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Israel missile defense

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Israel Seizes Iranian Rockets—and Pounces on Tehran for ‘Supplying Terrorists’ The Buk that brought down MH17 is the high-tech equivalent of the ubiquitous AK-47.

Israel Seizes Iranian Rockets—and Pounces on Tehran for ‘Supplying Terrorists’

Its predecessor sparked an international crisis and almost started World War III. Hamas Has Already Won Its Rocket War With Israel. The Muslim world’s turned upside down.

Hamas Has Already Won Its Rocket War With Israel

Washington must forge new alliances to meet the jihadi challenge. One of its partners should be Iran. Six hundred years of Mideast history are now fully and finally shredding. The political structures established by the Ottoman Turks in the 1500s, especially in Iraq and Syria, have crumbled. The colonial influences and Western ways that once widely pervaded Muslim societies now reside mainly in individuals. The Mideast is being dismembered by fanatics who would enslave women and bind men’s minds to a nightmarish code of conduct, by the deeply embedded corruption and inefficiency of rulers and governments historically favored by Washington, and by the ancient battle between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

There is no brilliant policy that can soon reverse these horrific tides. The beginning of wisdom for Americans is to realize that the Arab world is tumbling through an earthquake, and that no mere policy can stop it, let alone shape it. Why Israel's Interceptors Can Stop Syrian Missiles — And Why It Attacked Anyway. Israel’s Arrow-2 interceptor, fired during a 2004 test.

Why Israel's Interceptors Can Stop Syrian Missiles — And Why It Attacked Anyway

Photo: Wikimedia Israel may have attacked targets in Syria — and risked a wider war — to stop ballistic missiles from falling into the hands of Islamic extremists. Israel’s Iron Dome Fails to Intercept Eilat Rockets - Pale Moon. The Zionist entity’s vaunted Iron Dome anti-missile system failed to intercept at least two rockets fired from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Israel’s Iron Dome Fails to Intercept Eilat Rockets - Pale Moon

The two rockets hit the occupied Red Sea resort town of Eilat early on Wednesday with no casualties reported. Israeli military sources said the vaunted Iron Dome anti-missile system, which was recently deployed around Eilat, did not engage to intercept the rockets. "We've found two explosion sites in the city, we've also closed off the airport as a precaution," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP, saying one landed in "an open area close to one of the neighborhoods. " He said the sirens had sounded but that there were no initial reports of casualties. "Bomb disposal experts are searching the area," Rosenfeld said.The military spokesman said both rockets had struck open areas.

"There were two rockets fired from Sinai, both landed in open spaces," he said.Later on, Israeli website, Haaretz, reported that the airport in Eilat reopened. Israel deploys Iron Dome to counter Sinai threat. Iron Dome effective but more are needed. In all-out war, Israel needs a multi-layer defense system including the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3, Magic Wand and Iron Dome.

Iron Dome effective but more are needed

In the Second Lebanon War, Israel could only dream of a missile interception system like Iron Dome. In that war, Hezbollah was able to kill an average of one Israeli for every 75 Katyusha rockets. An analysis by missile expert Uzi Rubin of the latest round of fighting between the IDF and the terrorist organizations in Gaza, when Iron Dome was deployed, found that it took an average of 375 rockets to kill one Israeli - a fivefold reduction in fatalities. Rubin reached this conclusion after calculating the number of successful interceptions of rockets and taking into account the number of rockets that fell in residential areas and were not intercepted by Iron Dome for various reasons. Grad and Kassam rockets, Rubin points out, are not a very accurate weapon and far from every rocket fired on residential areas causes fatalities or even any damage. Not a dress rehearsal. Israel to US: We Need Four Iron Dome Batteries. ( hlul ayt ews gency) - Although the words of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at the beginning of the week were, "We need more taxes for more batteries of Iron Dome", yet it seems that he funding source is completely different.

Walla news has been reported on Wednesday that the Ministry of Defense quoted a request to the U.S. administration to allocate one extra billion shekels to "Israeli" defense systems. According to the request, NIS 700 million earmarked for the purchase of four Iron Dome batteries and an additional NIS 300 million budget for the system "Magic wand", which aims to protect "Israel" from middle range and naval missiles. U.S., Israel map out joint missile plan. Continues Aid to Israeli Missile Defense Effort. PrintShareEmailTwitterFacebookLinkedIn The United States yesterday inked a deal to continue support for development of an Israeli defense system against short-range ballistic missiles, the U.S.

Continues Aid to Israeli Missile Defense Effort

Missile Defense Agency announced (see GSN, Aug. 4). The David's Sling system is also intended to counter cruise missiles and heavy rockets. The latest U.S. -Israeli cooperation deal falls under a 2008 joint ballistic missile defense development agreement. The new agreement covers additional preparation of the Stunner Interceptor, which is designed to target aerial threats traveling at lower altitudes between ranges of 44 and 155 miles (see GSN, May 21, 2009). Israel to Complete Missile Defenses in Five Years. PrintShareEmailTwitterFacebookLinkedIn Israel expects to field a comprehensive missile defense system within five years, Reuters reported Monday (see GSN, Sept. 28).

Israel to Complete Missile Defenses in Five Years

The time line matches Jerusalem's estimate for Iran's potential acquisition of a nuclear-weapon capability (see GSN, Nov. 16). "In the next two to five years, we will turn this vision into a reality," Israeli air defense official Col. Zvika Haimovitch said during an aerospace conference in Jerusalem. "Within the coming five years, we will see this doctrine implemented. " The shield would encompass Iron Dome antirocket technology, along with David's Sling, a system to counter rockets and short-range missiles that is expected to be finished by 2013, according to Haimovitch.