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Parallax-Free Arduino Controlled GoPro Spherical Panorama Rig. Automatic Panorama Head for GoPro Hero Cameras (Arduino Prototype) GoPro Hero3 Panorama Rig - No-Parallax by klakar. This is modell number six or seven, I've lost count.

GoPro Hero3 Panorama Rig - No-Parallax by klakar

I use FreeCad to create my STL files. It's a nice and "simple" software, but it's prone to crashing when i delete elements of a part or measurements. My aim is to create a rig with a GoPro configured to capture stills automatically in time-lapse mode. Just reset or power on the Arduino and everything happens automatically in 30-40 seconds (maby).

I've printed in PLA, but I think some parts will be better in ABS. My Arduino code ( nine photos, you take the one looking down manually): (you may need to modify servo values on row 16-17) <i> // Heavely modified "Sweep" by Klas Karlsson to support // GoPro spherical panorama rig #include <Servo.h> MōVI M5 Stabilizer. Accueil - Atelier Drones à Pariswemakedrones. Mar 22, 2015. 9 position 360 degrees gimbal mount by: Uk fotosky photohraphy 360 panoramic aerial northern ireland ni. Pan/Tilt Camera Mount Gimbal for Vertical Gopro Camera 360 Degree Panorama. Please read the full listing.

Pan/Tilt Camera Mount Gimbal for Vertical Gopro Camera 360 Degree Panorama

By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. You will enter a binding contract. Submit bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation d h. Ready-to-use Rigs : BaseCam Electronics. BeSteady based in UK and manufactures handheld stabilizers for medium and big cameras.

Ready-to-use Rigs : BaseCam Electronics

Devices: Servo gimbal / pan tilt for gopro 360 degree aerial panoramic virtual tour. Auto360 - PhotoShip One. Spherical panorama photography is done by stitching a series of images captured as a radial array together to create an entire 360 sphere that with the right software can be converted into an interactive movie using QuickTime VR, Flash, Java or HTML 5 with Javascript.

Auto360 - PhotoShip One

It’s also possible to link one panorama to another in order to create a virtual tour with hot spots and add music, narration, video, text, expandable maps, etc. For image stitching we recommend the PTGui application. For authoring the panorama to Flash or HTML5 we recommend the Pano2VR application. Auto360 - PhotoShip One. Phoenix Brushless Gimbals : PhotoShip One Online Store, Camera Gimbals, RC Helicopters, RC Accessories. PanoCopter - Aerial Spherical Panorama - Drone - Multirotor. PanoCopter is a ready to fly hexacopter multirotor equipped with a specialized camera mount designed to acquire 360 degree spherical panorama imagery.

PanoCopter - Aerial Spherical Panorama - Drone - Multirotor

The system uses our Auto360 patent pending rotating auto-triggering camera mount. With the camera mount it is very easy to create full 360 degree aerial panoramas by clicking only one switch on your RC transmitter. As the camera gimbal (and landing gear) rotate under the copter via the pan servo, a sensor (reed switch) passes over properly placed magnets and switches instantaneously. When the switch is connected to the camera shutter release port it will trigger the camera shutter. The neodymium magnets are pressed into a plate on the camera gimbal at user selected intervals.

The mounting plate as holes at 45, 60, 72, and 90 degree intervals for 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 shot panorama triggering. Phoenix Brushless Drive Gimbals - PhotoShip One. The Phoenix is the first in a line of leading-edge new liquid-smooth brushless drive digitally stabilized gimbals.

Phoenix Brushless Drive Gimbals - PhotoShip One

Reflecting the incredible video quality and resolution of lighter, smaller new cameras such as a Canon or Nikon DSLR, the Phoenix brushless drive gimbal is agile and multi-configurable. Constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Phoenix A10 Brushless Drive Gimbal is light and strong, weighing in at an easy-to-maneuver 1360 grams (A10 model gimbal only). This makes it the perfect stabilization system for any camera up to five pounds in weight, such as the Canon 5D. For larger cameras like the Red Epic we have the Phoenix A50. Phoenix A50 is 30% larger than A10 and uses more powerful 90mm motors. Mohammad, Canada. Delta Drone. Photo vidéo aérienne en Bretagne - Photocoptere. Stabilization_On_The_Water. Stabilization On The Water Published : 9th Dec. 2008.


L'histoire de Steadicam et informations sur la façon Garrett Brown a inventé et développé le steadicam. Garret Brown wanted to be able to make a camera fly smoothly over uneven ground.

l'histoire de Steadicam et informations sur la façon Garrett Brown a inventé et développé le steadicam

It was the early 1970’s and his original idea was as simple as it was revolutionary, he wanted a device that could smooth out hand held action shots. Up until Garret invented the Steadicam moving shots outdoors had involved the use of tracks, or dollies, laid along a pre-determined path and Garrett didn't have the crew, budget or time for these on his productions. 3 axes caméra cardan montage complet - SOLIDWORKS, STEP / IGES, Autres - modèle de CAO 3D. Drone. NEC THERMO SHOT F30. Turnigy PRO KIT Steady-main cardan à 3 axes.

After months of design and testing, Turnigy have brought a Pro level product to the masses at HobbyKing prices.

Turnigy PRO KIT Steady-main cardan à 3 axes

The Turnigy Pro Steady-Hand Gimbal, for the Pro to hobbyist cinematographer. If you are in the world of making anything from Small films to YouTube content, you know the benefit of a stabilized camera rig but the price has always been out of reach for most, till now. The Turnigy Pro Hand gimbal is designed to handle anything from a small Sony Nex5 to full blown DLSRs with unlimited adjustability and motor options. The Gimbal is made from high quality 3k carbon fiber and flat black anodized precision cut CNC aluminum components. With 4mm of carbon plate for the supports and matched quality hardware you can be confident your rig and investment is secure. The internet is filled with support and videos for proper balancing and tuning of hand gimbals so even those not in the RC hobby can be successful and making movie magic in no time. A lire comparaison Freefly movie contre Alex moss homemade!!

Bah c'est un type qui ne s'est pas renseigné du tout avant d'écrire son article Un despoints forts du MoVi c'est sa gestion des accélération linéaire/circulaire sur un véhicule.

A lire comparaison Freefly movie contre Alex moss homemade!!

Son commentaire sur le système de stab c'est :"bah c'est pareil qu'une alexmoss, y a un accelero et pis c'est tout". "The system is a bit similar as the Alexmos one, a gyroscope is helping the gimbals to follow the orientation of the camera and order motors to fight back and so stay static" DIY Alexmos gimbals VS FreeFly movi. DIY Alexmos gimbals VS FreeFly movi First, here are the latest update on my E-Steady system, I did few improvement on the last setup, making it completely workable unit and ready to rent it to non experimented shooters. It’s available with different options at the rental section.

The wiring as been improved, the sensor moved and redesigned and the new Alexmos board include now the 3 axis on the opposite side with voltage control and buzzer system.