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Alexandra Guest House

Alexandra Guest House is the perfect accommodation in Hemel Hempstead area in a pocket friendly budget. The atmosphere is welcoming and it offers English breakfast and clean and cozy rooms. It is a centrally located bed & breakfast accommodation, only 100 yards from the Hemel Hempstead's historic Old Town High Street and 5 minutes' walk from Marlowes Shopping Centre. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the accommodation and limited parking is offered on-site. Book any available accommodation and enjoy our Best Price Guarantee!

Hotels and Guest House in Hemel Hempstead | From £40. Considering Booking a Guesthouse/B&B stay? Here's How Alexandra B&B Makes Your Stay a Memorable One. With the Covid-19 vaccination underway in full swing, the chance of a quick trip far from the maddening crowd of the English cities seems to be on the cards. This summer bid adieu to the endless Zoom calls and boring work-from-home routine and embark on a trip to the English countryside. It is summertime. The sun is at its glorious best and the warm breeze outside calls for a round of outdoor barbeque. This is the perfect time to head off to the countryside and find out what the likes of Shelley and Keats waxed eloquent about. If you are looking for pocket-friendly accommodation in the English countryside look no further than Alexandra B&B.

Perfect Location in the English Countryside Situated only 100 yards from the historic Old Town High Street, Alexandra guesthouse offers the perfect opportunity to explore the English countryside. A Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere What separates a hotel from a guesthouse is the personal touch that the latter offers.

Cosy Rooms and Modern Amenities. Why Alexandra Guesthouse Location Is Advantageous? Engage travellers by telling what makes Alexandra property and its location unique. come up with its proximity to Luton and Webmbly. These places are quiet happening. With a fantastic history and about 90,000 people population, Hemel Hempstead is at the heart of the UK. Being at the core of the country, it has a lot to offer its visitors, whether you are coming to enjoy a vacation, or you are travelling here for business purposes, it has something for everyone.

But finding a suitable place to stay can be a problem. Alexandra Guest House is one of the best affordable hotels in Hemel Many factors make it an advantageous for you. How? Let’s have a close look at it! Positioned just off the centre and close to- The Old Town It is a much loved local area in Hemel Hempstead. Along with the historic vibes, it also has a great selection of shops and all are within easy walking distance. Like to take long walks- Here is the way Similarly, the Grand Union Canal is the longest in the UK. Why Alexandra Guesthouse Location Is Advantageous? Considering Booking a Guesthouse/B&B stay? Here's How Alexandra B&B Makes Your Stay a Memorable One. 5 Reasons to Choose Alexandra B&B Over Hotel. A break from dreariness and monotony is required every now and then.

Moving away from the hustle-bustle of regular day-to-day existence can end-up being productive and help you hit the imaginary reset button. Having said that, we know that the #1 thing on your to-do list while planning for that relaxing break is making travel arrangements and scouring for accommodation. While there are a lot of choices to pick your staycation spot, not all are made equal. Lodgings, Hotels, Inns, Guesthouses, the usual tourist may drown in decisions.

However, the motivation behind this blog is to guide you, rather widen your point of view and let you in on the advantages of booking a guesthouse. The first thought that pops right up and that, as you may state, is the fact that hotels have countless more exercises and recreational choices. This 30-room bed and breakfast guesthouse located at the core of Hemel Hempstead very well could be your next most loved accommodation spot in Hertfordshire. 1. 2. 3. Reasons why Alexandra B&B is the perfect accommodation for Solo Travellers. Solo travelling is the perfect option for those who do not want to stick to planned itineraries or follow rules when it comes to exploring a new place. Not just that, solo travelling also offers a chance to discover a place intimately. Travelling today is not just about doing all the touristy things that travel websites tell you to do. It is more about having experiences that are local, intimate and off-the-beaten-track.

Solo travelling offers you just that. Cut the Cost! But there is a downside to solo travelling as well. Challenges of finding the right hotel or a bed-and-breakfast are other equally important factors in solo travel. Alexandra Bed and Breakfast, a 30-room establishment located at the heart of Hemel Hempstead, provides you with a relaxing stay without breaking your budget. Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere The place exudes an old-world charm. Full English Breakfast No one can deny that one of the highlights of English cuisine is breakfast. Plenty of Choices. Considering a Workcation? Alexandra B&B may want to make you stay for all the right reasons. The pandemic has altered for good our way of life – particularly the way we work. As offices began shutting down during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, people took to work from home, meeting over video conferences.

However, work from home has started taking a toll on people’s mental well-being. With international destinations out of bound, many are preferring to mix business with pleasure and taking short trips to nearby places, where they continue to work while enjoying their quick break. Keeping in mind this new culture of workcation, Alexandra Bed and Breakfast — a 30-room bed and breakfast situated at the heart of Hemel Hempstead — has opened its doors for professionals seeking a few days of peace and quiet. Packed with features, this quaint bed and breakfast establishment will make you want to stay for all the right reasons. Why Choose Alexandra Bed and Breakfast for Your Workcation? Cosy rooms This Bed and Breakfast offers a variety of rooms. Internet for optimal work.