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Who Else Has Drones? - Pale Moon. A MQ-1 Predator drone prepares to take off at Kandahar Airfield (Master Sgt.

Who Else Has Drones? - Pale Moon

Demetrius Lester/Courtesy U.S. Air Force). The Government Accountability Office (GAO) just posted an excellent report, Nonproliferation: Agencies Could Improve Information Sharing and End-Use Monitoring on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which I cannot recommend highly enough. A declassified version of a report provided to Congress in February, the publication assesses global trends in developing and using drones, and U.S. efforts to prevent the spread of certain drone technologies—for U.S. exports and through bilateral and multilateral diplomacy.

USS Michael MurphyCommissioning Live Video Feed. ImGur A picture of Murphy's grave taken October 7th When Navy SEAL LT Michael P.

USS Michael MurphyCommissioning Live Video Feed

Murphy was killed fighting in Afghanistan in 2005 he became the first person awarded the Medal of Honor during the War in Afghanistan, which means he perished under exceptional circumstances. Murphy led Operation Red Wings, a group of four SEALs sent into the Afghan mountains June 28, 2005 to neutralize senior Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. While making their way to Shah's location, Murphy and his team were stumbled upon by a group of local goat herders. US Army to hold mandatory suicide prevention training - Suicide in the military. YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan — As the entire military grapples with a rising tide of suicides despite years of fighting what some call an epidemic, the Army will take a day to focus on the problem and how to prevent it.

US Army to hold mandatory suicide prevention training - Suicide in the military

In the coming days, soldiers from Germany to South Korea to the Pentagon will be attending mandatory suicide prevention training, followed by additional programs or activities chosen by local leaders that promote getting help and recognizing when others might need it, too. Army Vice Chief Staff Gen. Lloyd J.

Amateurs des questions de défense (VO NST) - Defence watchers

Amateurs des questions de défense (VF) OTAN - NATO. Almost 1 In 3 U.S. Warplanes Is a Robot. Remember when the military actually put human beings in the cockpits of its planes?

Almost 1 In 3 U.S. Warplanes Is a Robot

They still do, but in far fewer numbers. According to a new congressional report acquired by Danger Room, drones now account for 31 percent of all military aircraft. To be fair, lots of those drones are tiny flying spies, like the Army’s Raven, that could never accommodate even the most diminutive pilot. (Specifically, the Army has 5,346 Ravens, making it the most numerous military drone by far.) The Military's Secret Shame.

Don't sell drones :p

Airmen, It’s Illegal for Your Kids to Read WikiLeaks [Updated] Airmen, don’t let your babies grow up to read WikiLeaks.

Airmen, It’s Illegal for Your Kids to Read WikiLeaks [Updated]

If they do, the Air Force may have no choice but to prosecute them for espionage. Last week, the Air Force Materiel Command’s lawyers warned that airmen who read the purloined classified cables on their home computers — not even government owned or issued devices — could be prosecuted for “dereliction of duty.” And that’s just for starters. WikiLeaks viewership could mean “prosecution for violation of espionage under the Espionage Act.” “DO NOT access the WikiLeaks information on government or personal computers;” the command’s legal staff urged, “DO treat the leaked material like any other content assumed to be classified.” U.S. Military vs. Taliban Monkey Rumors. The U.S. and NATO mission in Afghanistan is pushing back against last week's reports that the Taliban is training monkey soldiers for jihad.

U.S. Military vs. Taliban Monkey Rumors

Those reports, sourced to an odd story in the Chinese government-run People's Daily newspaper, are probably not true. But in the wild world of military rumors, nothing is too outrageous to spread like wildfire among the troops. Welcome to SIPRI — www.sipri.org - Firefox.

Du Rafale en veux-tu ?

Les drones américains piratés pour 26 dollars - LeMonde.fr - Fir.