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Al Bojko

Al Bojko I'm an online business owner and online marketer that writes reviews on products, businesses and services.

What Is Slice The Pie About?A Sliced Pie? - Al Bojko Reviews. So, What Is Slice The Pie About?

What Is Slice The Pie About?A Sliced Pie? - Al Bojko Reviews

What is and what’s its purpose? Slice The Pie or is a website dedicated to individuals looking to make some extra money online, you as the reviewer get compensated from writing reviews on a variety of topics such as fashionable clothes, music, watching commercials, and/or finally the Lucky Dip (random reviews). Is Lucktastic A Scam? After All Its Free! I’m reviewing the Lucktastic app and by looking at it, it’s got a catchy slogan “Luck is Fantastic,” the apps very simple and straightforward.

Is Lucktastic A Scam? After All Its Free!

The app is appealing in overall design and looks quite glitzy. Lucktastic is an application specifically made for IPhones and Android phones, that allows its users to play scratch games online through your phone as opposed to buying them at a typical lottery store. The most attractive aspect of the application is the fact that you can win money, it’s fun and that it’s also free! So, is Lucktastic a scam, right? Let’s Get Started with Lucktastic! Lucktastic requires any user that wants to play the app to first download the application on their Android or IPhone, create an account and then you can begin playing the scratch games instantly. More On Lucktastic If you play the app in the first 5 days of downloading the app then you unlock the potential to win a $5,000 scratch card and $10,000 for playing 10 consecutive days. Eligibility to Cashing Out. A Review Of The Scam Music Xray? Exposed! My review will simply cover the site Music Xray or, a site that I was recently referred to which claims that they’ll pay you to listen to music online for free, simple enough.

A Review Of The Scam Music Xray? Exposed!

Well I certainly loved the idea of listening to music and getting paid for it as I’m an opportunity seeker, as opportunities like this come by its immediately got my attention. Like I stated earlier, I was referred by someone through a Youtube video, so I signed up and eagerly tried it out for myself. The reason for this blog post was to share my experiences with you, the viewers, so I was eager to write a review on this topic. So What is Music Xray? The way Music Xray works is very straightforward, this site is where new undiscovered upcoming musicians and bands try to display their musical talents and reach an audience to gather themselves groupies or a possible fan base.

A Quick Walk-through of Music Xray Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 From My Own Personal Experience I’d give Music Xray a score of 0/10. Why The Long Game App Is Great! Money! Long Game is still a relatively new mobile website app that’s nearing it’s 2-year anniversary, it was established in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, it’s enticing its users to do something most people don’t do by making money saving a fun experience.

Why The Long Game App Is Great! Money!

There not as boring as the “typical” brick and mortar banking facilities in the way they just offer a measly interest rate on most savings accounts and that’s it! (However, they do offer the same rate!) , Long Game Savings rewards its users with coins for just saving money by increasing and maintaining your overall balance. The coins you accumulate can than be used to play the many instant cash games that Long Game offers than can then be entered into a weekly lottery drawing that can be won up to the grand prize of $1,000,000. Basically, you want to redeem your coins so you give yourself a chance to win money to further increase your total savings amount, which would be essentially your interest rate. Long Game Savings Theme. What's The Best Affiliate Programs?Jaaxy? What is the best affiliate programs and why?

What's The Best Affiliate Programs?Jaaxy?

Can It Be Jaaxy? I can tell you for one reason right off the bat and that’s Jaaxy, the ultimate keyword research tool ever developed! It’s not very difficult to implement and it’s incredibly simple to utilize, the tool’s very precise in how it acquires its data inquiries and why it’s a “must” have tool. Anyone that markets products or services across the internet that require SEO or Search Engine Optimization in obtaining traffic to their website, then this keyword researching tool’s a “definite” must have product. What Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? Is IT! What is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? Is IT!

And what is the Wealthy Affiliate scam? No of course not, Wealthy Affiliate is the home based business opportunity that’s been around since early 2005 and has received numerous awards and accolades for establishing their reputation among the heavyweights of the home based business era. It was established and founded by two friends that being Kyle and Carson, Kyle’s involved in the whole teaching aspect of the Wealthy Affiliate program, whereas Carson’s the tech savvy expert of the technical side of the business.

Wealthy Affiliate was launched in 2005 and even today in 2017, there just as strong, 12 years of creating and establishing their impression on the online business world and there here to stay.