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How Location Based Apps leverage Big Brands?

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Location based applications help businesses conduct their operations successfully They provide clear insights about consumer behaviour which helps companies in understanding and serving their customers better.

Geo location based app has location search features which give retailers a deep knowledge of consumer behavior. This location based software facili… Location-based Shopping Apps Shaping E-commerce Industry. How Location Based Services help in Customer Retention. Posted in - Mobile App Date - 29 Apr. 2014 Location-based app development & mobile solutions are increasingly being adopted by small and medium businesses (SMBs) world over.

How Location Based Services help in Customer Retention

They provide the consumer an immediate access to product or service information, price comparisons, reviews, product alternatives, and mobile commerce options. This blog explains the benefits of implementing a location-based mobile app solution for your enterprise and how you can increase your revenue stream with improved customer satisfaction levels. Siri – the personal assistant and knowledge navigator on the iPhone has simplified user interactions by capturing spoken commands and providing a service to search the web, lookup sports information, find directions or locations, and answer simple questions like “Which is the nearest restaurant?”

Or “Who is offering the best deal for shopping?” Location-based Marketing for Small Businesses. As Internet users become increasingly mobile-savvy, they rely on smartphones and other mobile devices to discover new businesses, find directions, read consumer reviews, and access business contact information.

Location-based Marketing for Small Businesses

One way local small businesses can take advantage of this trend is through the use of location-based marketing. How To Use Location-Based Marketing. Marketing has always been about sending the right message to the right person, at the right place and time.

How To Use Location-Based Marketing

The digital world opened up new possibilities that marketers have been quick to pounce on—such as targeting customers based on where they are online, and personalizing through browsing context as well as back-end business intelligence. The Advantages of Location-Based Mobile Networking for Businesses. Consumers use their mobile devices for more than just sending text messages and making phone calls.

The Advantages of Location-Based Mobile Networking for Businesses

4 Marketers Who Are Winning With Location-Based Marketing Tactics. With marketers allocating more advertising spend to mobile, a number of recent campaigns highlight how brands are now going beyond basic apps and sites to prominently play up location.

4 Marketers Who Are Winning With Location-Based Marketing Tactics

Here are four interesting examples within the past few months that demonstrate what’s happening in mobile and where brands are investing most right now. Working the Local Angle: Benefits of Location-Based Technology. With the rapid adoption of smartphones in the United States, marrying marketing with technology and location can bring in more sales and satisfied customers for restaurant and hotel operators.

Working the Local Angle: Benefits of Location-Based Technology

As of last year, two-thirds of Americans owned a smartphone, according to The Nielsen Co., and location-based technologies, including beacons and geo-fences, are giving hotels and restaurants access to customers in a whole new way. “Hotels with several restaurants in them can push offers to customers as they walk by a restaurant, such as ‘come in for a three-for-one dinner,’ using beacons running on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi,” says Asif Khan, president of The Location Based Marketing Association ( “They could also push a review of a restaurant or a video of the spa as the person walks by it.” “The beacon technology allows us to understand who is in the building and to respond,” he explains. Garavuso is currently researching companies that can meet the needs of his company. 10 Ways Location-Based Marketing Will Evolve in 2015 

Smartphones have grown increasingly more sophisticated in recent years, allowing consumers to do everything from buying a new outfit to watching their favorite TV shows.

10 Ways Location-Based Marketing Will Evolve in 2015 

It’s clear mobile technology will only continue its gradual domination of the technology landscape in 2015, with consumers moving toward mobile over PC. Marketers have already shifted focus to reaching consumers on the devices they use every day. In 2015 this will become more important than ever, according to Julie Ask of Forrester Research. 4 Reasons Location-Based Services Will Become a Thing Again in 2015. Here’s an experiment: The next time you head out to lunch, compare the restaurant’s icon on your mapping application to the location on the door.

4 Reasons Location-Based Services Will Become a Thing Again in 2015

The odds are that the icon will be at least 20 meters away from the door itself. For a consumer, that’s not going to stop them from finding lunch. But that margin of error presents a major hurdle for marketers as they look to use location data to not only target ads, but measure their effectiveness as well. The algorithms which marketers use to analyze location cannot tell whether we intended to go to a McDonald’s on the corner or the gym next door. The good news is that the technology, which smartphones use to determine where we are in the real world, is improving. Smartphones will start to understand places — not just locations In 2014, Apple introduced Visit Monitoring, a feature that allows developers to identify common places in a user’s life and collect more granular information. Michael Chasen is CEO of SocialRadar.

Mobile Marketing is Huge in 2015 So Take Advantage With These Tips.