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Leverage The Power Of Online Commerce

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Online commerce solutions are leading the market and driving industry revenue. Let us review some of the latest trends, stats and future predictions in the retail sector.

The Shopping News & Latest Market Research. The Shopping News & Latest Market Research by alexbeck The latest retailer to join discount deluge New and improved e-retail business Retail Business Owners Can Take Advantage.

The Shopping News & Latest Market Research

Socl. Forbes Welcome. Shopping trend #quaxing involves posting selfies with your groceries. A new Twitter term called #quaxing has begun on social mediaThe term refers to people who carry their shopping on their bikes Auckland politician and former Olympian Dick Quak initiated the trendThe term was made in honour of his stance on public transport People from the UK, Australia and Germany have caught on to the term By Sarah Carty for Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:09 GMT, 14 May 2015 | Updated: 08:44 GMT, 14 May 2015.

Shopping trend #quaxing involves posting selfies with your groceries

E-commerce Online Shopping Trend Is Still Returning 45% Each Year. Companies / Retail SectorDec 05, 2014 - 01:16 PM GMT.

E-commerce Online Shopping Trend Is Still Returning 45% Each Year

3 On Your Side: A New Shopping Trend. Samsung BusinessVoice: What The Future Of Shopping Looks Like [Video] Online sales depressing for malls’ future. THE Dmall shopping center in downtown Shanghai is a surprisingly depressing place to shop.

Online sales depressing for malls’ future

The underground mall is located in one of the most shopping-mad cities in China, and yet it is run down and starved of customers. “Sometimes I cannot sell even one dress in a day,” said dress shop owner Ms Xu, who rents a space in Dmall. Rising vacancy rates and plummeting rents are increasingly common in Chinese malls and department stores, despite official data showing a sharp rebound in retail sales that helped the world’s second-largest economy beat expectations in the third quarter.

The answer to that apparent contradiction lies in the rising competition from online shopping and government purchases possibly boosting retail statistics. Statistics Canada says auto sector boosts retail sales in August to $43.6B. OTTAWA - Canadians who bought new and used cars in August helped boost retail sales for the fourth consecutive month.

Statistics Canada says auto sector boosts retail sales in August to $43.6B

Statistics Canada said Thursday that higher sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers helped boost retail sales to $43.6 billion in August, up 0.5 per cent from the previous month. Excluding the auto subsector, retail sales were flat for the month. Economists had expected a gain of 0.1 per cent. "Overall, high consumer confidence, continued employment gains and low borrowing costs appear to be supporting the pace of household consumption growth for now," said economist David Madani of Capital Economics.

"But with the worst effects of the oil price shock arguably still ahead, we would expect to see some slowing in the pace of hiring and household spending in the months ahead. " Talking Business - Retail. Software Solution that helps in Business Growth. Posted in - Mobile App Date - 19 Dec. 2013 Information technology has revolutionized the way the retail industry works.

Software Solution that helps in Business Growth

Today, a majority of small and medium business owners are establishing a mobile presence by developing applications for their retail organization. With the busy “on-the-go” lives of the consumers today, shop owners have to look at newer avenues to stay in constant touch with their consumers. Cloud and mobile technology has helped many retailers take this consumer engagement strategy to greater heights with the help of smartphones. 85% shoppers have used a mobile shopping app while inside a store Smarter devices, cloud computing and increased wireless bandwidth together help retailers provide their customers with ready access to information like product details, delivery status, issue tracking from virtually anywhere through a retail mobile app. Consumer behavior has also changed and is further changing with the rapid development of technology. Your mobile retail app. 12 retail trends and predictions to watch for.

Mobile will show no signs of slowing down next year and we anticipate smartphones and tablets to play bigger roles in the shopping journey. Expect to see more of the following: Loyalty apps Next year, more retailers will introduce mobile loyalty programs. Shoppers will no longer have to clutter up their wallets with physical cards. Instead, they can track and redeem their rewards using their smartphones through apps such as Collect. Mobile services. Online Shopping Trend in India – A Stepping Stone. Online shopping has now been anticipated to rule the hearts of shopaholics in all over India.

Online Shopping Trend in India – A Stepping Stone

Buying desired items through internet access are made simpler and handy by the usage mobile devices, tablets or laptops that aid most of the online shopping apps. E-commerce is meant to be an activity wherein the customers are supposed to use the internet to order a product or service at any moment of time. Seven surprising ways teens are defying shopping trends. NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- It’s true that McDonald’s Corp. has lost some of its magnetism for teenage diners, but that doesn’t mean it no longer has any pull.

Seven surprising ways teens are defying shopping trends

The same can be said for a bunch of other companies challenged by changing tastes and buying patterns. While fast-casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is increasingly this demographic’s favorite restaurant, McDonald’s is where teen and young adult males eat at most often, according to a William Blair survey of 1,100 respondents between the ages of 14 and 24.

For females, who represent nearly 60% of the respondents, McDonald’s MCD, -0.48% is the second most visited after Chipotle CMG, -0.48% . The survey echoed McDonald’s Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook’s remarks that it’s “absolutely not true” millennials have deserted McDonald’s. To be sure, the ranking aside, visits to McDonald’s did drop versus gains for others including Chipotle and such rivals as Burger King. Other surprise findings: J.C. Related Topics. Forbes Welcome. New and improved e-retail business. Last year Snapdeal' e-commerce platform handled 30 orders per second during the Diwali sale; this year it has handled 300 orders per second in its weekly festive sales.

New and improved e-retail business

To handle huge traffic, the marketplace player has used a range of forecasting models and analytics tools to predict demand for products and ensure sufficient stocks are available with its sellers when the products goes on sale. It has 1,500 engineers to deal with the huge surge in traffic during sale time. Snapdeal is among the growing breed of ecommerce players in India that are leveraging technology to address sale-time woes.

Flipkart, which had to issue an apology last year for jacked-up prices and product unavailability during the Big Billion Day, was able to run the show successfully this year with a few minor glitches on Day 1 of the second edition of the big-ticket event. Lord & Taylor to join discount deluge.