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Alepo is an award-winning digital enablement and revenue management software company. Our future-ready, innovative products power operations and billing for digital service providers, including fixed and mobile telcos.

How operators can leverage network slicing for 5G monetization. Mobile communication technology has been driving digitization and is now an essential pillar across industries such as manufacturing, automobile, retail, supply chain, transport, healthcare, and more.

How operators can leverage network slicing for 5G monetization

Different business verticals have varying needs: one sector could require high-bandwidth communication, another may demand ultra-reliable communication, while a third needs extremely low-latency communication. The ideal 5G network will fulfill these diverse requirements at the same time, and this is possible through network slicing. It is theoretically possible to build multiple dedicated networks where each is customized to support the needs of one type of business customer, but this is economically unviable. The most efficient approach is to segment a single physical network into multiple logical networks, each catering to unique service needs.

This technique is called network slicing. From the end-user perspective, the network slice serves as a normal mobile network. Top 5 ways telcos can adapt to the virtual cultural shift. Telecommunications today is more essential than ever.

Top 5 ways telcos can adapt to the virtual cultural shift

Data and mobility have taken on a pivotal role across sectors like healthcare, education, transportation, smart cities, oil and gas, utilities, and more. Now, there is unprecedented demand on networks with cultural shifts due to the pandemic. Given the unpredictability of the future, and with many companies considering the possibility of permanently adopting remote work, the focus is directed to network contingency plans. One thing is clear: service providers with digitally advanced systems will adapt more easily to this cultural shift. Alepo Mobile Money. Why every telco’s CX strategy should include omnichannel self-care. What do customers want?

Why every telco’s CX strategy should include omnichannel self-care

How to tackle NFV AAA deployment challenges. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) helps service providers transform deployment and operational processes.

How to tackle NFV AAA deployment challenges

The maturing of NFV means that AAA can now be deployed virtually – a game-changer that optimizes resource utilization and network operations. From our experience in deploying virtualized AAA (vAAA), we’ve noticed there are some frequently occurring challenges. The good news is, we’ve also identified how to address them. Conventional hardware infrastructure deployments mean the installation of application-specific servers or appliances on the customer’s premises.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology introduces a well-defined cloud architecture that eliminates the bind between application and physical server by virtualizing network services. Deploying virtualized network functions (VNFs) reduces the need to maintain vendor-specific or customized physical infrastructure. Efficiency Scalability Reliability NFV reduces dependence on dedicated infrastructure. High Circulation Ratio Is Key to Mobile Money Profitability — Here’s How to Improve It. Easy Management of Subscriber Data. Mobile Wallets Are the Piggy Banks of the Future. Billing Mediation Platform. National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) Marshall Islands partnered with Alepo for its large-scale IT transformation project.

Billing Mediation Platform

NTA implemented Alepo’s fully convergent BSS platform for a unified billing and charging solution, along with its mediation system, for its new 4G LTE and WiFi services and existing 2G, PSTN, ADSL, and IPTV services. The deployment was aimed at helping NTA gain the ability to quickly launch services and digitalize the customer experience. Read the news release. Telecom Niue experienced wide adoption of its LTE/4G services immediately after launch. In fact, within the first month, the operator onboarded more than 50% of the island’s population. How digital BSS can be turned into a telecom business profit generator. Omnichannel Self-Care. Customers today want to self-manage their accounts, using their preferred social platforms and apps.

Omnichannel Self-Care

They will remain loyal to a service provider that delivers a simple, interactive, seamless, personalized, digital, omnichannel self-care experience. And while modern automated self-care is a customer-focused offering, it offers just as many benefits for operators. It significantly reduces costs, eases customer account management, enables personalized services, and much more. Delivering Service Innovation with Convergent Billing and Charging. Delivering Service Innovation with Convergent Billing Charging.

Telecom operators, in the past, relied solely on fixed-line services for generating revenue.

Delivering Service Innovation with Convergent Billing Charging

The industry has since taken great strides. Operators have developed various innovative services that empower customers to look beyond voice and SMS and explore streaming video, maps, music, and many more data applications. The opportunities created for customers have enabled operators to plunge into new services. Today, quality customer experience plays a major role in generating revenue. In this customer-centric era, operators are driven to promote timely personalized offers and deals at attractive price ranges. ISP offers are simple because that is what customers have traditionally demanded from ISPs. Even as mobile plans continue to evolve and become increasingly more unique, the majority of internet service providers (ISPs) in the world are still offering the same plans they were offering 20 years ago: flat-rate, monthly plans with a specific QoS (bandwidth speed) and unlimited data.

ISP offers are simple because that is what customers have traditionally demanded from ISPs.

ISP offers are simple because that is what customers have traditionally demanded from ISPs. The customers seem happy with what they are receiving, and ISPs don’t see any reason to fix what isn’t broken. However, internet usage has changed, as the adoption of streaming and other over-the-top (OTT) apps continue to increase. Why ISP's Need Data Monetization. Top five telecom trends to expect in 2021. 2020 has been transformative for businesses around the world; years of digitalization happened within months and service providers were the backbone of this change.

Top five telecom trends to expect in 2021

Top five telecom trends to expect in 2021. Native WiFi Calling Gaining Ground on VoIP WiFi calling. Making calls over WiFi is no new thing to us.

Native WiFi Calling Gaining Ground on VoIP WiFi calling

It’s hard to even remember the days before online video and chat OTT services like Skype and WhatsApp. However, what was once an experience distinct from cell phone calling, requiring separate software and logins is now becoming integrated into standard cellular service, altering how people make their WiFi calls. The Early Days of Native VoWiFi Apple’s iPhone started the change. When FaceTime launched 7 years ago, the shift started to happen almost overnight. Native WiFi Calling Gaining Ground on OTT Calling. How A Centralized Product Catalog Revolutionizes BSS offerings. With a growing demand for smartphones and other data-hungry devices in the digital era, offering customers the right products at the right time remains a challenge for CSPs. It can be difficult for CSPs to create, manage and monetize data offers efficiently. Despite having a variety of products, many fail to respond to the growing needs of customers in an ever-changing marketplace due to unconsolidated Business Support Systems (BSS), a poorly integrated order management system, and multiple product catalogs.

How a Centralized Product Catalog Revolutionizes a Telco’s BSS Offerings. Top six ways AI and CX automation revolutionize telcos. Top six ways AI and CX automation revolutionize telcos. It’s no secret that customer experience (CX) is emerging as the key differentiator for service providers: a Gartner study reports that over two-thirds of marketers say their companies compete primarily on CX. And two modern technologies are facilitating richer and more advanced CX than ever before: artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Automation, on the other hand, enables repetitive tasks to run with limited to no human intervention through preset programming. How Partnerships Are the Key to 5G Success for Telcos. The proliferation of smart devices and high-speed internet has revolutionized the telecommunications sector, and the advent of 5G is further bolstering this transformation. Earlier, telecoms mainly partnered with other operators to share their networks, data, messaging and voice services through wholesales agreements, but these partnerships have evolved considerably over the years.

In order for 5G to be a commercial success for telcos, more advanced partner models will need to be supported for all of the new use cases and devices that are envisioned for the network. Today, a modern partner management solution for 5G success enables the convergence of partners across multiple sectors and caters to highly diverse needs.

Why every telco’s CX strategy should include omnichannel self-care. 5G Core (5GC) Network Solutions. 5G promises ultra-speed connectivity, improved bandwidth, and higher reliability with its next-gen use cases. 5G NA may be an immediate means to implement 5G, but 5G SA deployment unlocks the complete benefits of next-gen technology in the long run. Read the blog Why 5G standalone core needs to be on every operator’s roadmap to know why 5G SA should be the end goal for operators. 5G SA and 5G NSA bring numerous advantages to operators, each with its own structural and functional benefits. NSA architecture (5G new radio along with 4G-LTE EPC) is an immediate step to begin the transition.

However, SA remains the ultimate path for full 5G. How Partnerships Are the Key to 5G Success for Telcos. Authentication, Authorization, Accounting Server. Upgrading to the latest Alepo Digital BSS and Alepo AAA helped Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) modernize its fixed data services, making significant improvements to its billing, charging, and authentication systems. The operator is now able to launch offers based on fair usage policies and time, as well as the introduction of web support using Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care enables users to purchase data add-ons. Read the news release. Alepo's Private 5G Solution. CSP to DSP: A Journey of Transformation. Alepo Omnichannel Self-Care. Blockchain and the Future of Mobile Money.

As the hype dissipates around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin the question remains: what relevance does the underlying blockchain technology have in an increasingly digitized world? Mobile money has relied on traditional modes of establishing trust: you trust a mobile operator to take your cash in return for a digital representation of that cash, the government trusts the operator to maintain liquidity, the operator trusts the bank to retain that liquidity, and so forth.

This model of trust was enough to support the explosive growth of mobile financial services, but will it be enough to sustain it? Alepo's 5G-Ready Digital BSS. 6 Ways to Monetize Free WiFi Using a Captive Portal. Blockchain and the Future of Mobile Money. 6 Ways to Monetize Free WiFi Using a Captive Portal. WiFi Calling vs. WiFi Offload. WiFi Calling vs. WiFi Offload - key benefits of WiFi calling for operators. While on a call the other day, it occurred to me that even highly knowledgeable people in the telecommunications industry have a difficult time deciphering the differences between WiFi calling and WiFi offload. Top 7 benefits digital BSS delivers, now and in 5G. Network Services. Telecom OSS/BSS Transformation. 5G provides the massive potential for data innovation, and an effective digital BSS stack helps transform the customer experience to help realize 5G success. Why 5G standalone core needs to be on every operator’s roadmap.

5G SA vs 5G NSA deployment: What are the differences. Alepo's 5G-Ready Digital BSS. Role of AAA in 5G and the IoT Ecosystem. Evolution of the Mobile Network According to a report from the GSMA, the number of fifth-generation (5G) users worldwide is expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2025, which is 15 percent of the global total. 5G means a significant upgrade from the last generation of mobile networks. Digital Business Support System (BSS) Enterprise IoT Billing Solution. Operations Support System. Network Functions Virtualization: Basics to Benefits. With rising competition from operators and OTT players, the major differentiator for telecommunications service providers today is delivering disruptive and innovative services.

Envisioning Private 5G Success with Compact Core.