Indonesia's first sex tape scandal

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Anti-porn MP caught on sex websites - World news, News. 11 April 2011 A photographer saw the man, a member of the staunchly Islamic Prosperous Justice Party, gazing at the porn sites last Friday.

Anti-porn MP caught on sex websites - World news, News

The blurred images have been published on the front pages of newspapers and commentators said the MP, who has uses the single name Arifinto, should be prosecuted under the terms of the law which he helped pass. Arifinto, 50, has apologised to his constituents and said he is stepping down from parliament immediately. "It's my decision," said the father of five, insisting he was not acting on the orders of his party. "Nobody tried to coerce me.

" Indonesia, with a population of 237 million people, has more Muslims than any other country in the world. The law calls for prison terms of up to 15 years and fines for everything from kissing in public and exposure of a woman's "sensual" body parts to displaying "erotic" artworks. Sex scandal titillates Indonesians. Nazriel ‘Ariel’ Irham and Luna Maya on a Jakarta billboard.

Sex scandal titillates Indonesians

Picture: AFP Source: AFP AN internet porn scandal involving a starlet who once interviewed Hillary Clinton on live television, another celebrity with links to Australia and the male singer in a fantastically successful teen pop band has erupted in Indonesia. At least two explicit sex videos are circulating widely, with ordinary Indonesians so captivated they are watching them on mobile phones in offices and while travelling on public buses. More than 30 further recordings are said to exist, all of them allegedly featuring pop star Nazriel "Ariel" Irham, lead singer in the pop band Peterpan, having sex with a range of nubile young celebrities.

They are all said to have been on a laptop belonging to Ariel that was recently stolen. Indonesian star Nazril Ariel in sex tape probe. 22 June 2010Last updated at 09:55 Nazril Irham (r) and Luna Maya were interviewed on Indonesian TV Indonesian pop singer Nazril Irham faces questioning by police after homemade explicit videos of him were circulated on the internet.

"We have increasingly realised that our nation should not stay naked and be crushed by the information technology frenzy, because there will be many victims," said Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. ... – alcide

The 28-year-old could face 12 years in jail for breaking anti-pornography laws with the films, which feature him and two female companions. One of the women, who is married, could face a prison term for adultery. Sex-Tape Women in Police Sights, but Experts Doubt Basis for Cha. Heru Andriyanto & Farouk Arnaz With legal experts questioning the grounds for any prosecution, police said on Wednesday that the two women seen in sex videos with singer Nazril “Ariel” Irham would soon be named suspects and arrested, pending the results of physical examinations.

Sex-Tape Women in Police Sights, but Experts Doubt Basis for Cha

“We’re sure we can charge Luna [Maya] and Cut Tari soon,” National Police chief of detectives Comr. Gen. Ito Sumardi said. “There has to be an article we can charge them with. Luna removes tattoo amid sex scandal. MORE fingers are pointing at Indonesian beauty Luna Maya.

Luna removes tattoo amid sex scandal

The model/TV host, who is now embroiled in a sex video scandal involving her pop rocker boyfriend, Ariel (of Peterpan), has reportedly got her dolphin tattoo removed in her desperate attempt to avoid prosecution. Apparently, the dolphin tattoo - engraved on her hips - bears an uncanny resemblance to the one featured in the porn video. The Indonesian police say they have already questioned Luna's doctor who has alllegedly performed laser treatment on her client. "We're satisfied with his testimony," confirms a police source. Indonesia sex tape star is jailed. 31 January 2011Last updated at 07:22 Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the court, calling the sentence too lenient A court in Indonesia has sentenced one of South East Asia's best known pop stars to three-and-a-half years in prison for making and distributing sex videos on the internet.

Indonesia sex tape star is jailed

The tapes of Nazril Irham, or Ariel as he is known, and two other celebrities, were made public last June. He is the first celebrity to be charged under Indonesia's strict pornography law that came into effect in 2008. Ariel denied distributing the videos, saying they had been stolen. Ariel had made three sex videos featuring him and separately, two female celebrities. The 29-year-old was found guilty of "giving an opportunity for others to spread, produce and prepare a pornographic video", according to the verdict. When It Comes to Pornography and More, The Real Crime Is the Nat. Johannes Nugroho Indonesia’s latest enfant terrible, singer Nazril “Ariel” Irham of the band Peterpan, has been officially detained for his alleged role in the production of homemade sex videos featuring himself and at least two female celebrities.

The plain fact of the matter is that Indonesia, despite superficial piety and other self-delusions, is far from being a sexually ascetic nation. "A 2008 survey conducted by the government agency for family planning, BKKBN, indicated that 63 percent of urban teenagers have had premarital sex. And, to boot, as our morally excellent Minister of Communications Tifatul Sembiring informed us, 97 percent of all our senior high school students have been exposed to pornography. " – alcide

Ariel will no doubt be sacrificed at the altar of the controversial 2008 Anti-Pornography Law.

When It Comes to Pornography and More, The Real Crime Is the Nat

Legal polemics aside, though, the saga has also revealed an undesirable mask our nation chooses to wear, seemingly with pride: unabashed hypocrisy. While religious clerics and politicians were busy condemning Ariel and his sex partners’ “immorality,” we also learned that the Web sites featuring the sex clips crashed because of the millions of Indonesians eager to watch them.