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New York

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Yoga clothes & running gear for sweaty workouts. Target First Saturday Caribbean Heritage 2015. Join us for Target First Saturdays and enjoy engaging and eclectic free art and entertainment programs every month (except September), from 5 to 11 p.m.

Target First Saturday Caribbean Heritage 2015

Our new B Café offers artist-created sandwiches, as well as salads, sweets, and a variety of beverages. Parking is a flat rate of $6 starting at 5 p.m. (All other Saturdays, we close at 6 p.m.) Some Target First Saturday activities take place in smaller and more intimate locations in the Museum, so you’ll need a ticket for those programs. Ticket lines often form 30 minutes before tickets are distributed at the Admissions Desk. SummerStage. The Wiz: A Celebration in Dance and Music / Master Class: Darrin Henson August 13 @ 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm George Faison, internationally celebrated producer, writer, composer, director, choreographer and dancer, made history in 1975 when he became the first African American to win a Tony Award for Best Choreography for The Wiz.


In honor of the Broadway hit’s 40th anniversary this year, Faison will present performances of original songs and dances from the show. Mr. Faison also heads the Faison Firehouse Theater in Central Harlem, which he founded in 2000 along with Tad Schnugg.The Firehouse is a technologically advanced theater where Mr. QUE HACER EN NYC, SIN GASTAR UN SOLO DOLAR? Marshalls - brand name and designer fashion for the entire family. 5 tips for finding the perfect summer travel shoes. Several weeks ago, I began a search for the perfect summer travel shoes.

5 tips for finding the perfect summer travel shoes

Good travelers know that shoes take up way too much packing space, so it was important in my endeavors to search for that one pair that could do it all, without leaving bleeding blisters to contend with. One challenge for the summer, however, is finding sturdy, comfortable shoes that are fashionable, can be worn without socks, and can transition from a walking tour to a sit-down dinner.

Many suggestions were made, lots of shoes were tried, and now I have the results of my often painstaking, blister-inducing research. Below are five tips for finding the perfect summer travel shoes with my final recommendation for the one. 1. Suede and soft leather mold to the foot rather than rub against it. As an example, I wore the Merrells pictured below for a two-mile walk for coffee. Merrell’s Mimosa Emme Mary Jane are cute, but they rubbed some of the worst blisters I’ve received all summer. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ecco’s Yucatan Sandal. Grand Central Partnership. The Grand Central Partnership offers a free, weekly, no-reservations-required, award-winning walking tour of the Grand Central neighborhood, that provides a survey of many of the architecturally and historically significant sights – among them the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal, itself and Pershing Square – that fall within the boundaries of our business improvement district.

Grand Central Partnership

Come discover the architecture and social history of Midtown East with urban historians Peter Laskowich and Madeleine Levi. Participants on this 90-minute guided walking tour will learn the secrets of the Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Terminal; gaze upon the hubcaps and the roadsters on the side of the Chrysler Building; discover the favorite Midtown Manhattan hangout of Mercury, Hercules, and Minerva; learn why Pershing Square isn’t really square; circle the globe in a matter of seconds like Superman; and visit the original Lincoln Memorial by Daniel Chester French. The 10 Best Wireless Speakers. Wireless speakers have exploded in popularity, and nearly every major consumer electronics vendor has a cord-cutting model of some sort.

The 10 Best Wireless Speakers

Shake Shack. Fruit Spreads - Preserves & Marmalade. Preserves Products (Total Items: 24) Blood Orange Marmalade Blueberry Cherry Preserves.

Fruit Spreads - Preserves & Marmalade

Welcome to Sbarro. 89 E 42nd Street, New York, NY. 10017. Treasures of New York - THIRTEEN - New York Public Media. Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Balthazar Restaurant. Broadway Tickets. Mexican Grill: Gourmet Burritos and Tacos. Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations - New York City Visitors Guide. Online Eyeglasses & Sunglasses - $95 Rx Glasses. Lo mejor, lo gratis y lo barato: tu guia de NY. East Village restaurant guide: The best places to eat now. DBGB Kitchen and Bar Chef Daniel Boulud doesn’t do decent, so-so or almost great.

East Village restaurant guide: The best places to eat now

Even as he branches out around the world—with outlets in Palm Beach, Beijing and Vancouver—the perfectionist chef is forever tinkering with even his most venerable spots. Which is why it’s hardly surprising to discover that the food and service at DBGB—his first project downtown—are improving week after week. Though the affable dean of New York’s French cookery installed protg Jim Leiken to run his most populist venture, expect to find Boulud haunting the dining room until everything’s right. The manic Bowery brasserie is fast becoming a very good restaurant, but Monsieur Boulud must surely have noticed that there’s still much work to be done.

Timeout. The Official New York City Guide / Mesas de Nueva York - 17.05.2015. Free Museum Days or Pay What You Wish - NYC-ARTS. Seinfeld, guía en Nueva York - 09.08.2015. The New York Times.- Ciertamente no es un secreto que Seinfeld, quizá la comedia más neoyorquina en la historia reciente de la televisión, fue filmada en Los Ángeles.

Seinfeld, guía en Nueva York - 09.08.2015

Eso no impide que una multitud de fanáticos llegue a Manhattan para ver si realmente pueden ordenar una gran ensalada en el restaurante de Jerry Seinfeld. Ahora, con el debut de esta serie en el servicio de streaming Hulu, lugares que son sinónimo de la era Seinfeld podrían ver un aumento en su demanda por parte de los nostálgicos. Los mejores planes para un viaje a Nueva YorkLos mejores planes para un viaje a Nueva York - La guía de Mejores Planes para un Viaje a Nueva York: es un blog con muchos consejos prácticos y concretos para preparar su viaje a Nueva York (reservaciones, des.

Big Apple Greeter - A Free Welcome-Visitor Service from NYC Volunteers. Guia turística de Nueva York - Inicio.