Iraq Wardiary, one more leak, one more pearltree

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WikiLeaks, la pire "agence de renseignement du peuple" Julian Assange à Londres, le 23 octobre 2010 (Luke MacGregor/Reuters).

WikiLeaks, la pire "agence de renseignement du peuple"

Vendredi 22 octobre, WikiLeaks révélait 400 000 documents sur la guerre en Irak - « Iraq War Logs » - soit la « plus grande fuite de l’histoire », a titré la presse. Ainsi les scoops seront désormais jugés au poids. C’est du journalisme à la pesée. Et quels scoops... L’ignoble Pentagone a dissimulé la mort de 15 000 civils sur sept ans de guerre. Counting the Casualties of War. Thousands of previously unrecognized civilian casualties of the war in Iraq were documented in a collection of classified U.S. military records that were published online October 22 by the Wikileaks organization.

Counting the Casualties of War

The unauthorized release of the records was presented with Wikileaks’ usual understatement and precision. The newly disclosed records are said to be “the first real glimpse into the secret history of the [Iraq] war,” as if there had been no declassification, no previous unauthorized disclosures of classified information, and no prior reporting on the subject in the last seven years. But setting aside the hyperbole, it seems clear that the documents significantly enrich the public record on the Iraq war, as reported over the weekend by the New York Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Al Jazeera, and others. 301200Z CJ3 JEC (S) NEW WAY FORWARD ON IRAQ: MAINTAINING PARTICIPATION IN THE IRAQ COALITION:(mod) (Source: AMEMBASSY SEOUL 01242, 30 Apr 07) Iraq War Logs. (CRIMINAL EVENT) MURDER RPT ___ WEST : ___ CIV KIA. IIP leader gunned down in Mosul : Aswat Al Iraq. Home page Politics Security. KIDNAPPED IZ CIV RELEASED IN BAGHDAD (ZONE ): ___ INJ ___

Al Qaeda in Iraq, IWD

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