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Adrien Treuille
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Crowdsourcing and Human Computation My dissertation research (ongoing) is about using human computation and crowdsourcing to tackle complex decision problems, while using workers' time and efforts efficiently and responsibly. Along the way, we also experimented with blending human intelligence with computer algorithms for applications in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision. Alex Quinn - home page Alex Quinn - home page
Christian Rechberger
On the predictability of Search Trends Posted by Yossi Matias, Niv Efron, and Yair Shimshoni, Google Labs, Israel. Since launching Google Trends and Google Insights for Search, we've been providing daily insight into what the world is searching for. An understanding of search trends can be useful for advertisers, marketers, economists, scholars, and anyone else interested in knowing more about their world and what's currently top-of-mind. As many have observed, the trends of some search queries are quite seasonal and have repeated patterns. See, for instance, the search trends for the query "ski" hit their peak during the winter seasons in the US and Australia. The search trends for basketball correlate with annual league events, and are consistent year-over-year. On the predictability of Search Trends