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The Happy Forecast. The New Facebook Wordmark, a Backstory. In the spring of 2013, after I finished a custom typeface for Facebook, designer Scott Boms asked if I’d be interested in reworking the company wordmark.

The New Facebook Wordmark, a Backstory

At the time they were rethinking a number of brand elements and including the wordmark seemed logical. The original was a lightly modified version of my typeface Klavika, released in 2004, so it seemed like a reasonable starting point for the next phase. The Facebook design team forwarded a wordmark reworked in-house to give me an idea of where they were headed (fig.1). But, they mentioned it felt weighed down by the baggage of the old one. They liked the softer feel of their new version but were unsure how to continue its evolution. The internal redesign by the Facebook design team – hover over it to compare with original. At this point though, our relationship was casual and we were brainstorming. The most refined of my early reworkings of the word mark – hover over it to compare with original.

Round one. Round two and three. Fresh Education For Creative Professionals. Inspirational Videos For Designers – The Big Collection The biggest collection of inspirational videos for designers is here.

Fresh Education For Creative Professionals

TED videos for designers The Best of Creative Mornings You see, as much as I love full-length features, sometimes what you really want is just something quick to watch and get inspired by. I love seeing how amazing speakers are spreading their great thoughts, ideas and projects on TED. MADOGATARI展[SHAFT 40th ANNIVERSARY] Fairtrade Case Study – DUNCKELFELD. We are a part of the fair trade movement.

Fairtrade Case Study – DUNCKELFELD

Besides developing a facebook application, we also produced several campaign films. Scroll down Client: Fairtrade In today's world, most consumers don't want to buy products that have been produced under unfair circumstances regarding mankind and environment. Therefore the initiative TransFair e.V. uses their Fairtrade mark to certify fair products and to make the world a better place. Fairness in the mix. Startseite – DUNCKELFELD. Where does coffee come from? A journey from bean to cup. Websites, Mobile, eCommerce & Digital Strategy. THE ILLUSION OF LIFE. Frontify - Brand Guidelines & Design Collaboration Software.

Frontify - Brand Guidelines & Design Collaboration Software. Reklamná agentúra. Photoshop Mockups For Product Presentation. CSS3 Keyframes Animation Generator. CSS Triangle Generator. UI/UX Works by Ehsan Rahimi. Escuchad la maravillosa grabación perdida del Wish You Were Here de Pink Floyd junto al genial violinista Stephane Grappelli. Una toma alternativa del inmortal tema Wish You Were Here de Pink Floyd interpretado al violín por el genial y virtuoso Stephane Grappelli fue grabada en 1975, y se pensaba que la toma ya no existía, que por despiste habían grabado sobre ella.

Escuchad la maravillosa grabación perdida del Wish You Were Here de Pink Floyd junto al genial violinista Stephane Grappelli

Afortunadamente, para alegría de tantos y tantos de nosotros y para la música en general, se descubrió que la versión no había sido borrada, qe se había salvado. 200+ Smartphone Mockup PSD Templates. A mock-up design is used to show the design and style in a meaningful way.

200+ Smartphone Mockup PSD Templates

Nowadays the presentation is pretty important as designs so it’s essential to discover the technique of pattern demonstration. 60+ best free fonts, Summer 2015. 2015 continues to be a fantastic year for fonts.

60+ best free fonts, Summer 2015

Type designers are increasingly prolific and there’s a new design for every possible project, often completely free, or with a free option or weight. There are a couple of dominant trends for Summer: The first trend is a revived interest in ethnic and folk art styles, like the colorful approach of Tripel Six, or the charming Quirko; the second trend is a move away from the geometric sans-serifs that we’ve seen recently, towards more humanist sans-serifs, like Qontra. Today, we’ve compiled a list of the best free fonts that have been released, or received a major update, in the last three months. You’ll find whole families, treatments, display fonts, body fonts, and 1 or 2 oddballs. Browse through what’s available, try them out, and if you use them in a project, let us know! Ailerons. Peugeot Catch the Dragon. Download free, high quality design resources from Dribbble - Freebbble - Page 4 of 226.

Best Tools for Designer, Developer & Marketer. Photoshop by Adobe Photoshop is a popular image changing software package.

Best Tools for Designer, Developer & Marketer

It is widely used by photographers for photo editing and by graphic designers and Web designers to create and change images for web pages. Blueprint: Filterable Product Grid. Page Scroll Effects. Sweet Papercraft Town Project. 37 Free PSD Magazine, Book, Cover & Brochure Mock-ups. Home » Mockups » 75+ Free PSD Magazine, Book, Cover & Brochure Mock-ups.

37 Free PSD Magazine, Book, Cover & Brochure Mock-ups

Azure UI Kit Free on Behance. DOP! Newsgame on Behance. ULTROM - from reality to fiction on Behance. Yo Vivo Mejor on Behance. Rebrand Concept on Behance. Identity on Behance. 20 Attractive Magazine News App Concepts. Any web designer should stay updated with the latest news and techniques used by other peers.

20 Attractive Magazine News App Concepts

Who neglects this aspect will have a certain faith: the clients will renounce his or her services. Everyone involved in the design industry is aware of the fact that a portfolio is the “identity card” of a designer. Also, it’s unnecessary to mention how important a good-looking portfolio is. Unfortunately, many people forget another aspect related to the portfolios: regardless how well-designed are the items exposes, once these are outdated the potential clients will prefer to search for other solutions.

The potential clients are looking for designers that are able to create modern works. Most designers know this and act consequently. Clever Use of Maps in Website Design. When it comes to using of maps in website design, the unwritten rule is that regular contact pages are populated with Google maps to display location of a company/agency/shop/hotel etc.

Clever Use of Maps in Website Design

With just a little imagination and powerful helping hand provided by high-end technologies, a map can become a true crowd puller that refines the project and creates unique and memorable user experience. An amazing transformation from a primitive and unremarkable, additional element into a visually-appealing, catchy and fundamental centerpiece that makes the whole design is possible thanks to incorporation of various sorts of interactive elements: effects, subtle motions, multimedia-based tooltips, dynamic pointers, etc.

Modern trends such as flat style, polygonal illustrations, nifty contour graphics, and quirky sketchy drawings are also able to breathe new life into a map, having reinvented it greatly. Tamm - iPhone 6 Dock & iMac Desk Organizer. Behance. 21st century - 21 classics on Behance. Broodje van eigen deeg on Behance. Bespoke Creative Ltd. - Branding & Website on Behance. BESPOKE CREATIVE Ltd. Bespoke Creative Ltd. is a design, marketing and sales strategy firm with expertise in Window Covering, Bedding and Wall Covering product categories for both the commercial and residential sectors. The company is passionate about helping businesses differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

The firm identifies and capitalizes on untapped industry opportunities through research, analysis, product development and technical integration thereby increasing visibility and market share for our clients. Businesses without dedicated creative and strategy teams can take advantage of our per project approach, a cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional staffing. Full corporate identity visual with various versions of the logo. Personal Branding on Behance. Personal Branding on Behance. Behance. ACPAD – World's First Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar. Delivery. Contact Me. Color Extraction Effect with Vibrant.js. Maggle · Créateur d'animations. Font Awesome to PNG online generator.

Lootcrate Typography. Home page — RD Construction. □ Nothing But Web: Conversion Focused. Strategy Driven. Design Led. Uber Brand Guide - Home. Redirecting. Danke - Let´s brand it. ViralTag_LandingPage.jpg by Reznik. Gene Ross. Time4: Good. RAWZ — Memorandum, An Android Kustom Live Wallpaper... Interbrand renueva la marca de las Bodegas Ramón Bilbao. Las Bodegas Ramón Bilbao son unas históricas bodegas de la Alta Rioja con más de 90 años de historia y varios galardones que la consideran una de las mejores de España. Esta compañía ha querido desarrollar una nueva estrategia de marca y una revitalización de su identidad visual, para lo que contó con la consultora Interbrand. Interbrand inició el proyecto con un diagnóstico del mercado, consumidor y de la antigua marca. Una vez recogidas las necesidades de la bodega y analizada su situación en el mercado, se diseñó el posicionamiento y una arquitectura de marca que declinó en un nuevo universo de expresión.

18 Mockups PSD gratis para presentar tus diseños. Paper.js — Showcase. Affinity Designer - Software de diseño gráfico profesional para Mac. 10 web design tools you can't live without. This year has been a really exciting one for new design tools entering the market. Photoshop has become something of a dirty word, and although it's still one of my weapons of choice, internet-makers are fighting back with a plethora of tools that aim to make your life as a designer that little bit better. Static mockups are becoming less useful and the lines between designer and developer are becoming increasingly blurred. As we work more collaboratively with one another the tools we use are having to change. Don't miss this The era of the HiDPI screen is here and dominating our devices, and designers are having to find new processes that help them produce designs that are more accessible across these devices.

Here, I've picked out top 10 tools that I believe are changing the way we think about design, and are key to helping us establish these new processes... 01. Pixate is an app that has been created for making intuitive, interactive prototypes for iOS and Android. 02. Volkswagen desvela su nueva tipografía corporativa. InVision v5, Chapter 1: Better. Faster. Believe It. We've spent the last 8 months building on what we've learned from design teams inside the world's smartest startups, agencies and corporations. The result is a platform that's reimagined, reengineered and ready to power the next generation of design-driven collaboration. Los Especialistas Rimac on Behance.

Tendencias de Diseño Web que se Impondrán en 2015 - Designmodo en Español. El diseño web es una industria vibrante y diversa que está cambiando y evolucionando rápidamente. Nuevas Fuentes Publicadas en el 2015 - Designmodo en Español. 16 Sitios Para Encontrar las Mejores Fotos Gratuitas - Designmodo en Español. Material Design: Recursos e Inspiración - Designmodo en Español. Los Mejores Diseños Web de España: Todo Pasión - Designmodo en Español. Dinámico, vibrante, vívido, energizante, carismático, ingenioso y con estilo – los mejores diseños web de España fascinan con un amplio espectro de sentimientos y humor. Around the World. Como quitar el virus de accesos directos de un usb (muy facil) TROZO. Mad Max Vehicles. Miniature LEGO Adventures That I Create In My Spare Time.

I am a French photographer born in 1981, and I began my work by photographing extreme sports in urban areas. Influenced by geek culture, my artistic approach is now focused on small LEGO® characters. My work combines the techniques of photography, street art, model making and installations; in my created microcosms, I play with scale and material to alter perception. More info: | Facebook. Territory Studio - Motion - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Domus Academy. A Better Way To Design For Retina In Photoshop. Login. 7 tips for designing awesome animated GIFs. Basement Wireframe Kit: 200+ Prototype Elements - Designmodo Market. A Better Way To Design For Retina In Photoshop.

Creative takes on "Game of Thrones" Home page - Lily. Different social nav styles. 14 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Websites. Fixed Background Effect. 10 LIBROS PARA DESCARGAR GRATIS QUE TODO DISEÑADOR DEBE LEER. Adobe Muse Templates. 1sugoi.jpg (JPEG Image, 1250 × 874 pixels) - Scaled (81%) Stage Design + TV DreamTeam Katarzyna Konkowska. Simple Icon Hover Effects with CSS Transitions and Animations. CodyHouse. Mega Dropdown. Google I/O 2015. Welcome to Showzee! Nerdo - Creative & Animation Studio - Torino.

Branding guidelines - Google+ Platform. Facebook Visual Identity.