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The Power of Perception: Leadership, EQ and Gender. Women now account for more than half of the U.S. workforce and outpace men in the number of bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The Power of Perception: Leadership, EQ and Gender

Despite these achievements, only 4 percent of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are women. Given these statistics, a shift to a more gender-balanced senior management should be a reasonable, expected outcome. In addition, we know that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a key driver of both work and life success. EQ assessments have found women and men to be equally emotionally intelligent, but strong in different areas considered gender-specific—and these differences affect the perception of women leaders. Camping World $25 Coupon - Save $25 on Ultra Guards – 94″W x 16″H for Motorhomes at Camping World.

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Camping World $25 Coupon - Save $25 on Ultra Guards – 94″W x 16″H for Motorhomes at Camping World

31 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Boost Sales. Are you using social media to market and promote your business?

31 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Boost Sales

Still finding that your sales and conversion results are less than stellar? You’re not alone. Social selling is a common business challenge. Verizon Coupons For Existing Customers, $100 Promo Code. How to Get Verizon Wireless Coupons?

Verizon Coupons For Existing Customers, $100 Promo Code

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Clinton Aims to Reframe 2016 Debate, Attacks Trump in Speech. <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div> The speech that Hillary Clinton delivered on Thursday was the one that many Democrats had been waiting for.

Clinton Aims to Reframe 2016 Debate, Attacks Trump in Speech

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign even at Truckee Meadows Community College on August 25, 2016 in Reno, Nevada. (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) It was a blistering attack on Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric that left no gaffe or alleged dog-whistle unmentioned, framing him as a vessel for hate speech, a champion of conspiracy theories, and a representative of the far-right fringe of the Republican Party. Race has long been an unsettling undercurrent of the 2016 presidential race. Coupon Code 30 Off, Coupons 20% Free Shipping. How to save using Coupons? Coupon Code 30 Off, Coupons 20% Free Shipping

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Principles Every Successful Social Media Marketer Follows

But have you ever wondered what makes them so successful? What is it about the habits, personality and skill of a successful social media marketer that sets them apart? Is it their social media savvy, intellect, drive and passion? Or maybe their willingness to keep pushing forward, even amidst setback? Colorful Images 20 Off And Free Shipping Coupons, Promo Codes. When is the Best Time to Shop with Colorful Images Coupons?

Colorful Images 20 Off And Free Shipping Coupons, Promo Codes

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20 Best Website Builders for Small Business Websites

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How the Facebook News Feed Works: Changes Marketers Need to Know : Social Media Examiner

Wondering how Facebook decides what to show in the news feed? In this article you’ll discover how the Facebook news feed algorithm works, what’s been updated, and how marketers can respond to create more visibility on Facebook. Discover what marketers need to know about changes to the Facebook news feed. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download #1: Facebook Prioritizes Content Topics in the News Feed Based on the Time a User Spends on Similar Content Previously, Facebook said it wouldn’t give higher organic reach to instant articles in the news feed.

According to Facebook’s first post on the change, Facebook will now use time spent reading or watching content as a signal that a particular story was important to the user. Here’s how you can use time spent viewing to your advantage: You can do this a couple of different ways. Pacsun Coupons 20% Off. How else can I save money with Pacsun Coupons?

Pacsun is one of the popular online stores for young people, men’s and women’s. 14 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by the Pros : Social Media Examiner. Are you looking for new social media marketing tools? Do you want to know which tools today’s social media professionals recommend? It’s not always easy to know which tools are worth checking out or how to use them. We asked 15 top social media marketers to share the tools they find most useful right now.

In this article you’ll discover 14 tools to add to your social media marketing toolbox and why you should consider using them. Find 14 social media marketing tools recommended by the pros. #1: Quill Engage for Automatic Google Analytics Reports Ian Cleary Google Analytics is full of valuable information, but sometimes there’s too much data to sift through. Quill Engage is a free tool that connects with your Google Analytics account and emails you a weekly summary of your data. But what makes Quill Engage stand out is that it uses an artificial intelligence engine to process the information and deliver it to you as if somebody wrote a report explaining all of the important information. 1. Entirely Pets Coupon 20% Off Codes 30% Free Shipping.

What are the top EntirelyPets Coupons? The entire online store of entirely pets is obviously dedicated for all cute and little pets. Whenever shop with entirelypets coupon 20% off online codes get pretty deals and extraordinary savings. Even you can easily achieve free shipping which includes 15% off discounts on selected pet supplies through only online. US military's robotic submarine hunter completes first tests at sea. The ocean's newest predator, a robotic ship designed to help the U.S. military hunt enemy submarines, has completed its first tests at sea. Called the "Sea Hunter," the 132-foot (40 meters) unmanned vessel is still getting its figurative sea legs, but the performance tests off the coast of San Diego have steered the project on a course to enter the U.S. Navy's fleet by 2018, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the branch of the U.S.

Department of Defense responsible for developing new technologies for the military. The Sea Hunter "surpassed all performance objectives for speed, maneuverability, stability, seakeeping, acceleration/deceleration and fuel consumption," representatives from Leidos, the company developing the Sea Hunter, said in a statement. The autonomous submarine-hunting ship was christened in April, and is part of a DARPA initiative to expand the use of artificial intelligence in the military.

Rhone Coupons 50% Off, Promo Codes Sale 2016. Jeffrey Katzenberg snatches office space on Sunset Blvd. Silver Rush Style Coupons 25% Off Discount Codes. Amazon wants to turn street lights and even church steeples into drone docking stations. Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service, if it ever gets off the ground, could one day use the top of street lights, cell towers, and even church steeples as docking stations for its flying machine.

The stations would serve as charging points for the drones, enabling them to stop off at multiple points for a battery boost thereby giving them a much greater flying range. Such a system could, in theory, open up pretty much the whole of the country to the possibility of drone delivery, as a single drone could hop from point to point on its way to an address. The docking stations could also shelter the drones from harsh weather conditions that may develop after they leave the distribution center to begin their delivery run. The new ideas are outlined in a patent awarded this month by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the title, “Multi-use UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) docking station systems and methods.”

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