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Alexia is a technical writer and marketing executive, who has worked with small and medium sized technology firms over the years. She is passionate about writing and sharing her knowledge on CRM software, management and technology. In her free time, Alexia loves to cook and watch movies. Romcoms is what she prefers to watch most of the time. Connect with Alexia on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for a Service Management Software? Here are 4 Features It Must Have. Providing superior customer experience is key to getting more customers and retaining your existing ones.

Looking for a Service Management Software? Here are 4 Features It Must Have

To help your managers improve customer experience, you can buy a service management software from a BAM software advisory services firm. These tools help your managers perform tasks such as order management and inventory management. The tools automate service management processes, reducing the chances of manual errors. To help you choose the right service management software, the post lists some useful features, the tool must have.

Take a look. Technicians need data on a real time basis to keep a track of materials used, time taken and labor involved. Your customer representative team is the first point of contact between your current and prospective customers and the business. 4 Things to Consider Before Making the Transition to HR Analytics. Business organizations around the globe are gravitating towards a value-centric model that ultimately requires the hiring, nurturing, and retaining of talent.

4 Things to Consider Before Making the Transition to HR Analytics

Business analytics is at an all-time high and with HR being one of the pillars of any business organization, it needs to have data-driven results to attract the right talent to drive organizational success. Before you can think about implementing HR analytics, you need to be sure if you are ready to take the leap. The blog post highlights four crucial aspects to consider before transitioning to HR analytics. Take a look. 4 Reasons to Automate Your Accounting Process. 4 Reasons to Switch to an Employee Self Service Solution. Business process automation plays a vital role in helping an organization stay ahead in the competition.

4 Reasons to Switch to an Employee Self Service Solution

One of the most cost-effective ways to do so is to use an employee self-service solution. The self-service solution can help the HR department manage its day-to-day activities such as payroll processing and leave management, more efficiently and accurately in less time. In this blog post, we look at the four benefits that an employee self-service solution brings to an organization. 1. Better Communications How well and soon you address the concerns of employees play a vital role in motivating them to stay in the company. 2. The HR department spends a considerable time and efforts in managing key functions such as payroll processing, addressing employee concerns, and reviewing candidate information. 3. Many small businesses often rely on paperwork to manage HR activities. Employee Self Service Solutions. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Employee Self Service Solutions

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at Work – eLite Business Automation Manager (BAM) Teamwork and a motivated workforce are crucial for any organization.

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at Work – eLite Business Automation Manager (BAM)

It is imperative for organizations to identify the elements that help them knit their employees into one cohesive unit. Implementing human resource management modules and devising efficient performance management strategies can help organizations improve their employees productivity. Once businesses understand the abilities and the shortcomings of their employees, it becomes easier for organizations to devise a strategic plan to improve skills and enhance their productivity. Continuing the discussion, let us take a look at five ways in which businesses can enhance employee productivity. 1. Setting up realistic goals for employees is one of the keys to improving workplace productivity. 2. You should set clear work targets and delegate responsibilities among employees. 3. Communication is the key to ensure appropriate workplace motivation levels. 4.

5 Reasons You Should Go For Business Process Automation. Business process automation is swiftly gaining importance as one of the most effective business process automation tools.

5 Reasons You Should Go For Business Process Automation

Marketing management software as a part of business process automation helps organizations collect, analyze, and assess data from business transactions and predict future trends and shortcomings. Let us take a closer look at some of the reasons that make business process automation tools imperative for businesses. 1. Buying a Marketing Automation Software? Here Are 5 Factors to Consider. Marketing Automation is the use of software and web based services to perform repetitive marketing tasks that were earlier performed manually.

Buying a Marketing Automation Software? Here Are 5 Factors to Consider

Marketing automation, not only helps eliminate the monotony and make the marketing process more easy, but it also helps streamline. Not every marketing management software, however, is the same, which is why it is important that you know the finer lines before making a marketing automation tool buying decision. To help, the blog post discusses five factors that can help you make an informed decision. One of the most important things to consider is the features of a marketing management software. Choose a feature-rich software that is not only simple to use and administer, but also helps you scale your marketing needs. 4 Advantages of Using Activity Management Software for Sales Team. Sales is often a pain point for businesses, especially when the managers are not well-equipped to handle their teams of sales representatives.

4 Advantages of Using Activity Management Software for Sales Team

A business can drive competitive and profit goals only when all the stages in the sales cycle are in synergy. This is where an activity management software comes into the picture. The software assists in streamlining the sales cycle by providing insights about the internal process and progress, as well as acting as a platform to provide better client support. 5 Benefits of Using an Event Management Software. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

5 Benefits of Using an Event Management Software

Include... 4 Proven Benefits of Finance Management Software. The finance department in every organization performs tasks ranging from generating different wages, computation of income and tax, and statutory deductions.

4 Proven Benefits of Finance Management Software

When done manually, without the help of a finance management software, these tasks can consume a lot of time. Businesses can increase the efficiency of their workforce by switching to a robust software that performs all the necessary finance related activities from calculating TDS and to facilitating the bank reconciliation process. 4 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Procurement Management Software. 4 Tips for Automating a Small Business. 5 Business Tasks that Require Automation the Most – eLite Business Automation Manager (BAM)

The transition from manual to an automated can drastically impact the productivity of any business that involves tasks that are complex or are of high volume. The success of transition, however, depends on well the transition is planned. Before hiring a business automation software services company to help automate their processes, businesses must know which business tasks require automation, most. To help, the blog post lists five tasks that should be automated. Take a look. 1. 4 benefits of implementing business automation software services by Gautam Ranganathan. 4 Features to Seek in Human Resource Management Module. Today, an increasing number of businesses and organisations are opting for robust and automated human resource management solutions that help them devise a strategic and coherent approach to manage the workforce and also streamline inherent business processes.

As human resource management handles processes, such as compensation, performance management, hiring, safety, wellness, organization development, benefits, communication, administration, employee motivation, and training, it is important that the HR solution you choose for your process fulfils most of your job requirements. Let us take a closer look at four important human resource management modules that managers must consider when investing in an employee management software. Read on. 1. Business Process Automation & Software Services. The finance management module of eLite BAM provides the core accounting functions of general ledger, general journal, chart of accounts, bank reconciliation etc. to help organizations address all of your accounting and reporting needs. Features: Significantly streamline your chart of accounts and eliminate the need to work around clock Get full insights into transaction history Generate journals, recurring journals, multi-line vouchers for transactions based on accounting policies and rules defined by accounting standards Commercial transactions, intercompany transactions, allocations, depreciation, accruals, and reversals can all be captured and entered immediately Define all the bank accounts of the company in the system for reference Bank reconciliation process TDS calculations Routing and Assignment Matrix Activity Management.

Inventory Management Software. eLite BAM’s procurement and inventory management module enables you to streamline and manage every phase of your inventory procurement and management process. The module provides a 360-degree view of the process to help minimize wastage. The procurement and inventory management module extracts and stores data, enabling you to take swift and accurate decisions, while allowing your team members to concentrate on their core delivery areas better, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Procurement and inventory management can be a tedious task, but not when you have eLite BAM’s inventory module. The built-in tools automate the inventory management process and support your inventory managers throughout the maintenance cycle. The module also enables you to find and retrieve vital information, and that too with ease.

Features: Finance Management System. eLite BAM’s finance management module bundles a wide spectrum of tools to help avoid human errors in all aspects of accounting. The module automates the entire finance management process, reducing the human effort and hours required to prepare and maintain financial records. The built-in tools support your finance team throughout the finance management process, providing an easy way to extract and store important data that can be used to make informed decisions. The finance management module of eLite BAM includes all core accounting functions of general ledger, general journal, chart of accounts, bank reconciliation, etc. to help address all accounting and reporting needs of organizations.

The robust architecture of the module ensures your financial data is protected from all conceivable risks and is available only to authorized personnel that you can easily manage. Features: 5 Benefits of Using an Event Management Software. eLite BAM — A Guide to Help Understand Employee Self Service... 7 Reasons for Business to adopt eLite BAM - A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution. How do the Sales Management Services help your Business? Benefits of Using Business Process Automation Services. An Account Management Software Can Help Your Business Grow. Reasons to Choose a Business Management System Software. 4 Ways a Service Management System Streamlines Service Delivery – eLite Business Automation Manager (BAM) Service management system is a part of a business automation module, which could help with aligning back-office operations. An effective service management system facilitates service delivery, standardizes business processes, addresses customer complaints, and ultimately builds stronger customer relationships.

Four of the services included in a service management system are mentioned in this post. Read to find out how they could help you retain your customers for long. 1. Grievance Management Unaddressed customer complaints and grievances might negatively impact the organization’s customer relations. Employee Management Software - eLite BAM. Enhance Sales Productivity with eLite BAM Sales Management Module. 6 Verticals You Can Streamline through Business Process Automation Services.

Business process automation (BPA), has been around for quite some time, helping enterprises save time and money. The several benefits of BPA software propel it into one of the most vital elements for organizations. From automating manual compilation or distribution of reports to easing the otherwise complex onboarding and offboarding processes, BPA application goes a long way in streamlining business processes.

If you are unsure on how availing business process automation services can benefit your organization, we discuss how the right tool can organize 6 diverse business verticals. Take a look. 1) Sales.