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The best site for recipes, recommendations, food and cooking. DIY Homemade Herb Soap Tutorial. White Chicken Enchiladas. Welcome Pinners!

White Chicken Enchiladas

Thanks for visiting. There have been hundreds of comments and questions on this recipe (White Chicken Enchiladas) so I want to make some of the answers known up front. Potato Rings with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch. If french fries and onion rings ever got married and had a baby, I think it would be something like this…a potato ring.

Potato Rings with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch

You have a light and crispy outer coating with a soft potato and caramelized onion center…why? Cheddar Bay Biscuits. A couple of months ago I wanted to make the coveted Red Lobster biscuits but I didn’t have Bisquick at the time so I made these Cheese Muffins instead.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

They tasted great but to simplify things even more (Yes, I’m that lazy) here’s an awesome recipe if you have Bisquick on hand that tastes just like Red Lobster’s. These are grub. They would be great with an Easter ham. Austin said he wanted the last biscuit but then got distracted and went outside to play. He came back and the last biscuit was gone (I assumed he was full when he left). Ingredients. Million Dollar Spaghetti. Million Dollar Spaghetti is my family's FAVORITE meal, so I thought I would share it with all of you!!

Million Dollar Spaghetti

Ingredients 1 lb. of Ground Beef 1 can of Spaghetti Sauce. Craving > Dutch Baby for Breakfast. Growing up my family didn’t do many baked breakfasts.

Craving > Dutch Baby for Breakfast

We weren’t the pancake or waffle crowd, it was more bacon and eggs for us. How To Make Wine In Just One Week. Ok, there are tons of homemade wine recipes on the internet.

How To Make Wine In Just One Week

This is the lazy man's recipe that only requires TWO ingredients available at ANY grocery store and your wine will be ready to drink in one week or less. The taste will improve and alcohol content will increase if you let it age longer, but it's not necessary. Flashback: One-Week Wine. With berry season right around the corner, I got to thinking back on Alastair Bland’s One-Week Wine tutorial from the pages of CRAFT Volume 03.

Flashback: One-Week Wine

Alastair crafted his first batch using wild-harvested mulberries, while bike-touring around the Greek countryside. Doesn’t get much eco-friendlier than that! Read on to whip up your own batch and pick up a back issue of CRAFT Volume 03, if you don’t already have it, for lots more evergreen projects.Make wine anywhere — even on a bike trip. What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? Vanilla Extract Recipe, How to Make Vanilla Extract. Commercial vanilla extract usually has simple syrup (sugar water) added to the extract to give it a sweet aftertaste.

Vanilla Extract Recipe, How to Make Vanilla Extract

You can do this if you want, but if you are using the vanilla for baking, there really is no need. Method 1 Use kitchen scissors or a sharp paring knife to cut lengthwise down each vanilla bean, splitting them in half, leaving an inch at the end connected. How to Make Your Own Homemade Jam or Jelly. One of the best ways to save money is to cook from scratch as much as possible.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Jam or Jelly

Many people consider cooking from scratch to be when you cook dinner yourself, as opposed to eating out. I consider it to be when you use no prepackaged items in your meal. Store bought jam and jelly would be considered prepackaged to me, because someone else made it and it is ready to use right out of the jar. Recipe: Homemade peanut butter granola bars. Hummus Recipes for Kids - 5 Hummus Recipes Your Kids Will Love. When I am cooking for my children, I really try to think about what foods they like and what new tastes I can introduce to them.

Hummus Recipes for Kids - 5 Hummus Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Hummus is probably the one thing I like to surprise them with because there are several kid friendly varieties that I know my children will love. Hummus is a great food for kids because of the dipping involved. I can lay out a bowl of hummus and surround it with a plate of veggies, crackers, or pita bread and let my kids experiment with different textures and flavors. Not only that, the different variations of hummus allow for a blending of kid friendly flavors with Middle Eastern culture. 1. This is probably the first hummus recipe I always recommend when asked for kid-friendly Middle Eastern foods. 2. This variation takes on the tradition hummus recipe but omits the tahini you would normally find in a hummus recipe. 3. 4. Many health conscious parents today incorporate more vegetables and tofu into their children’s diet.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe - How to Make Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. When you want hummus with a little "kick", you should make roasted red pepper hummus. It is the easiest recipe! You can buy fresh roasted red peppers in the deli of your supermarket or on the shelf in a jar. The recipe also contains tahini, which can be made easily, or also purchased in a supermarket.More hummus recipes Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 10 minutes Ingredients:

How to Make Ice Cream (with video) Steps Method 1 of 3: Making Cream-Based Ice Cream 1Mix your base. It's easy to make a wide variety of ice cream flavors by starting with a good vanilla ice cream base. Cream-based ice cream is a bit icier and lighter than custard-based ice cream. This recipe will make one quart of ice cream, so double it if you want more. Method 2 of 3: Making Custard-Based Ice Cream 1Mix your base. Method 3 of 3: Making Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker. The Secret For Making Your Own BBQ Sauce. You can develop your own signature BBQ sauce Wednesday, April 16, 2014 BBQ sauce is one thing every grill chef is particular about. The perfect BBQ sauce adds flavor and moisture to meat, but every area has its own varieties. How to Make Pretzels. Smokey Porter Molasses Chicken Skewers Beer is a natural meat tenderizer. When it comes to grilling and cook-outs, nothing pulls double duty like a good brew. How to Make Pesto like an Italian Grandmother Recipe.

If you've ever tasted pesto in Italy you know that the pesto here in the United States just isn't the same. I received a lesson in how to make pesto from a real Italian grandmother last week and now I understand the difference and what makes it so. My friend Francesca makes the trip from her small town near the pesto-epicenter of Genoa, Italy to San Francisco once or twice a year - this time (lucky for us) she brought her mom and two-year old son Mattia. Oven-fried Potato Chips Recipe. Use a mandoline if you have one to help cut the potatoes in thin, even slices. Method. Recipes.

3 DIY wines you can make at home. When you think of wine, more than likely you immediately think of the juice of fermented grapes, but excellent quality wine can be made from other ingredients including blackberries, plums, rose hips, cereals, flower petals — even root vegetables. While these wines may not be too common on the shelves of your local wine shop, the beauty of home winemaking is that the sky’s the limit. Do a dance for yogurt that isn't in plastic tubs. As we approach the launch of the No Impact Man book and the film, I thought it would be fun to repost some of what I wrote way back in 2007 at the beginning of the No Impact Man year, back when I was just a newly dubbed No Impact Man.

This post first appeared on the blog in March, 2007. Homemade peanut butter. Bad news for peanut butter lovers. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has linked peanut butter to a recent outbreak of SalmonellaTyphimurium. Initially, the food recalls were limited to a few batches of snack crackers from companies like Little Debbies and Austins.

But the list of recalled products is growing by the day, and now includes peanut butter crackers and products like Famos Amos cookies, Keebler Soft Batch Peanut Butter Cookies, Wegmans Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream, CLIF bars, LUNA bars, and even certain brands of pet food that contain peanut butter paste. Click here for an updated list of peanut butter product recalls. The FDA has narrowed down the source of contamination to the peanut butter and peanut paste produced by Peanut Corporation of America at its Blakely, GA processing plant. How to Make Fresh Pasta - Gourmet Cooking Techniques. Simplest Homemade Beer. Sanitize It has been said that 75% of brewing is good sanitation. First, clean all equipment with warm, lightly soapy water.

Rinse well to remove soap residue. Then sanitize using household bleach at a quantity of 1 tbsp/gallon of water. Or you can purchase a no-rinse acid sanitizer such as StarSan, which is effective and leaves no aftertaste. Brew 1. Recipe: Garden fresh pasta sauce. Garden fresh pasta sauce Last week the tomatoes started to finally ripen in my garden, and now I’m getting two or three tomatoes each day.