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Alex Abossein

Alex Abossein is the founder and the driving force behind Abossein Engineering which has garnered a considerable reputation over the years.

Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Review, Bellevue WA - Fire Protection Tips For New Home Construction. Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Industrial Ventilation – Alex Abossein. Manufacturing facilities are expected to meet health and safety norms laid down by organizations like ISO.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Industrial Ventilation – Alex Abossein

To ensure that all the necessary measures are met, many companies go for industrial ventilation systems. These help in capturing dust, smoke, vapor and other contaminants that may be harmful to employees. Industrial facilities have to take into account factors like internal and external environment, air regulation, air quality, and overall health benefits stated by Alex Abossein. Industrial ventilation systems provide a one stop solution to both problems. These are the following advantages for investing in an industrial ventilation system: Protection from Contaminants: Manufacturing facilities are prone to a variety of hazardous substances.

Economic efficiency: While one would think installing the system incurs more expenses, the reality is quite the opposite. Know the Facts Before Switching Irrigation Systems ~ Alex Abossein. We all are well aware that resource of water is reducing day by day and even you could face the scarcity of water at any moment of time.

Know the Facts Before Switching Irrigation Systems ~ Alex Abossein

So, in this case, you can consider a few facts that are related to the irrigation system that you could consider at the time when you are willing for sustainable irrigation method. In this manner, you will not only able to save the huge amount of water, but also get a better technique to utilize water for a longer period of time and making it available in harsh condition as well. Thus, these facts by Alex Abossein for the irrigating system could help you a lot: A New innovation for Irrigation Controllers enables you to control watering by zone and furthermore via season. Alex Abossein at Preemptive Love Coalition. Bellevue, WA, US Startup. About Alex Abossein – Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Bellevue, WA – Medium. Alex Abossein - Aljoya Thornton Place at Northgate. Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Review, Bellevue WA - The Importance of Lightning Protection.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Plumbing ~ Alex Abossein. No sooner the season changes than there are different problems related to plumbing that start in your organization building or in your locality building.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Plumbing ~ Alex Abossein

Evermore the complication also increases when you are dealing with commercial plumbing as these are professional skills and Tactic that are involved and could be carried out professional plumber itself. Given below are the following points provided by Alex Abossein that help you to follow certain preventative maintenance tips for commercial plumbing: Avoid Chemical Drain-Clearing Products Stopped up channels are the most widely recognized home pipes issue, and you can purchase chemicals to clear them. However, these items once in a while accomplish more mischief than great. Prevent Future Clogging According to Alex Abossein moved down water included weighting your waste pipes, focusing on them and shortening their life expectancy.

Reduce the Pressure Soften the Water. Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering in Bellevue WA. Construction work is a bit complex.

Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering in Bellevue WA

It requires quite amount of effort and technique to complete the work successful. Long term benefit is a crucial factor that is counted designing and planning the project. Structural engineers are hired for making the project successful. They are given special training on the respective domain. Structural engineering is an important part of the construction project. Union Gospel Mission New Center – Alex Abossein. Enveloped in a handsome, aesthetically welcoming new six story building, Union Gospel Mission’s Hope Place is a women and children’s shelter designed by our colleagues at Merrick Lentz Architect.

Union Gospel Mission New Center – Alex Abossein

Abossein Engineering is pleased to have provided the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire safety design for this renowned facility. Hope Place provides full recovery, transition and placement services for the homeless, and is currently housing 70 families in a secure, supportive environment. Currently, there are 3,000 women and children in the Seattle area without shelter, most of them fleeing domestic violence. And, because homelessness is not a symptom of a single cause, but usually a confluence of multiple factors, permanent transition to a healthy and sustainable life requires a complex system of support systems.

In addition to providing for basic needs like food and shelter, Hope Place also offers recovery services, life skills training, jobs skills training and counseling. Behance. Tips by Alex Abossein to Prepare and Evacuate for a Brush Fire ~ Alex Abossein - Abossein Engineering. Whenever there is heat, serious daylight and dry brush make the ideal situation for fire, and in case you're not cautious, you could get yourself gotten amidst a sudden fierce blaze.

Tips by Alex Abossein to Prepare and Evacuate for a Brush Fire ~ Alex Abossein - Abossein Engineering

With readiness, you won't need to stress over flames and guarantee the security of your home and family. Here are a few tips by Alex Abossein to help you get ready for brush fire such that no accident might take under any circumstances: Check your smoke detector Smoke indicators are a standout amongst the most vital parts of flame security. At the point when appropriately introduced and kept up, they assume an essential part in lessening demise and damage from a fire, allegedly cutting the odds of death in a fire sign. Store your valuables in a safe place If your home catches on fire, ensure you have all your essential reports, photographs, and assets in a protected place inside simple reach.

Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Bellevue, WA – Medium. Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Bellevue, WA. A well-designed green home construction requires consideration of several factors, which must be incorporated in the initial structuring stages.

Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Bellevue, WA

Using eco-friendly raw materials is an important management measure in the construction of green homes. This could include using high fly ash content cement instead of normal cement. Wood salvaged from old buildings and engineered wood can be used in constructing a green home. It is best to incorporate the green features during the construction phase suggested by Alex Abossein. Installation of a drip irrigation system instead of a sprinkler system is one such measure. Using Forest Stewardship Council (SFC) certified wood for all wooden fittings in the house is favorable to a greenhouse construction. Energy Benchmarking Becomes Law in Seattle – Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Bellevue, WA – Medium. Seattle’s Energy Disclosure Ordinance (#123226), which was signed into law by the mayor on February 4, 2010, imposes new regulations for owners of non-residential and multi-residential buildings located within the city.

Energy Benchmarking Becomes Law in Seattle – Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Bellevue, WA – Medium

The new ordinance will require building owners to provide “energy benchmarking reports” to the Director of Planning and Development using the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager system, or another equally rigorous system. These reports must not only be submitted to the city, but also for any tenants, prospective buyers, or lenders who ask for them.

According to Alex Abossein for owners of buildings of 50,000 sq ft or greater, the first report must be filed by April 1, 2011. Owners of multi-family buildings with five or more units, and homeowner associations for condominiums must file their reports by April 2012. Further, these reports are to be updated before April 1 annually. This will not only require due diligence from building owners, but tenants as well. Alex Abossein - Rainwater Harvesting Yields Multiple Benefits. Biography of Marc Bombenon ~ Marc Bombenon. A Mentor, Business advisor and a successful Chairman of Surecall Contact Center Ltd. would be enough to give a clear picture of Marc Bombenon.

Biography of Marc Bombenon ~ Marc Bombenon

With a score of years’ experience in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Marc has been rewarded with Award of excellence for nineteen consecutive years (1996-2014) by the Canadian Call Management Association. On behalf of running 24x7 for all 365 days of a year a prominent call center that is responsible for answering a phone call and reverting back to customer email as quick as possible. His services also include sales order desks, reservation lines, tier one help desk, emergency response and working alone check in lines, after hours business coverage, service dispatch in any type of industry, client care center, warranty processing and much more. New Designing Process for Construction ~ Alex Abossein - Abossein Engineering. With the passage of time techniques and perception of handling certain thing changes from time to time.

New Designing Process for Construction ~ Alex Abossein - Abossein Engineering

The reason could be the advancement of technologies and better mind to come up with good strategies. And the major example you could see in the field of construction, thus here are few points provided by Alex Abossein that could help you to get familiar with the new designing process for construction. Thus, while going with these points you will able to know what all changes that are required for your progress. Planning & Formulation Arranging exercises incorporate the groundbreaking strategy of the grounds, space, arranging and programming of existing and new offices, capital arranging and capital planning. Design Development Plan Development takes the plans settled upon in Preliminary Design and creates it with more detail. Construction Documents & Bidding Construction. Beating Tiger Pole.

Alex Abossein Aspects of Providing Engineering Services. Alex Abossein Is it possible that anyone could deny that engineering and the innovation that are being made till date not plays any role in their life? Obviously, this does not matter how far away you live in the jungle or most undeveloped area of the world. According to Alex Abossein engineering in itself has the very vast scope and future aspect thus one can fulfill all kinds of technical, mechanical, electrical, robotics and many more reforms. That could completely change the manner to tackle and deal different things, objects and other resources that are present around us. But, when it is concerned with the major innovation that has helped people to think and change according to the resources and with this Alex Abossein has turned to provide the futuristic algorithm to transform the ancient techniques and methods. Whether it’s related to power energy to a building or society or some electronic efforts for security.

Alex Abossein, Author at Abossein Engineering. Historically type VA wood portion of any construction had been limited to the maximum 4 levels of wood. In the past few years this condition has been changed to +5 stories of wood in Washington State along with a few other states such as Oregon. The tradeoff for this exception has been mainly provisions for additional criteria for automatic sprinkler systems and addition of pressurization fans to the main egress exit stairs that occupants will have to use to pass… Alex Abossein - Founder Of Abossein Engineering. Alex Abossein of Abossein Engineering Review, Bellevue WA - Basics of Restaurant Design. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Runway Projects – Alex Abossein – Medium. Abossein has been the Engineers of Choice on over 40 projects at the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island location. The following are a few of our successful Runway Projects that we have teamed with P & L General Contractors and Blue Mountain Electric.

Working at these locations requires careful study of the layout criteria for safe standards for airfields, landing zones, heliports / helipads, and related permanent facilities, as well as the navigational airspace surrounding these facilities. The success of each project is mainly credited to excellent synergy, expertise and management skills of the team members along with the superb cooperation of our NAVFAC’s partners. Repair Taxiway Charlie Lighting | NASWI, Oak Harbor, WA Our Electrical scope of this design-build project was to repair the airfield lighting system because the cables and lighting fixtures were at the end of their useful life and lighting fixtures had to be replaced with new energy efficient types. About Alex Abossein by Alex Abossein. Alex Abossein - Fire Protection. Alex Abossein - Civil Engg. Services of Abossein Engineering. About Innerfit’s Alex Abossein - InnerFit.

Master Alex lives martial arts as a way of life. Martial arts teach focus and fearlessness. Our deepest motivations and feelings originate from love or fear. And the eradication of this fear brings focus in your work or business as well as personal life.