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How to be a Great Bookkeeper

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Small Business Bookkeeping and Payroll Accountants. Published on : Sep 01 2011 It takes a lot to grow a small business.

Small Business Bookkeeping and Payroll Accountants

It not only requires that you, the busines owner, be skillful in providing core products or services but also in running the daily operations that are required to ensure that you are delivering your products and services in the best possible way. This is the key to growing a dynamic business. One important “behind the scenes” aspect of the daily operations includes accounting and bookkeeping. To put it simply, it is a must that you keep good books. Below are some tips to remember each month in order to maintain successful small business bookkeeping practices: Record your receipts and invoices in numeric order. Record due dates for payments and payables. Maintain consistent records. Keep daily records. Keep proofs of transactions. Keep track of bank account statements. Maintain a petty cash box. Secure your paperwork.

Copyright Information 2011 Professional Association of Small Business Accountants. How To Know If You Have Or Are A Great Bookkeeper « Nerd Enterprises, Inc. Nerd Enterprises, Inc. ShareThis So how do you know if your bookkeeper is really great?!

How To Know If You Have Or Are A Great Bookkeeper « Nerd Enterprises, Inc. Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

How do you know the difference between a bookkeeper who is just ok and one who really knows what (s)he is doing such that you are truly getting value for your money? How do you know if you are getting quality bookkeeping services? There are probably many ways of evaluating this and I am sure that if I ask 5 different people I will get 5 different answers with multiple criteria and there will likely be some crossover in the answers. So I wanted to share with you what in my experience proves to make the difference between a good bookkeeper and a really great one. The first thing a great bookkeeper should be concerned with when taking on your job is to review a copy of your books and along with that your last filed tax return. Look at the Cash line:

How to Be a Bookkeeper: 8 Steps (with Pictures. Edit Article Edited by Im shal, Maluniu, Peteperry, 80_Calo and 7 others Every business must have a bookkeeper.

How to Be a Bookkeeper: 8 Steps (with Pictures

For small businesses, the bookkeeper may be the proprietor, but the larger the business is, the more a dedicated bookkeeper--or a staff of bookkeepers--is needed. Bookkeepers track all the money that comes into a business and all that goes out to determine whether the business is making a profit. Bookkeepers are responsible for a number of tasks, including handling payroll, monitoring loans and preparing tax returns. Ad Steps. Ways To Be The Best Accountant or Bookkeeper. How to Find the Right Canadian Bookkeeper for Your Business. Introduction Over my 25 years in public practice as a Chartered Accountant I have been asked, numerous times by my clients, “how do I find a bookkeeper”.

How to Find the Right Canadian Bookkeeper for Your Business

So over the years I have developed a checklist of questions to ask a prospective bookkeeper. What Bookkeeping/Accounting Certifications Do They Have? There are three types of certifications that you should look for in a bookkeeper in Canada: 11 Expectations to Set for Your Bookkeeper. Before you bring someone on board to handle your books, check their skills and lay the ground rules to ensure you're getting the right person for your business.

11 Expectations to Set for Your Bookkeeper

As business owners, we like to think we can learn any skill it takes to run our companies better. But can just anyone learn to do their books? That's like saying anyone can learn to be an artist. Is it true? How to Be a Better Bookkeeper — That Bookkeeper. As bookkeepers, we have a certain responsibility.

How to Be a Better Bookkeeper — That Bookkeeper

Let’s look at it like this. If the numbers are the lifeblood of a business then it is safe to say that we are the vein that carries that blood. If you don’t like that analogy then consider us the highway that moves the numbers around. No good either? How to Identify a Good Bookkeeper. Bookkeepers record and manage financial data.

How to Identify a Good Bookkeeper

The services offered by bookkeepers help small-business owners maintain a clear understanding of their financial situation so they can manage their money and plan for the future. Many small-business owners attempt to do their own bookkeeping, or invest in substandard bookkeeping services, resulting in lost time and money. A good bookkeeper makes the entire process run smoothly and can save you money and time better spent on creating success within your business.

Referrals and Awards One way to identify a good bookkeeper is through a referral from someone whose judgement you trust. Skills and Services Another way to identify a good bookkeeper is by reviewing skills, experience and offered services. Related Reading: The Three Cardinal Rules of Bookkeeping Certification Work Ethic A good bookkeeper doesn't ask you to work on his schedule. About the Author Based in Southern Pennsylvania, Irene A. Have Feedback?