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DIY Bio-LOGIC 2-day workshop. Living Structures and Swarm Bodies What happens when living organisms grow on designed structures made of organic, super fertile material, shaped by you?

DIY Bio-LOGIC 2-day workshop

A workshop where you create a design, print using a hacked 3D printer and organic material, which is a fertile breeding ground for a slime mould - see how the mold grows and redefines the shape of your structure. During this two-day workshop you will develop and potentially print your own generative pattern, which will be eventually colonized by an incredibly intelligent organism: the slime mold Physarum polycephalum. Untitled. Exceso vegetal. 52 Spectacular Pictures of Jellyfish. Stunning Images of Herds from Above [PICS] Stunning Images of Herds from Above [PICS] featured” /> Image: Yann Arthus-Bertrand via MMM Though the term “herd behaviour” today is most often used when talking about financial markets, it originally described individuals in a group acting together without direction – for example an animal herd fleeing from a predator.

When seen from above, animal herds seem to follow intricate and intriguing patterns. The large flock of sheep in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, in the picture above, seems to form a heart shape, with a hole at the bottom from where the herder is driving the animals in a particular direction. Animals form herds for protection because a group is less likely to be attacked than a single animal. Google Map of herd of wildebeests. Herd of Hippos. The Making of a Mind-Blowing DIY Sun Photo.

This stunning portrait of the sun spread like hot plasma all over the internet yesterday.

The Making of a Mind-Blowing DIY Sun Photo spoke with artist and astrophotographer Alan Friedman to find out how he made it. Friedman shoots the sky from his backyard in downtown Buffalo, New York. Storage - Comb Jellyfish. Storage - Beautiful Underwater Photography by Alexander Semenov. Storage - Staring into the Beautiful Cold-Blooded Eyes of Reptiles. Storage - Ricordea - Coral at the New England Aquarium. Storage - Out of this World Coral Photography. Nature is a superb way of finding natural and unique inspiration.

storage - Out of this World Coral Photography

It refreshes our mind and gives us something to think about in new and exciting ways. I’m a huge fan of character illustration, especially monsters and aliens. Storage - The beauty of pollination. Storage - UHS: Animal Diversity. Science Images from PSmicrographs. Storage - Sociable wasps have an eye for faces. At first glance, we might think that all wasps look the same.

storage - Sociable wasps have an eye for faces

But if you look closer at the face of a paper wasp Polistes fuscatus, you’ll see a variety of distinctive markings. Each face has its own characteristic splashes of red, black, ochre and yellow, and it’s reasonably easy to tell individuals apart. And that’s exactly what the wasps can do. Electron Microscope Images - FEI Image Gallery - FEI. Torilis Arensis Courtesy of Pat Kysar Product: SEMTorilis arvensis is commonly known as Spreading Hedge Parsley.

Electron Microscope Images - FEI Image Gallery - FEI

The plants grow up to 3 feet in height with tiny flowers clustered in small flat-topped umbels. T. arvensis fruit (schizocarp) measure 4-6mm and usually hold 2-4 individual seeds (mericarps). Magnificent Marine Algae Blooms Seen From Space. When microscopic marine organisms known as phytoplankton multiply into a dense population at the ocean’s surface, massive blooms can spread so far that they can only be seen from space.

Magnificent Marine Algae Blooms Seen From Space

These algal blooms create beautiful patterns that can stretch for hundreds of miles and trace the ocean’s swirling currents. Phytoplankton are the foundation of the ocean food web and are critical to the health of nearly everything that lives there. Photographie/Thèmes/La nature. Mechanism of MAKA fushigi.