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Mark Zuckerberg Is in Denial. ‘I was so embarrassed I cried’: do parents share too much online? Picture a child entering the world, around the time that a new social networking venture known as is making its own entrance to the world.

‘I was so embarrassed I cried’: do parents share too much online?

It is 2004, and the child is easy to picture. Her parents have photographed their daughter’s first breath, first smile, first spoonfuls and first steps. When she reaches school age, she is snapped in uniform, probably outside the front door, and one parent, probably her mother, shares the image with friends. The child learns to read, write her name. She wins certificates, excels at sport. In a few months, this child and her classmates will begin to turn 13 and, perhaps, create their own Facebook accounts. Facebook's profits soar as it continues to swallow online advertising market. Facebook almost tripled its profits in the third quarter of 2016 as the social media giant took an even larger slice of the online advertising market.

Facebook's profits soar as it continues to swallow online advertising market

The company reported a 59% year-over-year increase in advertising revenue on Wednesday. Net income for the three months ending 30 September rose to $2.38bn from $896m a year earlier. The jump in profits and revenues comes as traditional publishers are hemorrhaging advertising dollars and announcing cutbacks. News groups including the Daily Mail, the Guardian, New York Times and Wall Street Journal have all announced layoffs in recent weeks. The US election was partly responsible for Facebook’s gains. The company also increased its dominance in mobile advertising. The good news came despite some mishaps for the company over the quarter. In September it was revealed that the company had been overestimating video views by between 60% and 80%, a story first published by the Wall Street Journal. Fake news sites designed to trick you - Video - Media.

Angela Merkel wants Facebook and Google's secrets revealed. Image copyright EPA Angela Markel has said that the way search engines and social networks like Google and Facebook choose what people see online should be made public.

Angela Merkel wants Facebook and Google's secrets revealed

YouTube stars the Sidemen are frontrunners in race for Christmas books No 1. A week after the starting gun was fired on the race to the top of the Christmas book charts, YouTube superstars the Sidemen have emerged in front of the likes of Jamie Oliver and Guy Martin in the battle for the No 1 spot.

YouTube stars the Sidemen are frontrunners in race for Christmas books No 1

Last week saw 219 new books published on what the Bookseller magazine has christened “Super Thursday”, the day on which a small avalanche of books expected to be Christmas hits are published. How did hackers use everyday devices to launch a cyber attack? – video report. Google’s ad tracking is as creepy as Facebook's. Here’s how to disable it. Since Google changed the way it tracks its users across the internet in June 2016, users’ personally identifiable information from Gmail, YouTube and other accounts has been merged with their browsing records from across the web.

Google’s ad tracking is as creepy as Facebook's. Here’s how to disable it

An analysis of the changes conducted by Propublica details how the company had previously pledged to keep these two data sets separate to protect individuals’ privacy, but updated its privacy settings in June to delete a clause that said “we will not combine DoubleClick cookie information with personally identifiable information unless we have your opt-in consent”. ProPublica highlights that when Google first made the changes in June, they received little scrutiny. Media reports focused on the tools the company introduced to allow users to view and manage ad tracking rather than the new powers Google gained. Twitch and YouTube 'taking misogynistic abuse in gaming seriously' - BBC Newsbeat. Massive web attack hits security blogger. One of the biggest web attacks ever seen has been aimed at a security blogger after he exposed hackers who carry out such attacks for cash.

Massive web attack hits security blogger

The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was aimed at the website of industry expert Brian Krebs. At its peak, the attack aimed 620 gigabits of data a second at the site. Text found in attack data packets suggested it was mounted to protest against Mr Krebs' work to uncover who was behind a prolific DDoS attack. In a blogpost, Mr Krebs detailed the attack, which began late on Tuesday night and quickly ramped up to its peak attack rate. DDoS attacks are typically carried out to knock a site offline - but Mr Krebs' site stayed online thanks to work by security engineers, who said the amount of data used was nearly twice the size of the largest attack they had ever seen. "It was among the biggest assaults the internet has ever witnessed," added Mr Krebs. Soon after the article was published, Israeli police arrested the two men named by Mr Krebs. How your social media reputation could secure you a loan. Image copyright Thinkstock Traditional banking in Africa has failed - 80% of the continent's 1.2 billion people do not have a bank account or access to formal financial services.

How your social media reputation could secure you a loan

So mobiles and web-based services are stepping in to fill the gap. But there is much more to Africa's financial services story than M-Pesa, the wildly successful mobile banking platform launched in Kenya and Tanzania in 2007. Yuval Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will. For thousands of years humans believed that authority came from the gods.

Yuval Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will

Then, during the modern era, humanism gradually shifted authority from deities to people. Jean-Jacques Rousseau summed up this revolution in Emile, his 1762 treatise on education. When looking for the rules of conduct in life, Rousseau found them “in the depths of my heart, traced by nature in characters which nothing can efface. I need only consult myself with regard to what I wish to do; what I feel to be good is good, what I feel to be bad is bad.” Humanist thinkers such as Rousseau convinced us that our own feelings and desires were the ultimate source of meaning, and that our free will was, therefore, the highest authority of all. History tells us what will happen next with Brexit & Trump. History tells us what will happen next with Brexit & Trump It seems we’re entering another of those stupid seasons humans impose on themselves at fairly regular intervals.

History tells us what will happen next with Brexit & Trump

My background is archaeology, so also history and anthropology. It leads me to look at big historical patterns. TFM Insights: Technology For Marketing. Brexit.

TFM Insights: Technology For Marketing

Donald Trump. God. The threats and abuse outspoken Pakistani women receive. Image copyright AFP The apparent "honour killing" of Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has led to renewed debate over women's rights in the country, including the freedom to speak out online. Ms Baloch, 26, was frequently abused in cyberspace and had received death threats for her outspoken and controversial posts. But Pakistani women, including journalists, often face vitriol and denigration for speaking their minds. Here, four BBC Urdu journalists describe their experiences. Qandeel Baloch: How her murder reflects a divided country.

Image copyright AP In one of her last posts on Facebook before her murder, Qandeel Baloch wrote: "No matter how many times I will be pushed down, I am a fighter, I will bounce back… US government publishes drone best practices. You can't use drones to check whether your employee really is sick, or to take pictures of your neighbors, unless you're a news organization in which case the sky is the limit - or more accurately not the limit. That's according to advice published by the US government over how best to use drones – or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) as they are officially known. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) – an arm of the Department of Commerce – has published a set of best practice guidelines [PDF] for the use of drones by companies, individuals and news organizations following a year of discussions among those groups. As the name suggests, the guidelines are not obligatory or legally binding but will form the start of a broader US government effort to come to terms with drone technology and how it will impact citizens and businesses in the future.

See no evil... The guidelines break down in three basic groups: companies, individuals and media organizations. The Facebook Ecosystem Dominates Social Media Budgets {research} The Facebook Ecosystem Dominates Social Media Budgets {research} Facebook (and its sister network, Instagram) are beginning to dominate how social marketers spend their paid amplification budgets. Subverting the selfie: New York artist's bizarre portraits. The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse — Humane Tech. If your website (or app!) Is full of assholes, it’s your fault. The bottom line, as I wrote half a decade ago, is that if your website is full of assholes, it’s your fault.

Same goes for your apps. Antisocial network: how self-deprecation is taking over the internet. It’s not enough to tweet your grief. When terror strikes, do something useful. Snapchat messed up with its Bob Marley tribute, plain and simple. JustPark - where are you driving next? by Gabriele Roncoroni on Prezi. Is it too late to stop the trolls trampling over our entire political discourse?

It was a pretty standard far-right account: anonymous (check); misappropriating St George (check); dripping with venom towards “Muslim-loving” lefties (check). Forbes Welcome. Me! Me! Me! Are we living through a narcissism epidemic? Mr Newton has had enough… Mr Newton has had enough… Douglas Rushkoff: 'I’m thinking it may be good to be off social media altogether' The 15-Second Films Taking Instagram By Storm.

Google takes wider action on 'right to be forgotten' Image copyright AFP. Man loses 'right to be forgotten' Google court bid. We Are Hopelessly Hooked by Jacob Weisberg. US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you. Death Of Conversation: 22+ Images Of How Smartphones Take Over Our Lives. What Facebook's On This Day shows about the fragility of our online lives. What Mindfulness App Is Right for You? Google's Go Victory Is Just a Glimpse of How Powerful AI Will Be. Five things great brands will do differently on social media in 2016. Will 2016 be the year web advertisers realise we don’t want to be monitored?

Social Media Marketing: 50+ Predictions for 2016. Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web. The best ads of 2015 - the professionals pick their favourites. A letter to our daughter. Greek PM goads Turkish PM on Twitter over downing of Russian jet. MediaGuardian 100 2015. Facebook ‘Most Used Words’ game is collecting huge amounts of user data, can sell it to whoever it wants. An Advertising Revolution Is Taking Place 11/19/2015. Paris terror attacks: Why social media is turning us into idiots.

Facebook introduces tools to help you stop stalking your ex online. The information barons threaten our autonomy and our privacy. Do 13-Year-Old‘s Even Know What Facebook, Google+, Snapchat, Vine and Twitch are? A 13 Year Old’s View on Social Media. The 8 Most Annoying Things People Do With Their Phones. Evgeny Morozov on Why Our Privacy Problem is a Democracy Problem in Disguise. Millennials Don't Want Ads. They Want Stories. No 10 ridiculed after adding poppy to David Cameron Facebook picture. Jaron Lanier: What it Means to be #Human. The woman posting hundreds of offensive messages online - BBC News. Mashable Adds to Its Tech Stack With Social Sharing Mapper. 7 Big Trends That Will Change Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

How Medium and Twitter could withstand Facebook’s moves to get the journalists and celebrities to… — Startup Study Group. 11 most memorable social media marketing successes of 2015. Put social back in social media. How social media makes us unsocial. Pins from on Pinterest. ETNO - Imagine the world in 20 years... 'Sexting' boy's naked selfie recorded as crime by police. Man arrested for shooting down drone in Kentucky. Facebook and YouTube are winning the war for our attention.

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. F**cked by Facebook - why politicians must become digitally literate - Why the internet has turned us into hypocrites. What do you do if your pictures are used without your consent on social networks? Mental health of children and young people ‘at risk in digital age’ Google and Facebook: voracious giants with the power to create the future. Slack is Valued at $1 billion - How messaging services are ruling offices. How to correct a social media blunder. A Social Media Etiquette Guide You Might Find Useful.

Moonshot Thinking. #BBCtrending: The fight against online gossip. Alfie Deyes, the 21-year-old king of YouTube: ‘He’s normal, not like celebrities’ Tim Berners-Lee calls for internet bill of rights to ensure greater privacy. Malta GIFs. Joan Rivers posts from the grave: 'I've just bought an iPhone!' Only the powerful will benefit from the 'right to be forgotten' The Future of the Internet. I, Glasshole: My Year With Google Glass. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. I Forgot My Phone. You Need To See This 17-Minute Film Set Entirely On A Teen's Computer Screen.

San Gejtanu Hamrun Drift. Infographic Visualization – How Your Brain Works. Gmail promises “no reasonable expectation” of privacy. Israel to hire pro-government tweeters and Facebookers. Google: Gmail users shouldn't expect email privacy. Mizzou grad quits job in blaze of glory with viral video. From Inside Walled Gardens, Social Networks Are Suffocating The Internet As We Know It.