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4 Emergency Signs Your Asphalt Roof Needs Repair. Posted February 28, 2017 If you are like most homeowners, you understand the importance of having a roof that functions properly. There are few quicker ways to jeopardize your financial investment in your house quicker than to let your roof fall into ill repair. Fortunately, your roof will give you some warning signs to let you know it is time to contact a San Antonio roofing company. Here are four emergency signs your asphalt roof needs immediate repair. 1. You Have a Leak Your roof is supposed to keep out water. 2.

Asphalt shingles should be pliable, flat, and covered with gravel. 3. To function properly, asphalt shingles need to provide a continuous membrane on top of your roof. 4. Your roofing system works best when your gutters can effectively carry water away from your roof. Having a good roof is important to the condition and value of any home. Buras Construction. 3 Ways A Metal Roof Can Help Your Home Outlast The Heat. Posted February 15, 2017 Is it time to hire a roofing company in San Antonio to replace your house’s existing roof?

You might have given significant thought to the exact type of material that could be the best choice for your home. There are some especially compelling reasons you might consider installing a durable new metal roof to help your house outlast the Texas heat. 1. By Saving Energy As the fierce sun beats down on your roof over a long period, the transfer of heat into your home might make it much more difficult for you to keep your house cool. A metal roof may be able to help due to its potential to reflect away more of the sun’s rays than many other types of roofing. 2. Ask your roofing company in San Antonio which type of material is likely to provide the greatest longevity, even in the extreme Texas heat. 3. What if something does go wrong with your house’s roofing?

Installing the Best Roof for Your Home. Buras Construction. Steps to Take If a Storm Has Damaged Your Roof. Posted January 30, 2017 Has a severe weather event left you in need of assistance from a roofing company in San Antonio? When windstorms, tornadoes or hailstorms leave your home suffering from significant roof damage, there are some steps you may be able to take in order to help resolve the situation. Generally, the first thing you will want to do is enlist a professional who can provide a thoroughinspection. Some roofing companies might even offer free inspections for those who have suffered potential roof damage due to severe weather. Have your roofing materials experienced weather damage?

In some cases, you may find that your roof has experienced a level of damage that is not easily repairable. After a severe storm has passed, the time might be right to call a roofing company in San Antonio. Buras Construction. 5 Metal Roofing Myths Debunked. Posted January 05, 2017 When a San Antonio roofing company suggests replacing your existing roof with a metal one, are you skeptical? There is no need for skepticism because metal roofs are extremely durable and energy efficient. Unfortunately, many have fallen prey to five common myths about metal roofing, so it’stime to set the record straight . Myth #1: Metal roofs increase the potential for lightning strikes Wrong. Even though metal can conduct electricity, electricity is not drawn to metal. Metal does not attract lightning. Myth #2: Metal roofs are too noisy when it rains Not at all.

Myth #3: Homes with metal roofs are colder False. Myth #4: Metal roofs are subject to rust Not true. Myth #5: Metal roofs dent Not likely. Now that you know the truth about metal roofing, why not call your local San Antonio roofing company for a roof evaluation and quote on a new metal roof. Buras Construction. The Many Benefits of Metal Roofs. Posted December 30, 2016 If you’re looking for a roofing company in San Antonio to replace your old, damaged and worn out roof, don’t forget to think about the materials and type of roof that you want installed. If you have any false misconceptions about metal roofs and think that they’re inferior to other popular materials, then think again.

Metal roofs offer so many benefits that they’re simply a must pick when it comes to installing your new roof. The first main benefit of having a metal roof installed is that they last far longer than most other types of roofs. For example, an asphalt roof typically only lasts between ten and twenty years. Metal roofs last about twice as long or even longer, which makes them a far more rewarding investment than the typical asphalt roof. Also, since metal is a premier roofing material, you can usually work with a roofing company in San Antonio that gets metal roofing materials from a premier supplier.

Roofer San Antonio. A Beautiful, Permanent Solution For Texas Roof Replacement. If you’re planning on living in your home for more than 10 years, we recommend investing in metal roofing. When compared to a traditional asphalt roof, it really is no contest - metal is the hands down winner. Metal roofs are more attractive, more energy efficient, and last much, much longer. If you choose our top roofing systems, you’ll get a warranty that assures that you’ll install the roof once, and then never pay another dime on your roof. When you think about the decades you get out of a metal roof, it’s truly a superb value. People often focus on the upfront costs of a roof, but if you avoid replacing your roof again, that’s the true savings.

Growing Popularity As the facts come out about the benefits of metal roofing, they are growing in popularity. Discover More About Metal Roofing Advantages Of Metal Roofing Get more details on what makes metal roofing the superior choice. Read more Metal Roofing FAQ Read more Read more. Professional Roofer San Antonio.

Buras Construction. 4 Reasons to Invest in Metal Roofing. Posted November 30, 2016 When you contact your San Antonio roofing company about getting a roof replacement, consider trying something different when it comes to materials. Metal roofing is perhaps the most advanced roofing material available for modern homes, and while it’s only just begun gaining popularity in recent years, it comes with huge advantages for your home in several different areas. Some of the best advantages you can expect to experience when you opt to use these materials for your new roof include: Efficiency.

These are just some of the best advantages you can expect when you approach your San Antonio roofing company about metal roofing options. Buras Construction. A Roofing Company in San Antonio Explains Why Metal Roofs are Better. Posted November 15, 2016 Asphalt may be the popular material of choice when it comes to residential roofing, but it isn’t the best choice. Many a roofing company in San Antonio agree that metal is the way to go when replacing your roof. Why is this material preferred? For one thing, a metal roof can last up to 20 years, which is a much longer duration than an asphalt top.

In addition, should your metal roof fail unexpectedly, you needn’t worry. Are you tired of paying insane utility bills once the summer rears its ugly head? If you’re picturing an ugly tin top on your home, don’t. Buras Construction. Why You Should Consider a Metal Roof For Your Home. Posted October 29, 2016 With all the different roofing types available these days, it can be difficult to decide which kind to go with when you’re calling a San Antonio roofing company to replace your roof. Metal is one of the most underrated roofing materials available these days, and when your home is subject to intense Texas heat for a lot of the year, metal is well worth your consideration.

For starters, metal roofs are more energy efficient than your typical asphalt roof. Because metal transfers much less heat into your home, your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool. In the long run, choosing metal roofing saves money and conserves energy. Metal roofing also lasts much longer than asphalt roofing. Where asphalt roofs don’t typically last beyond 20 years, as your San Antonio roofing company can confirm, a metal roof can last 40 years or longer. Metal roofing is also impervious to water or snow damage, making years of rainy days a non-issue.

Buras Construction LLC. Improve Your Home With Long-Lasting and Stylish Metal Roofing. Posted October 06, 2016 Metal roofing is more expensive than many other roofing options, but advances in instillation technique and technology has made it and affordable option that your roofing company in San Antonio may offer. No longer purely functional, metal roof styles continue to improve, making the roofing material increasingly popular option for many homeowners. There are now metal roofs that can be made to look like tile, shingles, and even wooden shakes. Why Choose Metal Metal roof styles are popular for many reasons Highly functional in all climates and regions, this roof is a reasonable long-term investment for many homeowners.

Made from mostly recycled materials, metal roofing is typically lightweight enough that it can be installed without removing roofing materials already present on the building. The durable construction, which can be done by a roofing company in San Antonio, is capable of standing up to hash sunlight, heavy winds and other extreme weather conditions. Buras Construction LLC. FurniturePro DC. San Antonio Roofing Contractor. Top Products + Great Warranties + Best Installers = Happy Customers. Buras Construction is different than most Texas roofing companies and that difference is absolutely on purpose. Most Texas roofing companies are still installing traditional asphalt roofs only. And even when you find a Texas company that says they will install a metal roof, they often don’t have a lot of experience and expertise. We decided that being average and installing mediocre products was not the kind of roofing company we wanted to be.

Why We Install Metal Roofing The short answer for why we install metal roofing is easy: It’s the best material for our customers’ homes. In San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas, it’s the best roofing material to stand up to storms and hail. Who We Serve Geographically, we replace roofs in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. But there is a deeper answer to the question of “who we serve.” Who Installs The Roofs What Are The Results. Buras Construction LLC. 2 Things to Consider When Getting a New Roof in Texas.

Posted August 23, 2016 Any type of home renovation is a big deal for a homeowner. The work you have done needs to be worth the price and it needs to last so that you don’t find yourself immediately paying to have the job redone. While there are many things to consider when you’re looking for a San Antonio roofer to replace your current roof, these might be the two most important. Can It Handle the Weather? People who live in Texas have to deal with all types of weather, and if your roof can’t withstand what Mother Nature throws its way, you’re going to be in trouble. Is It Energy Efficient? Even if the weather isn’t directly attacking the outside of your house, the heat is usually trying to work its way inside. Once you start the process of roof replacement, there will be dozens of other questions. Buras Construction LLC. What to Do if Your Roof Was Damaged in a Storm.

Posted August 11, 2016 When high winds and hard rains wreak havoc on your roof, you could find yourself in a bind. Before you begin to stress about the situation, follow this checklist to assess the damage and determine if you need to call a San Antonio roofer. Inspect Your Property Begin by looking for leaks or water spots in the ceiling of the top level of your home. Don't forget to look inside of light fixtures to ensure water isn't pulling. Next, go outside and check around your home for fallen trees, fences and more. Contact a Contractor Once you have a list of the damage to provide, contact a San Antonio roofer you trust. Contact Your Insurance Company Finally, you need to contact your insurance company to make a claim about the damage done to your roof. Have Your Roof Repaired Once your insurance company approves the repairs, call your contractor back and have him or her begin the process of restoring your roof to its previous condition.

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