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Clara Alonso Blog

Finally tomorrow’s last day of the week for many ( not for me this time I have to work over the weekend as well like some of you too unfortunately i’m sure… ) This week I decided to sign up for some amazing classes that take place in a gym near my home, i used to walk by every day and i had tremendous curiosity about it, everyday i was seeing people make some very complicated postures while they were suspended in the air by a cloth … so i decided to go and check it out by myself to get to know a bit more about this unknown practice for myself… The technique is called ” Antigravity Yoga” . Today i’m wearing a trench from H & M new collection that is very versatile as it can also be used as a dress like i do.

Today i’m posting also some photos from “Antigravity Yoga” classes so you guys can check it out if not knowing about it like me :) Patricia Conde Blog. El ataque de los clones... modiles!!