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Site film. Animes et OAV. Manga / Animé. AKB48. JKT48. Arashi. FEMM. Resources. 48G. Anime & Manga. News. Jpop. Salads. INFORMACION DE LOS GRUPOS 48. SNH48 Oficial Site. JKT48. SITIOS WEB OFICIALES. SNH48. Tito Puente: Para Los Rumberos. Biological DIY Greywater System (With No Reedbeds) Our criteria for building the greywater system for the tinyhouse was pretty simple: cheap, made from readily available materials, and effective.

Biological DIY Greywater System (With No Reedbeds)

We also wanted to use the outputs to irrigate a grove of important fruit trees, as water is very precious here, especially in a dry year. After many, many hours of research on systems involving reed beds, infiltration trenches, fancy UV zappers and all the rest, we decided, on the advice of permaculture and greywater specialist Ross Mars, to keep it simple, and let the biology do the work. Garden II. Sound Design. Soups. Inspiration. Leafcutter Designs - World's Smallest Post Service. Mi Petit Madrid * Chicken Quinoa Meatballs Recipe. The meatball is perfect as I can make up a batch, enjoy half of the recipe the same day as cooking and pop the others into the freezer.

Chicken Quinoa Meatballs Recipe

Just warm up the little balls of goodness, and make some rice or pasta. Baking these meatballs is not only easy, but the clean-up is almost void. No greasy pans to contend with or splattered fat all over the stove. Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Jumbo Shells. Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili. Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili There’s nothing better than lazing around on a Sunday and being finished preparing dinner by noon.

Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

This chicken chili was so delicious, full of flavor, and super simple to boot! 13 comfort foods that burn fat. They're called "comfort" foods for a reason—they bring back warm memories, tickle your taste buds, and soothe your soul.

13 comfort foods that burn fat

Though some comfort foods are deep-fried, covered in cheese, or packed with sugar, some can actually help you lose weight. Beat the battle of the bulge with the following cozy eats. Best Superfoods for Weight Loss. 24 Incredibly Simple Ways To Make Your Food Taste Awesome. Baked Potato Soup. Today we are featuring Baked Potato Soup.

Baked Potato Soup

This is a very rich and truly delicious soup. We enjoyed this soup over our Christmas break. It was phenomenal. Em even enjoys it. I have one last container in the freezer and I can't wait to get my hands (and mouth) on that soup. Caramelized Figs & Goat Cheese Pizza with Balsamic Glaze Recipe. A couple of weeks ago, I came home to a delicious pizza made with caramelized figs.

Caramelized Figs & Goat Cheese Pizza with Balsamic Glaze Recipe

A perfect combination of sweet and savory. So creative! 20 Calories, 3 Carbs, and It Doesn't Taste Like Ass? No Way! I had a dinner tonight that was uber healthy.

20 Calories, 3 Carbs, and It Doesn't Taste Like Ass? No Way!

It was delicious, and all three of my kids gave it a thumbs up. I’m sure you’re dying to know just how healthy it was, right? I’m gonna break it down for ya right now. These noodles have: Grilled Cheese for Grown-Ups - Martha Stewart Food. Taste the States: 50 Iconic American Foods From A to Z. Cooking. Pop Music. How to Build a Solar Heating Panel with Soda Cans. If you’ve got good sun exposure on one side of your house, you can take advantage of free heat from the sun with this DIY solar heating panel, which uses old soda cans to collect and transfer the sun’s energy into your house.

How to Build a Solar Heating Panel with Soda Cans

Sometimes, low-tech solar devices are much better than high-tech ones for home use, as they not only tend to be cheaper to make, but will also last much longer before any repairs or maintenance are necessary. And even better, they can be built in part from repurposed or recycled components, which is something you don’t see very often in new solar devices.

Build yourself a portable home - a mongolian yurt. Yurt/Gher Construction 101 A guide to Building Yurts...or more specifically, how I built mine!

Build yourself a portable home - a mongolian yurt

Based on Knowledge Gained from "Doing it Myself", and reading about it on-line. How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse. First off – you really can build this thing very cheaply, but to do so you have to recycle, freecycle, and scrounge.

How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse

If you just go out and buy new everything it will probably cost over $200 – still not bad all in all.This Article is featured in Jan 2010 issue of Birds and Blooms Magazine! Want to find out if this thing works before you read all this? Introduction – Warre Hive Construction Guide. Welcome to the Warre Hive Construction Guide brought to you by The Bee Space. In this guide you will learn how to build a complete Warre beehive. A Warre (pronounced war-ray) hive is a vertical or supered top bar hive that is simple to build and easy to use. The hive management methods of the Warre hive are quick and few, thus it is a suitable beehive for urban and backyard beekeepers.

0176744BBE15406C9BB769A699EF8DBE.aspx. How To Incubate & Hatch Eggs. The Great Northern Prepper. This post was done by a Forum member Alaska Rose, who is a wealth of knowledge of wilderness and homesteading skills. Learn more from her and others on our FORUM This picture shows the most common way to cut the hide for skinning a game animal. The dotted lines around the legs and neck are the usual cuts for removing the head and lower legs. If you do not wish to keep the skin, you may want to just cut any way you can to get it off the animal the quickest way possible.

The reasons behind this could be simple, just wanting to get the job done and you are by yourself and it is getting dark and you just know the crackling brush is a large bear coming to check out the smell of blood. CD3WD: A Mega-Reference for Homesteaders. If I could keep only one reference source in a post-apocalyptic world, I know which one I would choose. Before I fill you in on my choice, I’ll go ahead and declare that I’m not planning or preparing for “the apocalypse” or teotwawki.

I realize that if I am wrong I’ll just have to pay for my lack of foresight… This being said, having available almost all of the information needed to reconstruct a functioning society in Mad Maxx times is a pretty cool thing to consider. This would be the case even if I’m just looking at “how to’s” for a whole slew of things that today we have in place and take for granted. Camping Recipes & Easy Camping Meals.

The Silver Bullet: Making Your Own Colloidal Silver. Silver has been used medicinally and preventatively for centuries. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and Pliny the Elder, a Roman scholar, both wrote of the use of silver to treat wounds and prevent disease. Water, milk and vinegar were stored in silver containers to maintain freshness and prevent contamination since ancient times. Turn Mason Jars Into Nostalgic Oil Lamps. Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified. T R Y P T A M I N D . C O M. Heffter Research Institute. About Science and Consciousness Review (SCR)

Scientific Studies. Assessment and Rubrics. Excellent Videos Explaining BYOD for Teachers and Students. BYOD and/or BYOT are (a) trend that is making the news in different sectors including education. Bring Your Own Device/Technology is an initiative meant to increase students learning opportunities through technology. Given the importance of technology in today's learning and knowing that school districts do not always have the financial means to enable them to provide schools with the needed technology, some schools now are trying the BYOD strategy to compensate for this shortage of technology resources.

However, BYOD is not only about students bringing their own technology to school, it is rather a structured process of teaching and learning through the mediation of digital devices. There are rules and conventions students and teachers have to pay heed to in order to make the BYOD experience successful. Samples of Other Policies. 7 Ways To Sabotage Your Device Initiative. Why BYOD Makes Sense: Thinking Beyond a Standardized 1:1. BYOD TOOLS. 70 BYOT/BYOD Resources.