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Kenneth Roth on Twitter: "Egypt gives him life for financing sit-in. Police who killed 817+ there got bonus & monument. Egypt Court Sentences US-Egyptian Citizen to Life in Prison. An Egyptian criminal court sentenced a dual U.S.

Egypt Court Sentences US-Egyptian Citizen to Life in Prison

Sky News sur Twitter : "14 senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to death in Egypt. Breaking News Feed sur Twitter : "BREAKING NEWS: ISIS releases video purporting to show Islamic State killing 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya. Peter Greste freed: How Egypt jailed al-Jazeera reporter. 1 February 2015Last updated at 10:04 ET By Gary O'Donoghue World affairs correspondent, BBC News Peter Greste (R) alongside his colleagues, Mohamed Fahmy (C) and Baher Mohammad, in court It was meant to be a routine three-week deployment from his base in Nairobi to cover the ongoing see-saw that is Egyptian politics.

Peter Greste freed: How Egypt jailed al-Jazeera reporter

Peter Greste arrived in Cairo in December 2013. Two weeks later, his room in the Marriott hotel was raided and, along with two colleagues from the al-Jazeera TV news network, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohammad, he was thrown into the notorious Tora Prison. They were not the first journalists from al-Jazeera to feel the force of the Egyptian state. The surprisingly simple way Egyptians moved massive pyramid stones without modern technology. Camels and horses stand tied to a fence below the Great Pyramid of Giza on October 21, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt.

The surprisingly simple way Egyptians moved massive pyramid stones without modern technology

(Photo by Ed Giles/Getty Images) Few have traveled to the pyramids of Egypt and not wondered how an ancient civilization without modern technology could have constructed structures so large they can be viewed from space. Some have theorized they were built inside out. On the flakier side, some say aliens did it. « Mettez-vous à sa place », la vidéo qui dénonce le harcèlement sexuel en Égypte. Cigogne accusée d être un «drone» vivant. SherineT : Police arrest prominent Muslim... Rawya Rageh (RawyaRageh) sur Twitter. Bel Trew - بل ترو (Beltrew) sur Twitter. Let the Brotherhood Rule in Egypt. Egypt has had quite a wild ride since the Tahrir Square protests ousted longtime strongman Hosni Mubarak in February 2011.

Let the Brotherhood Rule in Egypt

International : Les relations se dégradent entre Israël et l'Égypte. Egypt's Sawiris faces trial for "insulting religion" Asharq Alawsat Newspaper. CAIRO, (Reuters) – Egyptian telecom tycoon and political liberal Naguib Sawiris will face trial on a charge of showing contempt for religion, judicial sources and Mamdouh Ismail, the Islamist lawyer who brought the case, said on Monday.

Egypt's Sawiris faces trial for "insulting religion" Asharq Alawsat Newspaper

Sawiris, a prominent figure in Egypt’s Coptic Christian community, was accused by a group of about 20 lawyers of showing contempt by tweeting a cartoon seen as insulting to Islam. A Cairo prosecutor referred the case to trial on Monday. Sawiris, chairman of the mobile phone operator MobilNil , could not immediately be reached for comment.

The cartoon incident in June triggered a boycott by some Mobinil customers, though Sawiris said the impact had eased by October. Gigi Ibrahim جييييج (Gsquare86) sur Twitter. Muslim Brotherhood: We will meet with Coptic youth soon. » Ils ont voté “oui”, ils ont voté “non” mais avant tout ils ont voté Le blog à Bécassine. L'Egypte vote sur une réforme constitutionnelle, ElBaradei agressé au Caire - Flash actualité - Monde - 19/03/2011.

Various statements, articles before the 2011 Egyptian protests

2011 Egyptian protests #Jan25. Alan Beuret: Ce qui se joue en Egypte: un combat pour une démocratie légale et légitime. ÉGYPTE - Le 22 novembre dernier, Mohamed Morsi, président égyptien élu sur les cendre du déchu Rais Hosni Moubarak, se serait-il à son tour abandonné à la soif du pouvoir?

Alan Beuret: Ce qui se joue en Egypte: un combat pour une démocratie légale et légitime

Dans un style dangereusement dictatorial, M. Morsi a placé ses décisions au-dessus de tout recours en justice et s'est octroyé des pouvoirs proches de l'absolu. Affublé du surnom de "Nouveau Pharaon d'Égypte", Morsi s'est vite retrouvé sous le feu croisé de l'opposition, si tant est que l'on puisse la considérer comme une entité cohérente, du pouvoir judiciaire et, bien sûr, de la communauté internationale. Au sein de cette dernière, aux uns de s'empresser d'enterrer la transition démocratique égyptienne comme un échec, aux autres de dénoncer la menace islamiste rampante, soi-disant apparue au grand jour après ce décret. Islamistes ou dictateurs, les égyptiens seraient incompatibles avec la démocratie. La nostalgie de l'ancien régime Une transition tourmentée Comment mener à bien cette transition?

2013-06-30 Unrest in Egypt

Now More than Ever: Science for Stability. In the wake of revolution the U.S. must immediately engage with Egypt and Tunisia through S&T initiatives.The U.S. should: expedite student visas, fund additional scholarships, support dialogues between U.S and regional universities, and recommit existing S&T and education aid packages.S&T activities should be a key component of building better, more resilient relationships with MENA countries. The Middle East and North Africa are currently in a period of intense instability and transition and we do not know what the other side looks like. Within the last month revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt have ousted Presidents Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, respectively, while Yemenis continue to protest against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Salah, who has agreed to step down in the next election. Profile: Ayman Nour. Before his imprisonment, Ayman Nour was a relative newcomer to Egypt's stagnant political scene.

Profile: Ayman Nour

Mr Nour, a softly-spoken, eloquent former lawyer, formed his political party in October 2004 with a view to contesting presidential elections the following year. Three months later, prosecutors in Cairo charged him with forging signatures to register Ghad, the party whose name means "tomorrow" in Arabic. He developed a vocal band of supporters at home and a profile abroad. Egypt will feel the BBC's pain. In a 2010 BBC survey, respondents in Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya and Turkey were asked how much they would miss the services of the BBC, CNN International, Voice of America or Al Jazeera. The Egyptian respondents said they would miss the BBC more than Al Jazeera. So of course you would think the British Government would place a high priority on continuing to speak to the world through its revered international broadcaster, the BBC World Service. The same survey found that, of all British institutions (including the government, the armed services, and British foreign aid), it was the BBC (by far) which made respondents think more positively about Britain.

Yet Britain's financial woes have permeated all levels of the public service, and the BBC World Service has not been immune. The full extent of the injury was evident when the BBC World Service announced funding cuts on Friday. The BBC says it will focus on online and new media distribution. How Twitter Might Make Cairo Safer - Elizabeth Weingarten - International. Cairo, Egypt's 7,000 year old capital, is located in the cradle of civilization.

How Twitter Might Make Cairo Safer - Elizabeth Weingarten - International

And yet the city remains known, particularly among women, for its leering, groping, and catcalling men. Neither is it just a problem for tourists. According to a 2008 survey from the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights, 83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women living in Cairo said they had been harassed in some way. How Close Is Egypt to Having Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Egypt Blasts Israeli Nuclear Stance. PrintShareEmailTwitterFacebookLinkedIn Israel displayed arrogance on arms control issues in a statement this week to the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference, Egypt told the body yesterday (see GSN, Sept. 22; Agence France-Presse/Google News, Sept. 22).

Egypt Blasts Israeli Nuclear Stance

Egypt and other Arab countries are set at the 151-nation meeting to propose a nonbinding resolution demanding that Jerusalem accede to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. A vote could take place today or tomorrow on the measure, Haaretz reported. Egyptian newspaper under fire over altered photo. 15 September 2010Last updated at 18:26 President Mubarak leads the way in the altered al-Ahram image Egypt's state-run newspaper has come under fire for altering a photograph to suggest President Hosni Mubarak was leading the Middle East peace talks.

Egyptian newspaper under fire over altered photo

Al-Ahram showed Mr Mubarak walking on a red carpet ahead of US President Barack Obama as well as the Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian leaders. The original image, taken at the White House when talks were formally re-launched, shows Mr Obama leading the way and Mr Mubarak trailing behind. The original image from the White House, taken on 1 September. Cabinet Communique 28-Aug-2005. (Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat) The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting today (Sunday), 28 August 2005: 1. Statement on Conviction of Egyptian Politician Ayman Nour.