for WSDL interface analysis (to understand the service business functionality). The version 3.1.xx has experimental support for WSDL 2.0 and modularization for better development / maintenance. Please enter into the following input field the URL address of a WSDL and click on Submit. Downloads: You can download the XSLT transformation. The modularized development package can be downloaded in zip or tar.gz format. Clonezilla. Valgrind Home. Free or Cheap on-line Fax Service? Dear Lazyweb, I seem to find myself needing to send (and occasionally receive) faxes now and then.

Free or Cheap on-line Fax Service?

When I'm at work, this is no big deal. I can abuse the company fax machine for a few minutes here and there. But sometimes I'm at home or have some downtime in a waiting room or at a conference booth and would like to use the big, bad Internet to solve this high-tech communications problem. Can you recommend a free or cheap (maybe one that accepts PayPal) service that takes documents (TIFF or PDF) via web form and will fax them to the number of my choice? I keep thinking that the fax will die off, but it continues to add work to my life. Thanks! Posted by jzawodn at September 06, 2007 12:37 PM Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Accurate Time. Mon Apr 14 18:57:50 2014 This workstation's clock appears to be accurate.

Accurate Time

<h3><span>Please Enable JavaScript</span></h3> The time shown above is the accurate time shown in your local time. The server continually synchronizes its time with accurate global sources so it should be accurate to less than one second. If this page returned soon after you requested it the local time should be close to the time on your workstation. Extending Nautilus with Scripts and Extensions. Snipplr - Code 2.0. Copyscape - Website Plagiarism Search - We. Home. Let's start with our credo: We believe that travelers are the best source of travel information.


That is why we have setup World66, an open content travel guide, where people from all over the planet can write about the places they love, the hotels they stayed in, the restaurants that have eaten. Every part of the travel guide can be edited directly, just click the [edit] button and go ahead. Welcome to SeatGuru! Your Guide to Airplan. Tired of keeping track of. iCall - Free Phone Call. Cell Phone Tower Search - Cell Phone Servi.

HassleMe. Demo. ANTLR Parser Generator. Allegro - Introduction. GeoIP for your IP addre. Free Google Sitemap generator phpSitemapNG. Stripe Snoop. PDF Editor. eMachineShop - Online Machine Shop - with. Rapid Prototyping Models. Background Rapid Prototyping or Solid Freeform Fabrication refers to a range of new technologies which construct physical three-dimensional objects by assembling thin layers of material under computer control.

Rapid Prototyping Models

Objects can be made which are extremely accurate, complex, and beautiful, and which no other technology can produce. For basic information on this rapidly evolving technology, I recommend this site or this site or search Google for new developments. Presently this is a somewhat expensive technology used mainly in high-end product design, and in research universities.

But in the future, the cost will certainly come down and everyone will be able to create amazing physical objects with these machines. Mathematics As a sculptor I am necessarily interested in three-dimensional geometry. George W. Historical Models Art I am a sculptor and work with a wide range of materials, including RP designs. Puzzles Algorithms. My IP address and location? Show my ip add. Kiko - A New Kind of Online Calendar. Easy School Search. Calcr. CoComment - Join the con. Interesting Project. Googles MP3 Player. Google’s MP3 Player Google has a nice little MP3 player you can use on your site, as Amit Agarwal found out by digging through Gmail code.

Googles MP3 Player

Just append the URL of an MP3 file to " Below I've included a link to a podcast using Google's MP3 wrapper in a simple Iframe... and now you have streaming capabilities and a Google Video-like interface with a progress bar and sound adjustments. You can also replace above podcast with an MP3 URL of your choice: >> More posts Advertisement This site unofficially covers Google™ and more with some rights reserved.

Sitemaps (BETA) Help. Google Page Creator. Alerts/manage. L - Athens Monitors - Feature. Google Book Search.