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3D printing luxury watches: ALB & Sculpteo - Sculpteo Blog. From the beginning, Vincent Candellé-Tuheille and Simon-Pierre Delord, founders of the brand, had the same approach: “ We wanted to create upmarket designs, using high quality components, such as Swiss movement, or great quality interlocking parts.

3D printing luxury watches: ALB & Sculpteo - Sculpteo Blog

It was essential to find a harmonization between art, craft and technology. The brand universe gradually found its way, but 3D printing quickly became an obvious choice”. Having both 3D modeling background, the designers knew it offers great liberty of creation. Which was essential for their watches. . “ 3D printing allows us to model up, and work the matter without constraints.

Now, they use 3D printed components to produce all of their watches. If you want to learn more about their adventure take a look at the watches available, or at their website. Vincent Candelle Thueille Simon Pierre Delord. Microsoft envisage une imprimante 3D d'objets électroniques ! Vidéo : Microsoft envisage une imprimante 3D d’objets électroniques !

Microsoft envisage une imprimante 3D d'objets électroniques !

Pourra-t-on un jour imprimer soit-même son smartphone ou sa montre connectée, sans rien comprendre à l'électronique ? Impression 3D : un plâtre équipé d'un dispositif à ultrasons. OSTEOID.

Impression 3D : un plâtre équipé d'un dispositif à ultrasons

Réparer les fractures osseuses près de 40% plus rapidement qu’avec un plâtre classique ? Open High Resolution Stereolithography, For Everyone. By Justin Hawkins Stereolithography has been around for years.

Open High Resolution Stereolithography, For Everyone

The art of taking uncured liquid resin and pulling out solid objects, while amazing, is not itself a new technology. In fact, its origin dates back to the seventies. Why then has such an amazing technology that has immense potential been so inaccessible to the general public? Stereolithographic printers cost upwards of up to 200,000 dollars for printers the size of a compact car. For the past year, the team of Pryntech has been working on an open hardware design for a high resolution stereolithographic printer.

When the inventors were designing the printer, they put a lot of thought into where the hardware of this printer should come from. The printer runs off existing open source software used by existing FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers. By keeping the design of the printer open, Pryntech is encouraging others to push the technology even further. Australian police using 3D scanner to map crime scenes in minutes. Feb.17, 2014 Police in the Australian state of Queensland has started using a handheld laser scanner to capture data and create a 3D map of a crime scene, including in areas where there is no GPS reception.

Australian police using 3D scanner to map crime scenes in minutes

The police use the Australian developed Zebedee laser scanner, a LiDAR scanner that has been in use across the world since 2010, primarily for environmental and architectural purposes, such as creating the first 3D map of the interior of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Police will use the handheld Zebedee laser scanner to quickly generate 3D imagery of areas. Because the device doesn't rely on GPS, it can be used to map crime scenes in indoor locations and rough, natural terrain. In a paper published in 2012 Michael Bosse, Robert Zlot, and Paul Flick from the CSIRO outlines the design of the Zebedee: the Zebedee comprises "a 2D time-of-flight laser range scanner rigidly coupled to an inertial measurement unit and mounted on a spring.

" Topolabs réinvente la vrai impression en 3 dimensions. New photos of 10 'green' 3D-printed houses in Shanghai, built in 24 hours. April 14, 2014 In a first, a Chinese company has advanced the science of 3D printing by printing 10 houses entirely out of recycled materials, in just under a day.

New photos of 10 'green' 3D-printed houses in Shanghai, built in 24 hours

Earlier this month after we posted "10 completely 3D printed houses appear in Shanghai, built under a day", some commentors are complaining that the 3D printed house looks strange and that isn't real 3D printing. We don't see what their problem is. The parts, such as frame, wall were printed separately. The parts dry quickly and can then be used to assemble to a complete house. This week the company behind the 3D-printed houses, Shanghai WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co revealed more photos showing off the concept. Impression 3D : 24 heures pour fabriquer 10 maisons à 4300 € pièce. 24 heures.

Impression 3D : 24 heures pour fabriquer 10 maisons à 4300 € pièce

C'est le temps qu'il aura fallu à une immense imprimante 3D pour construire 10 maisons dans la ville de Shanghai. 3D Food Impression. Foodini est une imprimante alimentaire 3D qui permet de réaliser de la nourriture ressemblant à n’importe quelle cuisine.

3D Food Impression

Un appareil conçu pour être utilisé tous les jours, pour une cuisine sucrée ou salée combinant la technologie de la nourriture, l’art et la conception. Le tout est à découvrir en photos et vidéo. Foodini 3D. Pomme de terre violette. Viande hamburger. Impression viande. Hamburger ouvert. Impression fromage. Fish and chips. Impression pâte à pizza. Impression sauce pizza. Studio Under develops a large & fast ceramic 3D printer. April 3, 2014 Studio Under, a design and research studio based in Israel, claimed that they have built the largest ceramic 3D printer ever made.

Studio Under develops a large & fast ceramic 3D printer

Founded in 2012 by Eran Gal-Or, Liat Akerman and Omer Merzel, Holon Institute of Technology grads, Studio Under focus on designing and printing ceramic products and selling them world-wide. Une pizza imprimée en 3D. Scott Summit’s Beautiful Artificial Limbs. Scott Summit is an industrial designer with 20 years of experience in making design for humans.

Scott Summit’s Beautiful Artificial Limbs

He gave an amazing talk at TEDxCambridge last november that is now online. Scott Summit is designing prosthetics legs using 3D printing. He is harnessing the power of 3D modelization and 3D printing technologies to create prosthetics legs that are totally personal. Credit photos: Bespoke. Une imprimante 3D fabrique des objets en verre. Un objet en pâte de verre, d'abord dessiné sur écran et ensuite réalisé par l'ordinateur. © University of Washington. About uck. Dreambox, un distributeur d'objets imprimés en 3D. Mataerial. Imprimantes 3D à La Poste: 4 heures d'attente pour avoir sa coque iPhone.