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The Major Components Of Flood Risk Assessments. Contributions Of Civil And Structural Engineers To Business And Society. Flood Risk Assessment: Why Do You Need It? The Differences Between A Civil And A Structural Engineer. Building Surveyors. Structural Engineers. Flood Risk Reduction Project. Restoration Project Of The Mackintosh Building In Glasgow. UK Flood Risk Evaluations And Safety Of Residential Buildings. Significance Of Civil Engineering And Structural Engineering. Civil Engineers. Principal Designer. Restoring a 115 Year Old Railway Bridge. 3D Parametric Modelling Technology. Flood Risk Assessments. Five Guidelines To Choose A Civil Engineering And Structural Engineering Firm. Structural Engineers.

Topographical Survey Guide. Building Structures: Foundation Settlements. The Role of a Principal Designer at Airbnb. Ground Erosion in Scotland. Understanding Some Common Terms In Construction. Structural Engineers. Flood Risk Assessments. Yorkshires Tallest Building. Full Structural Surveys. Topographical Surveys. How Engineers And Designers Can Meet Your Construction Needs. Mission to Mars. The History of The Haçienda. The Tesla Gigafactory. Public The Tesla Gigafactory created using Create Your Own Infographic template published by Alan Wood Views 3 Share.

The Tesla Gigafactory

Five Civil Engineering Marvels Of The UK. Choose Best Project Managers For Commercial Property in Yorkshire. We understand the need to provide flexible spaces which allow easy adaption to meet future market changes in Commercial development.

Choose Best Project Managers For Commercial Property in Yorkshire

The Alan Wood & Partners team can input award winning expertise into any commercial project with cost effective and innovative design. We are experts in new build, refurbishment and fit-out with an enviable reputation in business park, office and industrial projects. Our clients recognise our value as we work with them to maximise return on investment. Alan Wood & Partners will take personal ownership of your project at a high level offering advice at the earliest stages in respect of business plan, funding and master planning through to space planning, interior design and operation of your facility. Spotlight Project – Holiday Lodges & Visitor Centre - Forest of Dean. Choose Civil Engineers For Your Construction Work. Alan Wood & Partners provide unrivalled expertise and knowledge in this specialist field where maximising return on assets, improving operational effectiveness and translating the latest process technologies into workable designs is key.

Choose Civil Engineers For Your Construction Work

We are passionate about problem solving and innovation at every stage of all of our industrial projects, from pre-feasibility studies to detailed design work. Our breadth of capability combined with process engineering understanding has allowed us to consistently deliver successful industrial projects across sectors as diverse as energy, food, drink, chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing and waste.

If you are thinking of adding a new product, increasing production or storage space or planning a new site we have the experts to help. Spotlight Project – Distribution Centre - Leicestershire Distribution Centre - Leicestershire >> Civil Engineers: We Owe Them For The Comfort, Safety, Enjoyment On The Road And Inside Our Homes. Civil engineering is behind many comforts that we enjoy and take for granted.

Civil Engineers: We Owe Them For The Comfort, Safety, Enjoyment On The Road And Inside Our Homes

For example, take the road: a civil engineer or a principal designer is the one who deserves our thanks if the ride was smooth and safe — the result of a superior road design. Civil engineering, which broadly comprises the works of these people, is largely responsible for making our infrastructures safe and user-friendly, contributing to a better and sustainable society. And this is true whether it is civil engineering in Manchester or London or any city or town. The Moor Making Strides for Sheffield. The Moor in Sheffield is the main post war shopping area in the city centre.

The Moor Making Strides for Sheffield

In December 1940 it suffered great devastation and damage, after it was hit by the Blitz during the Second World War. It wasn’t until the 1950s that many of the shops were rebuilt and the area began to redevelop once more. The Moor became a popular and central shopping district for Sheffield and remained so for many years. During the late 1970s the area became pedestrianised and open air markets were introduced to accompany the major retailers that were based in this part of the city centre. The 1984 film ‘Threads’ also famously used The Moor as a filming location. During more recent times the Moor was seen to be under performing and the area itself had become devalued from its thriving early years with many major companies, such as McDonalds, taking the decision to move away from this once prime location of Sheffield.

Worth Its Salt. Wide Range Of Additional Services For Your Construction Work. Find The best Flood Risk Assessments Services. Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) are now a common place in most Planning Applications to meet Planning Policy Statement 25 requirements.

Find The best Flood Risk Assessments Services

At Alan Wood & Partners our specialist team have assembled an extensive database for locations across the UK as a result of carrying out such assessments. We are also recognised as a leading supplier of best value solutions in respect of drainage strategy to deal with Flood Risk Assessments requirements and are continually developing new techniques in respect of alternative storage and restricted discharges. Our experience goes across all sectors. Flood Prevention & Recovery >> How we can help. Download Brochure. Topographical Surveys: An Important Element For The Construction of Robust Road Network. Topographical surveying helps accurately determine the terrestrial or three-dimensional space position of points and the distances and angles between them, using levelling instruments such as theodolites, dumpy levels and clinometers.

Topographical Surveys: An Important Element For The Construction of Robust Road Network

A topographical survey is a large-scale project that is executed only a proficient topographical surveyor. Topographical surveyors are certified experts, who use innovative tools and instruments to determine the boundaries within which the construction of your property or building needs to be finished. Professional topographical surveyors offer a plethora of services;they analyse every single point that is deemed essential for an all-round development of a project, for instance, the elevation angles of different points at the building site and its distance from high risk locations such as water bodies or areas where usually construction is not favoured.

Summary- Charity Lifting Spirits by Restoring Historic Roofs. Charity Lifting Spirits by Restoring Historic Roofs The Old School Room in Haworth, West Yorkshire has received a much needed financial boost thanks to the Brontë Spirit charity.

Charity Lifting Spirits by Restoring Historic Roofs

The property, which is situated between Haworth Parish Church and the Brontë Parsonage Museum was originally constructed in 1832 by Reverend Patrick Brontë, father of the world famous sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne to be a school for the children of Haworth. The building has been part of long running project which will now see the repair and replacement of the roofs, thanks to receiving £100,000 in funding.

The Old School Room in Haworth is an essential part of the Brontë story and one of the most important historical buildings in West Yorkshire. Best Civil Engineers In Hull, Manchester. Manchesters Stadium Developments. Importance of Building Surveying. The Rising Tide Of Flooding For The Tourist Industry. Over the past few years, flooding due to intensive excessive rainfall events in the UK has hit headlines.

The Rising Tide Of Flooding For The Tourist Industry

The north and west of the UK have been hit hardest and major cities such as York, Leeds and Hull have suffered at the hands of the force of nature with farmland in the west of the country submerged for weeks on end. Rivers have burst their banks, causing damage and destruction to hundreds of businesses. Manchester Metrolink Then Vs Now. Public Manchester Metrolink Then Vs Now created using Create Your Own Infographic template published by Alan Wood Views Share Create Your Own Infographic.

Manchester Metrolink Then Vs Now

Why Structural Engineers Matter Today. The Important Role of a Building Surveyor. The role of a Building surveyor can be varied, involving providing professional advice on property and construction. Building Surveyors also assist with legal disputes over land. The role is extremely varied. To become a fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor, the applicant is required to obtain an accreditation that has the approval of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Upon successful completion of the course, in order to become Chartered, the assessment of professional competence will need to be completed, which involves a period of structured training. Earthquake Resistant Buildings. Public Earthquake Resistant Buildings created using Create your own infographic template published by Alan Wood Views Share Create Your Own Infographic.

How Civil Engineering Has Shaped the World around Us. Civil engineering is at the heart of the progression of human civilisation — it involves designing, building, and maintaining the modern social foundation — and this is true whether we talk about civil engineering in Teesside or in any other part of the world. It is arguably one of the oldest engineering disciplines, and it is hugely responsible for shaping the world we live in today. A civil engineering company provides a range of construction, infrastructure development and design solutions with an aim to make your living easier, a lot easier. And, civil engineers are the ones, who create innovative designs to achieve this goal. Civil engineers are hired by these firms and, sometimes, by the government, to create infrastructure. In simple terms, they design and build infrastructures. Principal Designer v Principal Contractor. Top 5 Mountains. Public Top 5 Mountains created using Create your own infographic template published by Alan Wood Views Share.

Find the Best Principle Designer. Find Professional Building Surveyors. You may wish to contact one of our Offices directly. Geo-Environmental Services. At Alan Wood and Partners we are able to offer a comprehensive site investigation services. Our Engineers and Scientists are highly qualified and experienced individuals from a broad educational background. A History of Surveying. Surveying is one of the world’s oldest professions, its history is both interesting and diverse.

Geotechnical Engineers and the challenges faced at major sporting events. Motorways Get Smart. Motorways Get Smart. Focus on Project Management: Woodlands Academy Roofing Replacement. Focus on Project Management: Woodlands Academy Roofing Replacement Along with civil engineering on new builds, Alan Wood & Partners also carry out remedial works as part of our portfolio of project management, with qualified structural engineers on projects throughout the UK.

Magic.piktochart. Civil Engineering. Geotechnical Engineers Yorkshire. Alan Wood & Partners deliver unrivalled expertise in the disciplines of environmental science, environmental engineering, engineering geology, foundation engineering and geotechnics. Our Geotechnical Engineers Yorkshire work globally providing geotechnical and geoenvironmental consulting services working in conjunction with project teams to deliver integrated ground engineering solutions. Flood Risk Assessments Company in Yorkshire. Civil Engineering Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. Site Investigations. Construction and building projects require professional site investigations to ensure that the work is executed with a high level of quality and matches all agreed design requirements and most importantly Client aspirations. Alan Wood & Partners experts act as experienced construction site supervisors in many diverse building projects from major multi million pound developments to minor structural repairs to buildings.

Civil Engineering Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. Building Surveying Yorkshire & Structural Surveys. Alan Wood & Partners: Site Investigation to Ensure a Sound Foundation. Site investigation involves testing the surface soil and subsurface soil conditions of the land on which a structure is to come up to help with proper planning and drawing. Civil Engineers Helping With Infrastructure Building. Structural Engineering. Building Surveying Yorkshire & Structural Surveys. Civil Engineering Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.