Google VP Marissa Mayer just spoke at the Web 2.0 Conference and offered tidbits on what Google has learned about speed, the user experience, and user satisfaction. Marissa started with a story about a user test they did. They asked a group of Google searchers how many search results they wanted to see. Users asked for more, more than the ten results Google normally shows. More is more, they said. So, Marissa ran an experiment where Google increased the number of search results to thirty. Marissa Mayer at Web 2.0 Marissa Mayer at Web 2.0
Benjamin Scheibehenne Benjamin Scheibehenne Journal Publications Berkowitsch, N. A. J., Scheibehenne, B., & Rieskamp, J. (in press). Testing Multialternative Decision Field Theory rigorously against Random Utility Models.
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Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab Yes, this can be a scary topic: machines designed to influence human beliefs and behaviors. But there’s good news. We believe that much like human persuaders, persuasive technologies can bring about positive changes in many domains, including health, business, safety, and education. We also believe that new advances in technology can help promote world peace in 30 years. With such positive ends in mind, we are creating a body of expertise in the design, theory, and analysis of persuasive technologies, an area called captology. Learn more about our current projects

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Dmitry Pavlov's Homepage Dmitry Pavlov's Homepage This page is out-of-date and no longer updated. Here is the new version Dmitry Pavlov, PhD . Dmitry Pavlov Position: Research Scientist Mailing Address : Yahoo! Inc 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94089
Executive Control of Cognitive Processes in Task Switching (2001
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Code Saffron A girl was raped in the most horrific way in Delhi. This is not big news - atleast not in the rape capital of the world - it happens more often than we care to admit. What is more shocking is the government reaction to the incident. The very police force whose ineptitude and ineffectiveness resulted in this crime, and continue do so on a daily basis, was used in full force to silence the protests against this rape incidence. Members of the NSUI, instigated by the Congress government, infiltrated the peaceful protests lending the police a crutch to violently clamp down. Code Saffron
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