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Building a Bridge from London to New York. Public Building a Bridge from London to New York created using Create your own infographic template published by Alan Wood Views Share.

Building a Bridge from London to New York

The Top 5 Universities for Structural and Civil Engineering. Experienced Geotechnical Engineers Yorkshire. Alan Wood & Partners deliver unrivalled expertise in the disciplines of environmental science, environmental engineering, engineering geology, foundation engineering and geotechnics.

Experienced Geotechnical Engineers Yorkshire

Our Geotechnical Engineers Yorkshire work globally providing geotechnical and geoenvironmental consulting services working in conjunction with project teams to deliver integrated ground engineering solutions. A History Of Motorways. The Building of the Pyramids: A Feat of Engineering. Archaeologists still scratch their heads and can only speculate over particular aspects of the way the pyramids were constructed.

The Building of the Pyramids: A Feat of Engineering

One thing they do generally agree on, is that the level of engineering was incredibly high. The largest pyramid, built for the Pharaoh Khufu around 2530 B.C. and intended to last an eternity, was until early in the twentieth century the biggest building on the planet. The Egyptian surveyors, architects and builders used specialist tools which laid out straight lines and perfect right-angles. The sides of the pyramids were also aligned astronomically – the stars being an important aspect of pharaonic culture. Ramps, agree archaeologists, were used to allow the dragging of blocks into position. Stone blocks were raised into position, not by cranes, but it is thought that wooden or bronze levers were used to move the blocks into the correct positions.

Top Level Heritage Engineers. Working with historic buildings and environments requires specialist knowledge and a sensitive approach.

Top Level Heritage Engineers

Alan Wood & Partners are highly regarded and experienced in all aspects of heritage work and have heritage engineers in house with top level expertise, we have contributed significantly to the successful conservation, protection and adaptation of structures and landscapes of varying size and importance. We have worked on many listed buildings in close association with conservation bodies and English Heritage. When Sulphates Attack. It’s important for people to recognise when their building/structure is experiencing a sulphate attack,in order to obtain expert advice and take remedial action.

When Sulphates Attack

The majority of sulphate attacks are generally experienced by buildings that were constructed between 1945–1970. A large number of reported attacks occur on local authority built houses, particularly those built within mining areas. The spoil that was produced by collieries and used as hardcore for the build, Was often contaminated by soluable sulphates.

Attacks that occur on the ground floors of buildings leave them vulnerable to structural damage. Find Experienced Civil Engineers. Just as Civil Engineering is at the heart of improving our communities it is also at the heart of Alan Wood & Partners.

Find Experienced Civil Engineers

We understand how focussed planning, design, management and delivery activity needs to be aligned with Client and community values to ensure your Civil Engineering requirements are delivered. Our talented Civil Engineers can cite many examples where this had been achieved and their enthusiasm to engage in such processes is infectious. Civil Engineering and Civil Engineers. Civil engineering is a broad field of engineering that involves planning, designing, maintenance, construction and management of fixed structures or public works.

Civil Engineering and Civil Engineers

Most civil engineers today deal with power plants, ground investigations, earthworks, marine works, flood control, road design, and topographical surveys. Find Best Principal Designer in Yorkshire. Alan Wood & Partners carries out the role of Principal Designer under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

Find Best Principal Designer in Yorkshire

Clients have a legal duty on most construction projects to appoint a Principal Designer. Our role as Principal Designer is to make sure that the Regulations affecting us and other designers are satisfied. We have a number of staff who are able to demonstrate capability and competence through being Registered Members of the Association for Project Safety.

We also provide CDM advisory services to clients, Principal Designers and other designers so as to enable them to fulfil their obligations under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. Clients and designers will understand that the alteration of the Regulations on the 6th April 2015 brought about a major change in responsibilities, making compliance less than easy for some. Our service is agile, efficient and non bureaucratic, with a focussed and proactive approach. Download project PDF. Sulphate Attack. Sulphate attack in concrete has been around for a long time and is responsible for deterioration in a wide variety of structures.

Sulphate Attack

It can occur either from constituents from within the concrete such as the aggregates or from external sources such as adjacent fill or groundwater. Alan Wood & Partners have vast experience in concrete investigations, in particular sulphate attack mechanisms and scenarios. We have many years’ experience of the recognition of symptoms and managing the necessary remedial works. Sulphate Attack >> Sulphate attack is a chemical reaction, affecting the concrete in the floor construction of properties. Download project PDF. Experienced Structural Engineers. Alan Wood & Partners have a long history of providing innovative, practical cost effective solutions to structural engineering challenges in projects across the world.

Experienced Structural Engineers

Our Structural Engineers enjoy working on stimulating and challenging projects where their skill and expertise is put to the test, but most of all they love delivering unique inspiring solutions. Site Investigations. Construction and building projects require professional site investigations to ensure that the work is executed with a high level of quality and matches all agreed design requirements and most importantly Client aspirations.

Alan Wood & Partners experts act as experienced construction site supervisors in many diverse building projects from major multi million pound developments to minor structural repairs to buildings. With our help you can ensure that your goals for the project are at least achieved and in most cases bettered. The skilful supervision of any project, regardless of size, requires vast knowledge. Tallest Buildings in Teesside. Structural Engineering – Manchester. Manchester’s iconic building, the Beetham Hilton Tower, standing at 554 ft, was completed in 2006. The structure was designed to house both a hotel and incorporate living accommodation in order to create a culture of 24 hour living in the centre of Manchester, with its mixed occupancy of travellers and residents.

The building, upon completion, became the tallest residential building in Europe. The unusual design of Beetham Hilton Tower, makes the building very distinctive, not only for its height against the Manchester skyline, but by the cantilevered design which is stepped. The building overhangs by 4 metres from the 23rd floor upwards, which gives the appearance of the building being top-heavy. There were challenges to overcome during this build however. Due to the underlying geology of Manchester, which is a sandstone substrata, the building was constructed on a raft rather than the traditional pylon method. Find Best Building Surveyors. You may wish to contact one of our Offices directly. You can find the details for each of our Offices below.

Contact us for building surveyors, civil engineers services in Yorkshire. Alan Wood & Partners Hull (Head) Office341 Beverley Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU5 1LD Tel: +44 (0)1482 442138 Scarborough OfficeKingsley House,7 Pickering Road,West Ayton,Scarborough,YO13 9JE Tel: +44 (0)1723 865484. Civil Engineering Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. Innovative and Effective Civil Engineering Teesside. Structural Engineering Overview.

Structural Engineering Overview Structural engineering has a rich heritage and is a hugely important branch of construction engineering. High-rise apartments, signature bridges and long-span rooftops over sports facilities stand as tributes to the work of structural engineers. What Does Structural Engineers Do? Structural engineers often work together with architects and civil engineers as part of a building team. In short, “if a structure is a human body, then the structural engineer would be concerned with the skeleton and sinews, and the architect would be concerned with appearance and shape of the body.” Buildings must be able to deal with the environments in which they are constructed.

Structural engineers look into gravity, snow, heavy rain and wind every day to provide the world with brilliant structures. A structural engineer also provides – What is Sulphate Attack in Concrete and Mortar? Some Important Points to Remember in Hiring Civil Engineering Company. New Piktochart. Role Of Principle Designer. Structural Engineering Services in Manchester. Benefits of Hiring a Structural Engineer. About to embark on a building project? New Piktochart. 3 Main Reasons to Hire a Structural Engineer. Following Best Practices in Civil Engineering, Design & Management. The North-East of England is the home to some excellent engineering companies who are as good as many big companies worldwide. They comprise of highly qualified and skilled civil engineers, technicians, architects, surveyors, etc.

Experienced Project Managers in Yorkshire. The Challenges of Bridge Building. Building Surveyors in Yorkshire. Top Level Heritage Engineers. Experienced Project Managers Yorkshire. Civil Engineering - An Overview. What is Bdaily? Bdaily is a regional business news website, covering content in the North East, North West, South East and Yorkshire. We deliver a daily email bulletin directly to your inbox, featuring the latest news and event listings in your area. On the site we have a main news section, where our journalists publish breaking business news throughout the day. In addition we have a members’ news section, where our members can upload their own stories using the self-publishing platform; this can be news, opinion or advice content. How do I access the self-publishing platform? The self-publishing platform is free and can be accessed by anyone who has an account with Bdaily. Can I add links to my article? The addition of advertorial hyperlinks is chargeable.

Advertorial hyperlinks must be purchased via our sales desk on 0845 388 2022 or Providing Valuable Expertise For Complete Engineering Projects In The UK. Building A Better Tomorrow With Expert Civil & Structural Engineers. The Effects Of Coastal Erosion. Some forecasters are predicting an increase in global temperatures, due to global warming.Over the past 25 years an increase of 0.2 degrees Celsius per decade has been observed. This is likely to cause global sea levels to rise yet further with sea levels currently rising around 3 mm per year. Experienced Geotechnical Engineers In Yorkshire.