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The first India-U.S. Strategic and Commercial Dialogue had a great start with a high profile event participated by both Indian and U.S. leaders.

Technology uses in Training and Leaning Development Program. Learning is an ongoing and mandatory requirement for any company and its employees corporate enterprises, across the globe have been investing in infrastructure and resources, need to implement enhance and streamline their learning environment.

Technology uses in Training and Leaning Development Program

Training and development forms a key part of today’s corporate enterprises. Trained employees effectively contribute to company goals, objectives, leading to enhanced quality, productivity, competitiveness and profitability Corporate enterprise has high demand and expectations from their employees. The global market is evolving enormously and companies are expanding their business with faster pace. The global companies / corporate faces various challenges at this levels like demographic issues, cultural issues, new technologies, politician and legal environment , recruitment and many more. Most of the today’s enterprises require their employees to think cogently. Striving to become an accountant? Try imbibing these - Articles and Blogs on Accounts Jobs in India.

At a time of when dynamics in the job market are constantly changing and more and more career avenues are opening up, some old fields still retain their demand, prestige and perks.

Striving to become an accountant? Try imbibing these - Articles and Blogs on Accounts Jobs in India

One of the many age-old professions that still command respect is accountancy. As job offers in India increase in quality, quantity and variety, accountants keep enjoying the benefits of a wholesome job experience. There are definite personality traits that you need to be successful in this field. Accounts jobs in India, which have a lot to offer their employees, also seeks the following characteristics in its flag-bearers: Organised and detail-oriented: Since you will be dealing with numbers almost all the time, you need to be structured, meticulous, and thorough with your work.

So if you are eyeing that position in the accounts department, before you think of studying for that career line, make sure you have what it takes to be a successful accountant. Training Strategy and Plans to implement Training program. Training Strategy Training strategy deals with how planned training is going to impact the organization futuristically.

Training Strategy and Plans to implement Training program

The major purpose of training in an organization is to achieve performance of its employees an all levels. But how the training and development department accomplish this depends upon many factors including management and supervisory style, organization climate, quality of the working environment, nature of the work etc. These factors will differ from one company to another. Identification of Training needs, its Methods and Techniques. Training Needs Identification Training means the planned and organized activity to impart skills, techniques and knowledge to employees by their employers to assist them in performing outstandingly in their employment.

Identification of Training needs, its Methods and Techniques

Training also contribute to improve the Performance, Profitability, Productivity & Economic Performance of employee and organization as a whole Well trained, knowledgeable employees are valuable resources for any business. When recruiting new employees, part of the recruitment process should be matching the prospective employee’s skills and experience to the job description and person specification. Training and development offers more than just increased knowledge. Training Need Identification The concept of need typically refers to a discrepancy or gap between and organization expects to happen and what actually occurs. What is Training and Its process, methodology and Need. What is Training Well trained people can be somewhat effective without well prepared strategic plans or organization culture but without strategic knowledge and skills everything may collapse.

What is Training and Its process, methodology and Need

According to Flippo, training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job. The major outcome of training is learning. Training may be defined as “Planned programme designed to improve performance and bring about measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes (K,S,A) and social behavior of employees. Training may be careered out through various approaches like on the job, through classroom session, on site / off site, online, and case studies. Keep calm and get a job - Blogs and Articles on Engineering Jobs in India. All of us in our lives believe in ourselves and dream of own house, luxury and a settled life.

Keep calm and get a job - Blogs and Articles on Engineering Jobs in India

We help make these dreams come true by ensuring people of a job they have been looking for since quite some time. India is an interesting country that has thousands of aspirants for every single vacancy and we promise to make you shine bright out of the lot. Job in India looks like a difficult task and we make it easy by our superior network, connections and partnerships. They say that in the modern era in India, a child completes his/her primary education, gets his engineering done and then starts on exploring the opportunities. There is a mass population of engineers all around and we have jobs for all the departments such as computers, civil, mechanical, electronics, instrumentation and several others.

Indentify the Training Needs – Assesment for Training. What is Training Need The organization effective depends on the performance and excellence of their employees.

Indentify the Training Needs – Assesment for Training

The employees may be inexperienced or lacking in some of the skills/ knowledge require to perform the given task, or even organizational culture demand the flexibility of attitude and awareness of the legacy or discipline to enable them to recognize red, green and gray lines before making any decisions. Training needs can be classified at two levels i.e. Present need and further need. However, the needs of training are directly and indirectly related to the organization growth and development through the growth of individual employee. Exhibit 1 Present Needs vs. The above table provides the overall reasons of having needs for training in an organization not only the individual but the groups, departments or even the organizational culture need to be developed to improvise the effectiveness of organization. Individual needs Occupational / task needs Organizational needs.

Administrative jobs and its career prospects in India - Blogs and Articles on Administration Jobs. Most of us think that doing an admin job does not pay in the long run and a rewarding career is a distinct possibility but this is a misconception.

Administrative jobs and its career prospects in India - Blogs and Articles on Administration Jobs

It is true to some extent that you are not taken very seriously when in admin job and you are considered nothing more than an office assistant, secretary or receptionist. The chances of growth and promotion have also increased in administrative field today. Basic Skills required for doing administrative jobs People handling skill In admin jobs you are required to be a people’s person. Administration workers are considered as less qualified in comparison to the other professional staff in office and being good in handling people is of utmost importance to you.

Handling phone calls If you are a company receptionist then you must possess efficient telephone calling skills, as receptionists generally spend a lot of time answering the phone calls, and dealing with customer inquiries. Balance Scorecard – PMS Methods, Technique, Templates and Sample. Balanced Scorecard The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a systemic and strategic tool of measuring performance of an organization.

Balance Scorecard – PMS Methods, Technique, Templates and Sample

It is a tool which enables manager’s to monitor and measure the different levels of performance activities done by their staff members. It also helps them to control and make decisions basis on performance results. Employees or Staff Performance Evaluation procedures, systems of PMS. Evaluation procedure Performance standards and expectations, based on an up-to-date position description, should be clearly communicated to employees at the time of appointment to their position and as they change thereafter.Employees must encourageparticipating in the process by providing written comments on the evaluation form regarding their substandard evaluation.

Employees or Staff Performance Evaluation procedures, systems of PMS

Employees should also receive adequate training necessary to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of their position. The following information should be providing to each employee: • Evaluation Ratings • Developing Performance Standards/Expectations and Setting Goals • Completing and Submitting an Evaluation • Substandard Evaluations How to do performance evaluation Establish the right atmosphere: The environment should be appropriate for the performance review. Providing feedback: How to dress for a sales interview? Blogs and Articles on Sales Jobs. Dress well but do not overdress The famous writer Oscar Wilde said “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” This is very true for interviews as well especially a job interview for sales role. The risk of being overdressed is much less than the risk of being casually dressed for sales interview even then overdressed attire can make you the point of attraction or even turn off the interviewer’s attention from you.

As a job seeker for a sales interview you should be well dressed in formals but avoid overdoing your attire. What is 360 Degree Performance Appraisal? 360 in PMS and HRMS. A 360 degree performance appraisal is a full circle system, of obtaining information about the employee /appraisee’s performance from the self, peers, subordinates, and internal and external customers.

In human resources, 360 degree appraisal, also known as 360 degree feedback, multi-rater feedback, multi source feedback, multi source assessment or full circle feedback. Most often, 360-degree appraisal will include direct feedback from an employee's subordinates, peers, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation. It can also include, in some cases, feedback from external sources, such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders. Are Part time jobs in India a good alternative for you? Blogs and Articles on Part Time Jobs. Going to office and doing a regular 9-5 jobs can become very tedious for us as professionals in some or the other part of our lives. Jobs in metro cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. has become very challenging with people commuting from one the city to the other and spending hours in traffic to overcome this problem doing part time and home based jobs can be a good alternative.

Part time jobs in India or any part of the world can be a good option for Housewives, teenagers, aged people who want to earn money along with the comfort of their home. Employers in India and worldwide also prefer to hire part-time employees since they do not need to provide employee benefits like PF, Gratuity to the part time employees. For companies hiring people on project basis can be useful and cost effective at times specially in cases when there is no surety of regular work. Performance Appraisal Forms, Sample format and templates - PMS. This section is to be jointly done by appraise / employee and appraiser.

Appraiser is to fill in the column marked for appraiser review after discussing with the appraisee/employee. Overall Rating Overall Performance assessment of himself/herself by the Appraisee on a scale of 1 to 5 (Please tick the box below). Job Performance standards for employees, Part of PMS. What Should One Keep In Mind When Searching For a New Job? Blogs and articles on Job Search. Key points in the job search process Job search is something which all of us face in some part of our professional life. Those who are in job look for a better job and those who are jobless search for new job the process is never ending It is very important that certain facts are kept in mind in the job hunt process so that the right job can be identified in the process.Identify the exact job requirement – It is important to know one’s interest and passion to be successful at work and when searching for job it is just not enough to look for a job but it is essential to look for the right kind of job as per the skill and talent.Extensive job search – To get to the right job the job hunt process must be in depth and focused.

In a recent report it was brought to light that most of the people fail to get themselves the right kind of jobs because their job hunt process is not up to the mark. Performance Appraisal and Its Purpose ? – HRMS and PMS tools. Performance Appraisals & Its Purpose. Do you dream of doing a bank job in India? - Latest blogs and article on banking jobs.

Banking jobs are considered as the white collar jobs and people aspire to be working with Banks not only in India but abroad also. Training and Development Plan, Training Plan for Employee - PMS. Blogs and Articles on Sales Jobs in India. The female social skills advantage In an analysis done by Deming it was found that since 1980, men have been doing the usual jobs and there has not been much change to this set up. However the female work force showed a considerable change in the work pattern with more women opting for non office jobs involving social skills and fewer women going for the regular office jobs. Research suggests that the female folks do have a social skills advantage and are better suited for such job which involves dealing with people. Recruitment Process. Top 3 common mistakes by a SAP job seeker in India - Latest Blogs and Articles on SAP Jobs.

SAP is a hot area for professionals in India and all over the world today. SAP is very popular career choice for all types of professionals because it is in huge demand and the SAP jobs in India are amongst the highest paying jobs in the country. However if you are looking out to make your career into SAP then few things must be kept in mind to excel in this area. Do not run after money at the start of your career- It is very common for fresher that they choose the high paying jobs and profiles at the first place without analyzing their own skill set and interests. Do not jump into a profile just because it is lucrative and paying you well. Career path decision is a very important decision that can affect your entire life hence you must take enough time to decide your career contour.

This does not mean that you don’t pay any attention to the areas of which are in high demand. Delhi Declaration and Framework adopted on mutual cooperation at the India Africa Forum - International Current Affairs. The third India and Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) recently held in New Delhi adopted the Delhi Declaration and framework on strategic cooperation between India and Africa. The Summit was attended by 54 African countries which agreed to mutually cooperate on various strategic fronts with India. Employee Engagement Process. Asia Pacific declared as one of the most disaster prone part of the world as per UN - International Current Affairs 2015. 2015 United Nations Asia-Pacific Disaster Report released recently by the UN highlights the Asia Pacific region as the most disaster prone areas of the world with around 1,625 disasters in the decade through 2014.

Grievance Redressal Process part of HRMS find Sample Templates. Dated ________ Curry King Lord Gulam Kaderbhoy Noon passes away at age of 79 in UK - Person in News Update. Lord Gulam Kaderbhoy Noon a well-known name in UK food industry passed away at the age of 79. On Boarding Process of HRMS - Sample Templates of On Boarding. Exit Interview Process – Sample Format and Templates of HRMS. Comment: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2.

What did you find most satisfying about your job? Is your job search process in the right direction - Latest Blogs and Articles on Job Search. For a job seeker today searching for the right job has become a challenge, the process is tedious and never ending and at times people end up landing in a wrong job. What should we as jobseekers keep in mind when searching for a new job? Employee Recruitment - Strategy. Basics of the HR profession - Latest Blogs and Articles on Current HR Jobs Vacancy in India 2015 - 2016.

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