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McMillan Running - Calculator. Замена гидролинии и прокачивание тормозов Shimano SLX M675 - 11 Июля 2014 - Блог(Дневник) - Велотуризм в Оренбурге. Причиной нижепроделанных операций явилось несоответствие описанию купленных на ebay тормозов Shimano M675: вместо 145см длины задней гидролинии доблестные китайцы прислали целых 130см.

Замена гидролинии и прокачивание тормозов Shimano SLX M675 - 11 Июля 2014 - Блог(Дневник) - Велотуризм в Оренбурге

Тормоз я поставил, но риск вырвать гидролинию был большой. Отписал претензию, мне вернули стоимость гидролинии и я тут же заказал новую на CRC (BH90). Замена гидролинии состоит из трёх этапов: 1) демонтаж гидролинии; 2) подготовка новой гидролинии и её установка; 3) прокачивание тормозов. Остановлюсь подробнее на последнем этапе: как известно, Shimano использует в своих тормозах минеральное масло, которое густеет на морозе и тормоза дубеют и текут. Масло там вполне обычное - гидравлическое. Для работы понадобятся: 1) Рожковый ключ на 8 2) Рожковый или торцевой ключ на 7 3) Шестигранник на 4 4) Шестигранник на 5 5) Плоскогубцы 6) Резиновая киянка 7) Тряпка 8) 3 шприца на 20мл из аптеки 9) Трубка от капельницы 10) Масло LHM+. Are these wheels tubeless ready - BikeRadar Forum. Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z-Pole Trekking Poles - Pair -

Great lightweight poles--I have these in 120 cm. after using my adjustable poles Black Diamond Alpine CF poles (16.25 oz.) at 110, 115 and 120 cm.

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z-Pole Trekking Poles - Pair -

I prefer a length of 115 cm., but can work with 120 cm. TEN OUNCES for the PAIR!!! No other mass market pole comes even close. I used these for 500 miles on the Washington state PCT after having the Alpine CF's for 1100 miles in California. I thought often of how many times I'd swing the poles per day. 20 miles times 5,000 swings per mile per arm times 6 ounces=600,000 oz. >= 37,500 lb. that adds nothing to the hike. The poles are stiff and strong, and they don't vibrate with aggressive poling. Not much else to say about these, except I wish they had a leash to prevent any possibility of me losing them. If I broke or lost them, I'd buy them again. Rear 29'' Hydraulic Disc 12mm Thru-axle - Old Man Mountain specializes in Racks designed to work on all bikes.

Thru Axles for Cargo Racks. NiteFighter BT40S. Опубликовано 29.06.2015.

NiteFighter BT40S

Оригинальная версия. Данный образец был предоставлен для тестирования магазином осветительной техники - Велолюмен.рф. Заводская документация прилагаемая к фаре. NiteFighter BT40S - яркий представитель велосипедного света ближней и средней зоны действия. Сравнение велофар. Edge® 800 - THIS IS ANT. Pneu VTT Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour - SmartGuard. These are excellent tyres.

Pneu VTT Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour - SmartGuard

I've been using them on my Surly LHT for three years. They're excellent for touring. No fuss. For some reason I still carry a puncture kit but I've never needed it.I'm on my second set of tyres only because I wanted to go wider, fatter, (700 x 42c), to spread the load and sport a comfier ride.The tread on the back does begin to wear but only after several thousand miles. You should probably swap front and back every five hundred miles or so to get an even wear. Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Review. Performance Comparison Black Diamond Ultra Distance Trekking Poles Credit: Black Diamond Comfort The Distance Carbon Z features the same foam handle as the Black Diamond Distance Z and Distance FLZ.

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Review

These grips are average overall and feel a bit too featureless compared to the Leki Corklite (even if they are far superior to the Raidlight) and weren't quite as comfortable as the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork or the Alpine Carbon Z. The handle of the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z, featuring a light weight foam grip. Tracks of diver85. Strecken von diver85. GPS, Tracks, Trails, Tours, Converter. Discover the new GPSies in modern design!

GPS, Tracks, Trails, Tours, Converter

Clearer and easier. GPSies now also on the Smartphone 3.5 million GPS routes Discover tracks Also in your vicinity! New tracks Wuhlheide07 Created 4 minutes ago of austrobx 12459 Berlin, Kreisfreie Stadt B... 4.74 miles (round trip) Newest users More features of GPSies Also on the Smartphone, GPSies reliably record your tracks With GPSies +, you can easily record GPS routes for sports and leisure activities. Presented by Discover tracks Please enjoy this Tracks, and have fun browsing through the still vast amount of existing tracks in the whole world.

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