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General Digital Collections. 17 Places In Dublin To Eat, Drink And Be Merry With Your Dog In Tow. There's absolutely no need to leave your best mate at home, see. We love our dogs more people, tbh, and we know that a lot of you people are just the same. The lucky thing for us Dubliners is that you don't have to say goodbye to your bezzie mate when you go for coffee, food or pints. Here's our pick of the 17 very best puppy loving places you can go – canine in tow. 1. Anseo, Camden Street Anseo is a little gem of a spot on Camden Street, a watering hole for young and old alike.

What makes it even more brilliant is that you can bring in your dogs, and we mean all dogs, even big dogs who sometimes get a bad rep. 2. A vibrant, busy spot to stop mid-walkies and chill with the pup. Sure don't we all need a rest at times? 3. The perfect, cosy pub which serves one of the best pints of Guinness in Dublin. 4. An ideal pub to watch any match, with a brilliant outside terrace for drier days. 5. Yet another hidden gem in Portobello. 6. 7. And we don't take our eggs lightly. 8. 9. 10. 11. You're welcome. Generation X's Parenting Problem. By Anjali Enjeti You remember childhood, don't you?

We wore our house keys around our necks like dog tags, walked home from school alone and let ourselves inside while our parents were still at work. We crossed busy intersections during rush hour to purchase bubble gum cigarettes with change from empty soda cans. Our playgrounds were construction sites, heaps of dirt, creeks filled with snakes and turtles we collected as pets. We climbed trees, muddied our Garanimals, scaled fences between neighbors' backyards. We were told to come in at dark, not a second earlier. We had our kids late. We cart our children to chess, robotics, baseball practice, ballet, cello, swimming lessons and birthday parties. They are rarely out of our sights. They sleep in our beds until middle school. We got picked last in dodgeball and weren't allowed to cry about it. Our meals came from cans, boxes, and freezers. In our youths, we did chores. Our own children receive allowances for merely existing.

Close. 15+ Hilarious Collar Tags For Pets Who Tend To Get Lost. F*ck That: A Guided Meditation. New Expressive Dog Portraits By Elke Vogelsang. Elke Vogelsang, the pet photographer we wrote about a while ago, is back with more fun and lively portraits of adorable dogs, including her 3 pups – Noodles, Scout and Loli. These 3 photo models have wonderful, playful natures that Vogelsang communicates perfectly in her expressive portraits. Though Noodles, Scout and Loli seem to be her favorite and most expressive models, Vogelsang takes portraits of plenty of other dogs as well. Not all, however, are private clients – she also ocasionally takes photos of dogs waiting to be adopted, and her 3 pups are all dogs adopted from Spain.

If you want to see some more excellent pet portraits, be sure to check out her websites! Source: 500px | | Facebook | Flickr (h/t: modernmet) Рождение языков :) Многие языки на первый взгляд кажутся нелогичными, похожими друг на друга или имеющими очень необычную специфику. И это все неспроста. попытался вникнуть в корни языкознания и вот что нам удалось определить. Как придумали французский язык: – А давайте половина букв будет читаться бог знает как, а половина вообще не будет! – Палки сверху не забудь! Как придумали английский язык: – А давай, букв будет немного, все они простые, но гласные пусть читаются как попало. – И чтобы значение слова менялось непредсказуемо в зависимости от предлогов и социального статуса говорящего/пишущего! Как придумали итальянский язык: – А давай все слова будут заканчиваться на гласные! Как придумали испанский язык: – А давай поприкалываемся над итальянским языком! Как придумали русский язык: – А давай писать слова в случайном порядке, а смысл передавать интонациями!

Как придумали немецкий язык: – Мы люди экономные, зачем нам лишние пробелы? How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids. Tomorrow's business leaders and startup founders will be today's young kids whose parents have raised them with an entrepreneurial spirit -- a skill that is increasingly important as young people flood the startup world and the freelance economy grows. As a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by fostering the emotional skills your child will need, such as comfort with risk, effective problem solving, and a positive attitude toward failure. "It’s all about shaping the child’s behavior," says Dr. Andrea Vazzana, clinical assistant professor of child psychiatry at New York University Langone’s Child Study Center.

"Social emotional skills are important and the earlier you can help a child with them, the better. " Here are five parenting tips to help you foster entrepreneurial qualities in your kids. 1. “The more parents can break down what’s needed within that problem solving task, really verbalize it, and talk it out with the child, the better off the child will be,” Vazanna says. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Column: GM crops aren’t just about science – this is a political decision. THE RECENT DECISION to give the go-ahead to field trials GM potatoes in Carlow set off a little storm of debate over the scientific benefits (or not) of GM crop cultivation. However, the introduction of GMOs into the Irish environment is a bigger issue than just a question of ‘making the right decisions based on sound scientific research’.

GM crops are highly politicised, because they affect the relationship our society has with the production of food to feed its people – and for those of us here in Ireland and Europe lucky enough to eat three square meals a day, that means nearly everyone. An issue which affects our food system, our environment and the livelihoods of people working in our food and agriculture sectors is an issue for all of us. And that means it is political, and not just a question of good or bad science. Citizens and farmers have expressed their opposition to GM agriculture. Huge profits On top of this, GM crops are patented.

Social solutions.