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Best Friend: Mia Favorite Color: Red Favorite Food:Garlic Shrimp and Rice Nickname(s):Lay Lay, Mookaz, Boots, Layla, and Jasmire. Favorite type of shoe:Jordan 3 Where you can find me on

Teen star making a difference for shelter animals - National Dogs. Lou Wegner is more than your typical teen.

Teen star making a difference for shelter animals - National Dogs

Wegner doesn't spend all of his free time shooting hoops, skateboarding or texting his friends - he has more important activities to engage in - lifesaving endeavors. This inspiring young man is a singer, actor, swordsman, and animal activist. Child slavery and chocolate. In "Chocolate's Child Slaves," CNN's David McKenzie travels into the heart of the Ivory Coast to investigate children working in the cocoa fields.

Child slavery and chocolate

(More information and air times on CNN International.) By David McKenzie and Brent Swails, CNN. Independent. A common theme in the numerous comments we’ve received to-date on the film Bully, centers on one of the film’s most moving characters, Alex Libby, a sweet-natured Iowa teen who had been bullied for years.


Since many viewers were worried about him and were understandably empathetic, we thought it might be good to give you an update on Alex. First of all, to cut to the chase in the happiest of ways: this year Alex worked as an intern for the Bully Project itself, in their offices in New York City! Last year, Alex was featured on CNN, and as you can see from this clip he’s evolving into a confident young man passionately hoping to help others who are being bullied: Alex was also featured, along with Kelby Johnson, in a piece Anderson Cooper did on the film and bullying, called “The Bully Effect.”

As his mother says in the clip above, the family eventually left their Iowa town for Oklahoma City, where they found a school they felt had a better environment for both their kids. Animal Homelessness Is a Community Challenge  Our relationships with the animals we keep are highly personal.

Animal Homelessness Is a Community Challenge 

They provide us with unconditional love, and we take on a personal responsibility for making sure that they are well cared for. But when the bond between an animal and his guardian is broken, as when an animal is lost, abandoned, or surrendered to a shelter, who then has responsibility for the animal and his care? Most people would say it's the local animal shelter's responsibility. And that's true. Teenage girl is dogs best friend. While most teenage girls are busy doing their nails and downloading the latest music, Faye Carey is helping re-home dozens of abandoned dogs.

Teenage girl is dogs best friend

The 16-year-old Waikato teen volunteers with her local branch of Animal Control, giving abandoned animals a second chance at life. She has set up a Facebook page, Animal Re-home Waikato, where she advertises puppies and dogs who need adopting. It all started when Faye underwent a week of work experience at Animal Control last November. Alex Lin, Teenage Activist. He's overseen the recycling of 300,000 pounds of e-waste.

Alex Lin, Teenage Activist

He's successfully lobbied the Rhode Island state legislature to ban the dumping of electronics. He's used refurbished computers to create media centers in developing countries like Cameroon and Sri Lanka to foster computer literacy. He’s Alex Lin and he’s just 16 years old. “I don’t see anything uncommon in it,” says Lin, a high school senior from Westerly, Rhode Island. Alex Lin - Turning E-Waste Into E-Treasure.

Alex Lin was a boy who was just reading the newspaper one day.

Alex Lin - Turning E-Waste Into E-Treasure

He read an article about something called e-waste. He learned that it is the waste generated as people upgrade electronic devices. Short Stories.