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Terry Sawchuk - The face of a hockey goalie before masks became standard game equipment, 1966. Terry Sawchuk, a face only a hockey puck could love This face belongs to Terry Sawchuk, a 36-year-old goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Terry Sawchuk - The face of a hockey goalie before masks became standard game equipment, 1966

Re-created here, by a professional make-up artist and a doctor, are some of the more than 400 stitches he has earned during 16 years in the National Hockey League. Terry Sawchuck’s face was bashed over and over, but not all at one time. His wounds healed. The scars weren’t easily seen – except for a few of them. This famous photo from Life magazine, it’s a great photo, but ironically, it didn’t tell half the story of Sawchuk, who was a very troubled man off the ice. This was all a bit much for Sawchuk to take, and he began to drink heavily. And now let’s write something about the masks. The photo is Life Magazine property.

Related Testing football helmets, 1912 In professional football, the only line of defense against head injury is the helmet. August 29, 2014 In "Sports" Death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1821. Hockey : la France s'offre le Canada aux Championnats du monde. Le petit monde du hockey a subi un tremblement de terre, ce vendredi.

Hockey : la France s'offre le Canada aux Championnats du monde

La France a réussi un exploit retentissant en battant, à l'issue des tirs au but (3-2), le Canada, double champion olympique en titre, lors de la première journée du Mondial-2014 de hockey sur glace, à Minsk (Belarus). Les Bleus, emmenés par leur gardien vétéran de la NHL Cristobal Huet impérial (34 arrêts) et un Stéphane Da Costa flamboyant (2 buts), confirment la montée en puissance du hockey français, alors qu'ils disputent au Belarus leurs septièmes championnats du monde consécutifs. Déjà, il y a un an jour pour jour, lors du Mondial 2013, ils avaient fait sensation en renversant le géant russe (2-1). Les hommes du sélectionneur Dave Henderson peuvent désormais espérer mieux que sauver leur peau parmi l'élite. Dans la Chizhovka Arena de Minsk, les Français ont d'abord laissé passer l'orage. Une victoire aux tirs au but C'était sans compter sur Stéphane Da Costa. La France a battu le Canada au hockey. Hockey Fights, Stats, Reviews and Trading.

Mario Lemieux's Comeback: A Retrospective. On December 27, 2000, 10 years ago today, Mario Lemieux returned to the NHL as a player after three-and-a-half seasons in retirement.

Mario Lemieux's Comeback: A Retrospective

The press conference, held Dec. 11, at the Marriott City Center was televised live by eight media outlets, and the news sent shock waves through the hockey world. It was only a few weeks earlier that Lemieux had revealed his plans to a small group of Penguins executives. Penguins VP of Communications Tom McMillan recalls those amazing times. “I need to see you guys,” Mario Lemieux said in that understated manner of his, wagging his finger and flashing a wry grin.

This was late November, 2000, barely a year into Lemieux’s unprecedented tenure as owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and, curious as he was about some of the inner workings of his new business, it wasn’t unusual for him to call a few of his employees - in this case, me and then-COO Tom Rooney - into his office for a chat. Only this time he closed the door. Gulp. “I’m moving in a different direction.” Hockey ( NHL on Yahoo! Sports - News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy. The Official Web Site - Pittsburgh Penguins - Firefox. Pittsburgh Penguins (pghpenguins) on Twitter - Firefox... Penguins Roster - Pittsburgh Penguins - Team.