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Java. Pillards. Alx. Alxen. Swap. Web Server Failover with Round-Robin DNS. Perhaps the easiest way to distribute the load of public traffic is to have the public do the work of distributing the load for you.

Web Server Failover with Round-Robin DNS

Through the magic of round-robin DNS, inbound requests to a single host name can be directed to come from any number of IP addresses. In BIND 9, this is as easy as adding multiple A records for a single host. For example, suppose we use this in the zone file for www 60 IN A www 60 IN A Now, when a hosts looks up in DNS, about half of the time they will see ..... Host has address has address .... and the rest of the time, they get: host has address has address As most applications only use the first address returned by DNS, this works rather nicely. Report on viability of DNS failover solution. I run a site with about 1,000,000 unique visitors per month and recents server failures made me decide to get a failover server to minimize downtime.

Report on viability of DNS failover solution

My goal wasn't to get 99.999% uptime but to be able to be back on track after a failure in a "reasonable" amount of time. After evaluating several solutions, I decided to go with DNS failover. Here's how the setup work: 1) points to main server with a very low TTL (time to live) 2) failover server replicates data from main server 3) when main server goes down, is changed to point to failover server The drawback is the DNS propagation time since some DNS servers don't honor the TTL and there is some caching happening on the user's machine and browser. Tmc. Bringing improved support for Adobe Flash Player to Google. Adobe Flash Player is the most widely used web browser plug-in.

Bringing improved support for Adobe Flash Player to Google

It enables a wide range of applications and content on the Internet, from games, to video, to enterprise apps. The traditional browser plug-in model has enabled tremendous innovation on the web, but it also presents challenges for both plug-ins and browsers. The browser plug-in interface is loosely specified, limited in capability and varies across browsers and operating systems. This can lead to incompatibilities, reduction in performance and some security headaches. That’s why we are working with Adobe, Mozilla and the broader community to help define the next generation browser plug-in API. Jdbcdslog - Project Hosting on Google Code. The goal of the project is to create a high-performance and easy to use tool for the SQL queries logging for JDBC applications.

jdbcdslog - Project Hosting on Google Code

Features include: can be attached on Connection, Driver or DataSource(XA,Pooling) levels (the last was my main motivation to start this project) can log bind parameters for PreparedStatement and CallableStatement calls can log result of queries from ResultSet objects can log queries execution time can detect slow queries logging engine agnostic (thanks to SLF4J, you can use most of popular logging libraries like log4j, apache common logging, java logging or simple printing to System.out) can log calling method stack trace. Additionally fork of this project is available: which adds new features: Coups de fil, dossiers : le piège du travail à la maison. Thinking of U and I. Automatically format and cleanup code every time you save « Ecli. Eclipse has a wonderful feature that formats according to your coding standards.

Automatically format and cleanup code every time you save « Ecli

It handles things like indentation, where curly braces are placed, if blank lines should occur between field declaration and hundreds of other options. However, to invoke this formatting, you have to tell Eclipse to do this every time you’ve edited the code. Is Android Poised To Overtake iPhone's Mobile Dominance? The first quarter of this year has been dominated by the mobile market - in particular the success of the iPad launch, even though no one has had the chance to use it yet, and Android positioning itself as a worthwhile competitor the Apple's mobile OS.

Is Android Poised To Overtake iPhone's Mobile Dominance?

Now it looks like Android is set to overtake the iPhone sooner rather than later, at least according to this mobile traffic graph from James Governor's blog. Android enthusiasts are bound to be excited about this and they're right to be. For the average Java developers, writing an Android application is much easier than an iPhone application. With these statistics, it's a fair assumption that the Android marketplace could generate a healthy income for your application, once you have the right idea. EIFv2: Tracking the loss of interoperability. Open Standards From our analysis, we can conclude that in key places, the European Commission has taken on board only the comments made by the Business Software Alliance, a lobby group working on behalf of proprietary software vendors.

EIFv2: Tracking the loss of interoperability

At the same time, comments by groups working in favour of Free Software and Open Standards were neglected, e.g. those made by Open Forum Europe. ItsNat: Natural AJAX. Component based Java Web Application Frame. Tutorial: Single Page Interface SEO Compatible Web Site With ItsNat (Stateful version) Last update: 2013, Jul. 1 Introduction ItsNat is a web framework strongly focused on Single Page Interface applications.

ItsNat: Natural AJAX. Component based Java Web Application Frame

The Single Page Interface (SPI) paradigm is not new, these days SPI is very popular on "web applications" because modern web frameworks with AJAX support make this kind of applications easier than ever. However this tutorial shows how to build SPI web sites, web sites based on pages can be evolved to SPI without losing the benefits of page based web sites like bookmarking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or accessibility (JavaScript disabled) according to The Single Page Interface Manifesto. Lessons Learned from Taking On a Project in Crisis. 0inShare I just got done with an emergency project for an agency developing a public-facing application for a mutinational technology client you've most certainly heard of.

Lessons Learned from Taking On a Project in Crisis

I developed the entire front-end -- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript -- for a non-trivial application with a limited spec in just seven days. The experience was so eye-opening that I feel the need to write down some of the things I've learned, in hopes that I can benefit from my experience in the future. Demand all technical source material up front, such as functional specs, mockups, work that's been done to date, etc. GWT- An Important Java Technology: Features, Future and Wishes. 0inShare The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) has become one of the most important Java technologies, as it gives it a credible web platform strategy.

GWT- An Important Java Technology: Features, Future and Wishes

I used to be doubtful of the extra compilation step and developed with DWR and Dojo, but have since become a convert. What To Do When A Hard Drive Fails. We Recommend These Resources When a hard drive crashes, you can lose all your data. Corrupt hard drives happen out of the blue and for seemingly no good reason. If your hard drive fails, what can you do? Streamlining Search Using Lucene and Solr. Grant Ingersoll has been working on search and natural language processing for about ten years.

He is an Apache Lucene and Solr committer as well as a co-founder for Lucid Imagniation, which is focused on commercializing those two projects. Lucene is a Java library for building search applications and Solr provides a layer over Lucene that gives developers the tools they need to put Lucene into production. Ingersoll says you should think of Lucene as the engine, and Solr as the car. IBM Breaks Patent Pledge; Breaches the OSS Community's Trust. See Update Below For decades, IBM has been the patent king and yet, in most cases it has been a friend to open source.

The founding of the Open Innoavation Newtork (OIN), with IBM's backing, was a major step towards patent freedom for the Linux community. IBM has also made "patent pledges" that provide a list of patents that the company says it will not enforce against open source software vendors. However, a letter to TurboHercules SAS was recently published warning the open source company that IBM will enforce many patents, including two (5613086 and 5220669, #83 and #106 in the letter) that were part of a 2005 non-enforcement patent pledge.

Have Open Source Software Advocates Pushed New Zealand's Parliam. Software has always been explicitly excluded from patent protection in the UK - as an extension of the principle that a mathematical equation or algorithm cannot be patented - only an invention that makes use of them (a file format, for instance, is patentable). The original logic behind this was that science (including mathematics) is about discovery, rather than invention, and that allowing the patenting of mathematical equations and scientific theories would be a Bad Thing. Copyright was considered the acceptable alternative - you can copyright your research paper, book, or program, and nobody else can resell it - or parts of it (i.e. they can't steal your graphics).

Chronos EZ430: An SDK packing watch for real techies. When does The Register take interest in a $50 sports watch? When it comes with an SDK and wireless connectivity, and packing a screwdriver. The Chronos EZ430 from Texas Instruments is no consumer product, despite its appearance and low price. It's really a development platform designed to show off what TI's embedded sensor chips can do, and is sold below cost price.

But for the software hacker who'd like some hardware to play with there's no better place to start doing fun stuff. Inside the iPad SDK: Bigger screens, continued frustrations. Forum / [Résolu]Freeze Ubuntu 9.10. 479296 is not in Ubuntu: “Karmic: frequent freezes” The iPad Makes Demands on Web Developers - PCWorld. Look ma, no plugin! Your Friday Morning Doom and Gloom: The World Grew More Closed T. Creating bugs vs. finding bugs? - Multi Shoring - A Perficient B. Private Calls Restricted: Apple Decides How Developers Call Docu. Vertical Centering With CSS.

WebKit DOM Programming Topics: Cross-Document Messaging. iPhone Page. Setting the Record Straight on New Zealand's Software Patent Leg. Apache Foundation Hit by Targeted XSS Attack. TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index. Apple vs Geeks - is this the end of a love affair? Cassandra Adds Hadoop MapReduce. When 100% Coverage Gives Us a False Sense of Security. Gear6's Memcached Adds the Best of Both Worlds: MySQL and NoSQL. Cedric Champeau's Weblog. Link prefetching. Technologies Articles. Apple’s New Developer Agreement Unlevels the iAd Playing Field. Bruno Antunes Weblog. Complexity is the Problem. Tiago Silveira and the world. Speeding up GWT. MySQL 5.5.4 Breaks Concurrency Barriers. Safari’s iFrame cookie setting problem. Safari Cookies. Train of Thoughts: Blog Archive » Cross-Site Browser Cookie Sett.

Iframe Applications and P3P HTTP Head. Safari and cross-domain cookies « Scriptico’s Weblog. Cross-domain cookies/sessions in Safari and all other browsers. OWASP Top 10 Web Security Vulnerabilities. Azul Systems: Run, Scale, Simplify Your Java App. SWFAddress - Deep linking for Flash and Ajax. Cross-Browser Comm Demo via 'Marathon' technique. Rob Williams' Blog. Andrew Shorten: Transitioning from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Build. NsIFaviconService - MDC. NsIWebBrowserPrint. XBMC.