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The New York Times Store Coupons - Promo Code Free Shipping. Checkworks Coupons - Promo Codes, Free Shipping. The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs. Our pick Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit Philips Hue is not just a smart bulb; it’s a whole smart system.

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

The color-adjustable A19 bulbs can remake the look of a room in seconds. Multiple app options and device compatibility make it the best overall choice. Adding a set of smart light bulbs is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get started building a smart home system. Beddinginn Coupons - Coupon Code Free Shipping. Nunn Bush Coupons - 25% Off All Clearance Items. When Words Aren't Necessary. We had about half an hour until the bus would arrive to take us to the airport, not too long a wait.

When Words Aren't Necessary

Shoebuy Coupons - 40% Off Promo Code Discounts. Free Shipping on All Orders in the U.S. at! Tips for Transforming Educational Technology through Professional Development and Training. If you hadn’t already noticed, education is in the midst of a turning point: Today’s learning environment looks nothing like it did five years ago, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it will look completely different in another five years.

Tips for Transforming Educational Technology through Professional Development and Training

Technology, of course, drives this ongoing transformation. Expanding connectivity, the rise of one-to-one computing, new developments in personalized learning software and the adoption of hands-on classroom technologies provide students with new and exciting learning opportunities. Teachers benefit, too, as new innovations streamline their workloads, provide real-time insights into student performance and empower collaboration among educators — or at least that’s what we’d like to think. In many cases, students and teachers miss out on some of these important advantages.

The Problems with “Professional Development” Educators put a lot of stock in, well, education. The reasons behind these sentiments are probably a bit mixed. How to Improve Outcomes. carries a full line of Dell Printer Ink. Clearance sale up to 50% off at BudgetPetCare. Mathematical Ability Revealed in Brain Scans. Albert Einstein once said that his mathematical genius had nothing to do with language: "Words and language, whether written or spoken, do not seem to play any part in my thought processes.

Mathematical Ability Revealed in Brain Scans

" And now high-definition brain scans prove he had a point. The ways that the brain processes language and complex mathematical concepts are quite different, according to a new study. The notion that humans first developed mathematical abilities as an offshoot of early forms of language has been a long-standing hypothesis, according to the study authors.

And some studies have suggested that the way the brain wrangles abstract math concepts has more in common with language processing than it does with simple number recognition and formula computing. [3D Images: Exploring the Human Brain] But this idea has opponents — including many mathematicians, the researchers noted — who argue that understanding complex math involves perception pathways that differ greatly from those that untangle words. 1800anylens Coupons - Free Shipping, Promo Codes. Camping World Coupons - 10% Off Free Shipping 2016. Bedford Fair 40% Off Coupon, Free Shipping Coupons. When myth meets reality: fabled beasts and real-life creatures. Fantastic creatures have fascinated humans for thousands of years.

When myth meets reality: fabled beasts and real-life creatures

When a new skeleton of the extinct horned mammal Elasmotherium sibiricum was discovered recently, its common name –the “Siberian Unicorn” – quickly resurfaced. But this “unicorn” was very different to the creature of Western mythology. Although the new fossil suggests these creatures roamed the steppes of Kazakhstan as little as 29,000 years ago, they were more like giant hairy rhinos than the legendary white horses crowned with narwhal tusks. Elasmotherium may have lived alongside humans, but that doesn’t mean they must have been the source of our unicorn stories. Entirely Pets Coupon 20% Off Codes 30% Free Shipping. First Time customers save $5 off orders of $100+ at MedicalSupplyDepot. Latest QMotion Shades Feature ZigBee Connectivity - CE Pro.

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Latest QMotion Shades Feature ZigBee Connectivity - CE Pro

Your low calorie cocktails delivered! Save $5 at Drizly. Buy 4 Dick Cepek Tires and get $100 back with mail in rebate at 4 wheel parts. Introducing Hover, An AI-Powered Indoor-Safe Camera Drone. Most popular consumer drones are affordable quadcopters robust enough to fly outdoors and snap photos or video.

Introducing Hover, An AI-Powered Indoor-Safe Camera Drone

But they don’t work very well inside buildings. The startup Zero Zero Robotics is coming out of stealth mode to announce its first product, Hover Camera, a small drone specifically designed with no exposed propellers to safely shoot footage indoors. Hover does exactly what it sounds like: Turn it on and it hovers in midair wherever you leave it. Hover is more a flying camera than a joyriding drone, and the controls on its paired smartphone app are for delicately repositioning it, not zooming to atrial heights. But the real breakthrough feature is its sophisticated AI programming that not only keeps the platform exceedingly leve, it uses face and body recognition to lock on to a subject and slowly follow them around autonomously. To do that, Wang and his team built Hover with specific limits that created entirely new aerodynamic and computer engineering obstacles. Superhero costumes currently on sale at Halloween Costumes. US/PR – Save $100 off Select Surface Pro 4 i7 Models at Microsoft.

Entirely Pets Coupon 20% Off Codes 30% Free Shipping. Theconversation. Holiday Travel Specials, Book Now and take Flat $15 Off at Travelation. Gift Cards Are Always the Perfect Fit! The Key to Content-Area Writing: Short, Frequent, and Shared. By Nancy Steineke While we must commend the Common Core Standards for recognizing the importance of literacy in all content-areas, a literacy long overlooked, the Core’s narrow vision of writing concerns us.

The Key to Content-Area Writing: Short, Frequent, and Shared

Yes, of course we want students to be able to write cogent arguments, expositions, and narratives, but where in the Standards is the route that leads to this sophisticated writing? Where is the practice? That’s the bridge we offer in Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Writing. Interesting Text Leads to Interesting Writing Like our previous installment, Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Reading, Smokey and I began by collecting thousands of fascinating nonfiction articles, images, and graphic data.

Although Texts and Lessons for Content-Area Writing still focuses on getting kids to read and interact with text, this book also aims at expanding student writing experiences across the curriculum.…Save up to 30% on Today’s Spotlight Savings deal. Shop Our Monoi Repairing Collection, The Gold Standard of Hair Repair! 96% Less Hair Breakage. Treats Damaged Hair & Split Ends at Carols Daughter. Production begins on a REAL hoverboard. When it was first announced at the end of last year, the hovering ArcaBoard was viewed with skepticism by many people.

Production begins on a REAL hoverboard

Since then, however, the device has been publicly demonstrated – and it has now reportedly entered production. For details on just how the ArcaBoard works, check out our original article. What it boils down to is 272 hp and 430 lb (1,913 N) of thrust being generated by 36 high-power electric ducted fans. This can levitate a standing 110-kg (243-lb) human passenger up to an altitude of 20 inches (50 cm), moving them horizontally at a top speed of 20 km/h (12.5 mph) – although only for about six minutes, or a range of about 2 km (a little over a mile). After that, the battery has to be recharged for 35 minutes, or an optional extra battery can be swapped in on the spot.

Save 10% Site Wide plus $5 off $100 (Food, Flea & Tick 5%) plus Free Shipping on $49+ at PetSmart. Free Shipping & Free Exchanges on all women’s athletic shoes at Shoebuy. Shop Amazon – Save 20% or More off Select Bikes, Helmets, Strollers, & More. A Helping Hand: Assistive Technology Tools for Writing. I don’t write enough about special needs so when Rose contacted me with an article idea, I was thrilled.

A Helping Hand: Assistive Technology Tools for Writing

Rose Scott is a literary teacher who is interested in making education comfortable for students with special needs. Her dream is to help students explore their talents and abilities. You can follow her on Twitter: @roserose_sc. Get a Free Xbox One PC Controller or $100 Off Dock with any Pro 4 i7s / Book i7s at Microsoft. Girls popular costumes under $20 cost at CostumeSuperCenter.

Google's New Site Helps You Find the Perfect Chromebook. Chromebooks are awesome devices. They’re easy to switch to and are perfect for those who only need to browse the web. Now that Chromebooks have been out for a few years, however, there are lots of models and you might have trouble finding the right one for you.

Google’s revamped Chromebooks site now includes a Find Yours page, which will help you find the perfect new computer. First, you can run through the list and see each model’s price, maker, and other features like having a flippable screen. To start narrowing it down, use the More Filters menu at the top to filter by manufacturer, screen size, and laptop/desktop. Once you think you’ve found the right one, click it to see more photos, storage space, battery life, and more. While there are several Chromebook models, narrowing down the list isn’t as tough as doing it with a regular Windows laptop, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the perfect machine for you.

Flexshopper Coupons - Tv Promo Codes, Discount, Free Shipping. Beauty Brands Coupons $3.50 Off For Salon Service. Gravity is a Mistake in Second Life. Gravity is a Mistake – I get some unusal headgear and accessories, Caitlyn discovers gravity, if not a mistake, might be a myth … Now open for all to enjoy is the latest installation by Eupalinos Ugajin, Gravity is a Mistake. As one can always expect from Eupa, this is an involved, interactive and above all, fun installation to which additional elements will be added over time.

It’s also a piece that is experience-led, so on arrival, you’ll be asked to join something called – in difference to the title of the installation – “Le Cactus”. Respodning with Yes grants you seamless interaction with the piece, and is a necessary part of Gravity is a Mistake. Camping World Coupons - 10% Off Free Shipping 2016. Online Swimsuits For All Coupon Codes 30% Off. Current Swimsuitsforall Coupons Currently 4 active coupons Swimsuitsforall Coupons Code: Click to copy & open site. Apps unlock ‘a-ha moment’ Teachers at Southwest High School in Jacksonville, North Carolina, allowed students to bring their smartphones to class to watch short math videos. It was supposed to be a supplement to instruction; instead, the students used the technology to teach themselves.

“The big ‘a-ha’ moment was when the students on their own decided to use the video capability on the phones to record each other solving math problems, and then created their own repository of problem-solving videos they could use for self-remediation,” says Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, a nonprofit that promotes the use of technology in K12. Project Tomorrow researches educational technology trends, including how schools use mobile devices. While students are most eager to use smartphones that record high-quality video and audio, few teachers appear to have sufficient technology skills and support from administrators to guide their class in creating rich multimedia content.

Self-taught teachers. Supplies Outlet Coupon 15% Code Free Shipping. Current Supplies Outlet Coupons Currently 2 active coupons Supplies Outlet Coupons Code: Click to copy & open site. Superjeweler Coupon 20% Off Promo Code. Current SuperJeweler Coupons. Theconversation. It’s a stereotype, but many of us have made the assumption that scientists are a bit rigid and less artistic than others. Artists, on the other hand, are often seen as being less rational than the rest of us. Sometimes described as the left side of the brain versus the right side – or simply logical thinking versus artistic creativity – the two are often seen as polar opposites. Neuroscience has already shown that everyone uses both sides of the brain when performing any task.

And while certain patterns of brain activity have sometimes been linked to artistic or logical thinking, it doesn’t really explain who is good at what – and why. Beauty Bridge Coupons - 10% Off Promo Codes, Free Shipping. B2C Jewels Coupons - 20% Off Discount Code. The Thinking Classroom. Don’t Call it Challenge! “Is History hard sir?” Year 8 student asking about options. Take 15% Off Sitewide at Folli Follie. Save $30 with Special Rollback Pricing on Britax Baby Gear at Walmart.

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