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Inside Google Plus Google+ is a revolutionary social network where you can choose who to share your thoughts with! How to create a great website with Google Map API Creating a Geo Mapping or Localization website can increase substantially your adsense revenu. The more pages your site contains, the higher the amount of indexed content. This higher amount of indexed content will increase the chances of getting long tail traffic from search engines. Inside Google Plus
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Gender ratios on G+: How do you see the trend? Sarah Kessler’s article on Mashable has the details, along with some good context about gender ratios on other social networks. Social Statistics and Find People on Plus both report that G+ is 68%, down from 87% right after they launched and 74% in mid-July. Take the statistics with a grain of salt — back in July, Paul Allen made some excellent points about Social Statistics and Find People on Plus’ methodology. With the majority of the … Read entire article » Filed under: Analysis, News We Get Google Plus We Get Google Plus