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Lua. Math 1. Math 2. Scientific Library. This file documents the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), a collection of numerical routines for scientific computing.

Scientific Library

It corresponds to release 1.16+ of the library. Please report any errors in this manual to More information about GSL can be found at the project homepage, Printed copies of this manual can be purchased from Network Theory Ltd at The money raised from sales of the manual helps support the development of GSL. A Japanese translation of this manual is available from the GSL project homepage thanks to Daisuke Tominaga. The igraph library. (download) This library offers basic facilities to convert Lua values to and from C structs.

Its main functions are struct.pack, which packs multiple Lua values into a struct-like string; and struct.unpack, which unpacks multiple Lua values from a given struct-like string. The fist argument to both functions is a format string, which describes the layout of the structure. The format string is a sequence of conversion elements, which respect the current endianess and the current alignment requirements. Welcome to Hama project.