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issey miyake apoc collection
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Oscar de la Renta Metallic-Embroidered Cocktail Dress
HANDLER: What do you think your best quality as an artist is? HATHAWAY: Work ethic. I heard Elia Kazan once said of Vivien Leigh—which I couldn't believe, because they worked together on A Streetcar Named Desire [1951], and she gives the most amazing performance as Blanche DuBois. But I guess he was pretty tough on his actresses, so he said that she's not the best actress in the world, but she'd have crawled over broken glass if she thought it would help her performance. That's how I see myself as an actress. Anne Hathaway - Interview Magazine Anne Hathaway - Interview Magazine
Honestly WTF


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Mara Hoffman | Embroidered Story maxi kaftan 
Christopher Kane | PVC gel-collared cotton shirt 
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The real koko chanel
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