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Ishin Denshin – Live. Jute Rope — Isabelle Hanikamu. Bondage-jambe. Ushiro-takate-kote. Ushiro Takate Kote. Serre-taille. Harnais-de-poitrine. Karada. Swiss Seat. Chinese Rope Art ( 5 montages de torse) Ushiro Takatekote Shibari –Hebari tuto - Naturally Twisted Co. Means literally behind the back high hand / small of the hand (wrist) tie.

Ushiro Takatekote Shibari –Hebari tuto - Naturally Twisted Co

This is where the hands are tied behind the back with the wrists higher than level. This is a classic though difficult position. The Ushiro Takate Kote Shibari is essentially a different name for the same tie however those teachers that come from the Akechi Denki school of Shibari such as Osada Steve and Hajime Kinoko tend to use this term. Ushiro Takate Kote means “Behind the back , high hand, small hand” which can be taken two ways, in one school including Arisue Go it is taken to mean the small of the hand ie the wrist up high behind the back, while in the Akechi Denki school is is taken to mean the wrist and the high hand or upper arm tied behind teh back. So there is some ambiguity. Basic Ushiro Takate Kote Shibari The basic usiro takate kote (sometimes called a two rope takate kote or TK2), is a simple chest harness that captures the arms behind the back.

Ushiro Takate Kote Finishing Technique 2. Kinbaku Bondage. What is Kinbaku Kinbaku, like Shibari is a sexualised extension of Hojojutsu.

Kinbaku Bondage

Techniques once used for restraining prisoners have been subtly altered to address the line where pain becomes pleasure… where the intent for torture becomes a consensual element of BDSM. What is the meaning of 'Kinbaku' In Japan, Kinbaku is less commonly known as sokubaku, bakujojutsu, and senyojo jutsu, and it has been suggested that the differentiation in naming has parallels with the martial arts, where similar practices are referred to with terms that differ between various groups of practitioners. Whilst still studying a martial art there are different disciplines arising from different perspectives. Read our position on the differences between Kinbaku and Shibari, in a modern western context. Looking at the Japanese language, "kinbaku" literally translates to "bind tightly". The actual meaning of 'kinbaku', when examining the use within the Japanese bondage scene, is different to the direct translation.

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Vous avez une commande en cours et souhaitez la modifier ? Une demande pour un retour à effectuer ? Résultats de recherche : VilainPlaisir Jouets Érotique et Lingerie Canada - Livraison Gratuite avec tout achats de +50$ Asdrubael & Bondless. How to Tie a Crown Knot. How to tie a Somerville Bowline - BCB. How to Tie a Shibari-Style Rope Shackle. Shibari Single Column Tie Tutorial. Fast and Easy Life Saving Bowline Knot. Yukinga do a Osada Ryu Futomomo zuri. Yukinaga do a Osada Ryu Futomomo technical. Agura-shibari. Asdrubael & Bondless. Bondage-jambes-pliees. Les deux mains attachées devant. The Dragonfly Sleeve by TKB. Bondage-bras-attaches-devant. Bondage-bras. Fwtutorial - Fetish Weekly. 昭和なつかし奇譚クラブ分譲写真 - Japanese Bondage Photos presented by "The KITAN CLUB" in 1951-'75 : October 2013. Crash Restraint News & Updates (site de référence) Home - Fesselzeit. The Duchy - Tutos debutants en images + 2/3 tutos avancés. We (Dan and JD) first began teaching interactive rope bondage workshops in 1999 at a venue in San Francisco (our hometown) called Castlebar.

Sadly, Castlebar has since closed its dungeon doors, but we pressed forward. Through the early 2000's we continued teaching at a variety of Bay Area venues. In 2002 we began work on our first book, Two Knotty Boys: Showing You the Ropes. Published in November 2006, Showing You the Ropes helped expand our impact on the rope bondage community. Since then, we've traveled around the world teaching our unique brand of fusion rope bondage.

Our goal is to demystify rope bondage. (10 tutos de départ sympas) Nawapedia. Regles du bondage, site italien. Bondage Project Public (plusieurs montages par differents maitres) KINK ACADEMY Infos générales BDSM + montages en vidéo. Hi there!

KINK ACADEMY Infos générales BDSM + montages en vidéo

We'd love for you to enter, but we need to let you know that there might be some nudity and explicit sexuality. Are you 18 or over? And you agree to our Terms and Conditions? Awesome! Not yet 18? The information in this website is presented by individuals who speak from their own experiences to provide insight into various techniques that consenting adults can use to explore, expand, or enrich their sexual experience. The information contained in this website is broadly categorized in three parts: Basic Sexuality Skills and Role Play; Intermediate Sexuality Skills and Role Play; Advanced Sexuality Skills, BDSM and Role Play. The information provided in all the parts is intended for consenting adults interested in exploring and expanding their sexuality by using different techniques and through role plays. The educational tips and techniques provided and illustrated in this website contain many potentially harmful and even deadly materials.

Ropework. Kinbaku/shibari. Videos. Shibari. Bondage. Rope Tutorials and Info.