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Alan Mathew is a creative content writer and digital marketer at TekRevol. He works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, video script writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media marketing services. I have worked on too many sites which are related to Tech, travel, health, education, and game development app.

President TG & Partners.

"I am excited to work with them (TekRevol) again." TekRevol thrives in both mobile app development as well as web development services. When Teressa got in touch with us and shared her ideas for revamping a website, she would provide immense benefits to her clients. We covered every aspect of her requirement to contribute tremendous value and "the best end result for her client." Thank you, Teressa, for your kind words. We're also looking forward to working with you again. #testimonials #customertestimonials #clienttestimonials #Tekrevol #satisfiedclient #technology #appdevelopment #mobileapp #technologysolution #happyclient #happycustomer #tg&partners – alanmathew

The Top 10 Best Pranking Apps. Apps have been around us for quite a while now.

The Top 10 Best Pranking Apps

While they’re being the primary source of getting out day to day tasks done more effectively, many apps could potentially be used for having a moment of fun as well. Yup, we’re talking about the prank apps. Whether it is an iOS app development agency or an agency that offers Android app development services, there are tons of pranking app ideas they can pull off to create a fantastic prank app. For someone who’s looking for some best pranking apps, you’re in luck because, in this article, we’ve put together a list of some cool prank apps that you can turn up at the right moment and become the star of the party.

So without further due, let’s dive into our list of best prank apps. Best Pranking Apps Scary Prank What could be better than recording your friends’ hilarious reactions to scary pranks? This excellent iOS-based application seems like an exciting game initially, and to your surprise, it’s not easy to clear the stages. Broken Screen Prank. Founder, Beach Bandits. Mobile App Development in Chicago. Let’s Reshape The Tech Industry In Dubai, Together. Reddit vs. Wall Street - What is happening with the GameStop Stock Price? What’s going on with GameStop’s stock prices does not make any sense to many people, especially investors.

Reddit vs. Wall Street - What is happening with the GameStop Stock Price?

The poor financial decisions and management led the GameStop stock prices to fall, which raised many professional investors’ concerns. A 52-year-old individual/investor from Nevada wrote that “I just want my money back, but I know it’s gone.” He had invested $1.1 million in GameStop stocks and lost approximately $850,000 within a week. It all started when many Reddit users pushed up the share prices of the video game retailer GameStop. This caught the attention of the expert Wall Street investors who predicted that the company was destined to fail. Wall Street had bet against GameStop so much that at the time, it was considered one of the most heavily bet-against stocks on the market. Bite-Sized Business: Lessons Learned From Making Mistakes In Entrepreneurship.

TEKREVOL TOPS THE LIST OF APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES IN FLORDIA ON CLUTCH'S LEADERS MATRIX. The team of Tekrevol has been extremely hyped up to break the news that we’ve been acknowledged as the top mobile app development company in Florida in Clutch’s Leader Matrix for 2021.


Image Source: Washington based B2B agency Clutch is popular for its independent reviews and rating that identify the leading companies in every niche related to the tech. It is a highly credible source that evaluates each firm’s rank based on systematic and refined methodology, which means each company has to work hard and be transparent to compete for the rank. So how does Clutch’s leader’s matrix methodology work?

There are multiple factors, including the organization’s ability to deliver projects, their focus and dedication towards the offered service, and the feedback from clients taken into account by this methodology to rank an organization. Companies and organizations that manage to outperform in all these metrics are recognized as the Market Leaders. Why Do We Stand Here Today? How To Choose The Right Database For Mobile Application Development. When developers start working on a new mobile app, one of the biggest challenges is picking the right database, especially when there are so many options for app databases.

How To Choose The Right Database For Mobile Application Development

The right database helps in developing a mobile app and updating the existing mobile app. The app database determines if your mobile app can handle numerous users (new or old) and regular updates and maintenance. Looking for a company that can take care of the entire mobile app development? Tekrevol is ready to be that company for you. What Are App Databases? Databases or mobile app databases are an organized collection of structured information as per the mobile app requirements. Tekrevol Joins The Biggest Tech Community In Dubai. The Top 10 Automation Testing Tools In 2021.

Tekrevol is here with the top 10 Automation Testing Tools List that you can use for your project.

The Top 10 Automation Testing Tools In 2021

Through the Automation Testing Tools mentioned in this list, you will be able to choose the best fit for your project. There is tough competition in the mobile app development world, and these tools automate the manual testing method. The outcome? Well, automation testing saves human effort, gets your project closer to completion, minimizes errors and faults, and the development process becomes swift. Founder Picture Pick. Why a Custom Android App Is Better than a Ready-Made Solution. In the last couple of years, Android has become the first option for a lot of startups when they launch their app.

Why a Custom Android App Is Better than a Ready-Made Solution

According to a study, as of the first quarter of 2019, mobile phone users had the choice to download between 2.6 million Android and 2.2 million iOS apps. With the growth and flexibility of the Android market, more entrepreneurs prefer to launch their apps on Android first, and after success on this operating system, they turn to IOS. Building an Android app ultimately means access to a massive number of audiences and their growing expectations. This is one of the few reasons why many organizations are choosing custom Android development services over going with ready-made solutions or pre-designed templates.

What Is MVP And The Top 10 Minimum Viable Product Examples? Here’s how we define MVPin the fewest words possible, “A minimum viable product also known as MVP is a development methodology that involves the development of an initial product integrated with basic features just enough to satisfy the early adopters.

What Is MVP And The Top 10 Minimum Viable Product Examples?

The final product with the complete set of features is only designed and developed once feedback from the product’s initial users has been received”. The MVP product created goes through a process of continual iterations and refinements until the feedback received from the users is positive. How Are Logistics Apps Revolutionizing Logistics Business Around The World? The logistics and transportation business is a 24-hour ordeal.

How Are Logistics Apps Revolutionizing Logistics Business Around The World?

It requires run-time monitoring of all operations, which can be quite taxing. For the logistics industry, it is vital to have a solution that can track all these operations and activities continuously, and that’s where digital solutions such as mobile application development come into play. Founder I Remembered. 18 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing in 2021. Photographers are always on the hunt to capture perfect photos that reflect and convey powerful meanings but sometimes, capturing the perfect moment seems like a daunting task.

18 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing in 2021

As a photographer, a business owner, or a selfie lover, you might want to upload some eye-catching photography samples on your social media to catch the attention of your audience. But knowing that the attention span on social media has shrunk to just eight seconds – the overall process may feel a little overwhelming. However, with the inception of the smartphone era, the entire landscape of the photography industry changed. With smartphones offering reality redefining cameras that offer high resolution, super focused results, and amazing optics, professional and newbie photographers can both create some enticing images.

The concept of taking pictures on the go was even further advanced with the innovation that photo editing apps bough to the table. 22 Best Augmented Reality Games For 2021. Augmented reality may sound like a futuristic concept or revolutionary technology, but the fact is that it has been around for more than 50 years now.

22 Best Augmented Reality Games For 2021

AR is a technology that brings your digital environment to reality by placing virtual objects in the real world. The highly interactive technology is present everywhere today. There are some of the best AR games out there that are redefining the augmented reality experience by engaging users with stunning visuals and graphics. This blog is all about highly innovative AR games that are literally rocking the AR market, with the help of leading mobile game development companies.

Client Testimonial. Why a Custom Android App Is Better than a Ready-Made Solution. Native vs PWA – A complete Guide. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have provided another opportunity for developers to improve the quality of their user experience. Delivering seamless web pages into a users’ browser can enable them to access mobile apps with ease while increasing their engagement and session time. Let’s take the example of Tinder – it was found that its PWA version halved the loading time in comparison to the native app and reduced the size from 30 MB to 2.8 MB.

The online dating app also saw an improvement in the session time with PWA and an increase in engagement in terms of more swipes and messages. Besides, a performance case study shows that Pinterest users spent 40 percent more time on the PWA version of the platform than their mobile website – leading to a 44 percent increase in the core engagement. Client Testimonial. 12 Best Apps for Dog Lovers In 2021. There is an app for everything and anything nowadays. From hailing rides to booking reservations in restaurants, but some of the most useful apps are also the ones that are the least known among them all. These apps provide the utmost utility to end users by allowing them to keep track of a very important task on their end. Apps for dog owners belong to this very app niche. Just when caring for a dog, keeping everything in check, monitoring its fitness seemed like a cumbersome process.

Dog Apps were invented to make things manageable and more amusing. Startup prototypes that feel real. Mobile App Development Company Helps Boost Profit for Startups. For startups, to generate more revenue the biggest challenge is to reduce the cost of running a business in both the short and long term. Application development allows businesses to invest in different facets from marketing and branding to customer acquisition. This allows significantly reduced operational costs, driving profits upwards for businesses in the modern world. As a startup, one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome is the ability to generate enough revenue to stay afloat in the market consistently. As a business that is not established, does not have an extensive and loyal customer base and a strong standing in the industry, revenue tends to be up and down the chart, with good months and bad months. Bob - Founder of TalPool / qRoll's Feedback for TekRevol.

How To Make An App Like Uber? Searching for information on how to create an app like Uber? Well, Tekrevol is here with all the guidance and recommendations you need to get started on developing an app like Uber. But first, let’s learn a few things about Uber. Uber was founded back in 2009, and today, it has operations in over 900 metropolitan areas of the world. Uber is a massive success; there’s no doubt that it has gained success because it provided customers with an economical and efficient conveyance method. The bonding of technology that Uber introduced was not only innovative but disruptive too. Moreover, by the end of 2019, Uber had earned more than $14 billion in revenue. Interview with Glenn from Blizzard Entertainment.

PHP Vs. JavaScript. Understanding the difference between different development languages is not just necessary but also crucial if you want to develop apps successful as an iOS or Android app development company. Ambiguity on what a certain programming language is capable of can be disastrous for any app project you undertake.

That’s exactly why you need to know more about these differences between different languages in detail. Previously, we have compared Java vs. Kotlin, Angular vs. React among others and today we are going to do yet another comparison and that is of PHP vs Java Script. 5 common mistakes to avoid in mobile phone app development. Developing a mobile app is no child’s play and requires a well-thought-out plan of action to execute. App Development CaseStudy. The Revolution is coming to Dubai! Best Ideas For Building Educational. The Complete Guide Towards Developing A Custom eLearning Platform - TekRevol.

Digitalization has led to the creation of eLearning platforms. 12 Unique Ways Leaders Can Motivate Others - Influencive. A great leader is someone who inspires others to perform better in pursuit of their own greatness. No matter their profession, great leaders leverage specific characteristics to encourage others to carry out their goals. How to Create A Mobile App Business Plan? (A Comprehensive Guide) - TekRevol. Businesses are all about takings risks! The most crucial ingredient for success in any business is sales! You might’ve heard these lines over the years, and let us tell you that these are just myths. The 15 Best New York City Apps For Travelers & Visitors. How To Make A Social Media App?

Best Free Social Media Video Maker Tools. Council Post: How New E-Commerce Site Owners Can Benefit From The CI/CD Model. By Asim Rais Siddiqui, co-founder and CTO at TekRevol, Asim helps businesses bring their digital vision to life by delivering scalable technology solutions. Software development in today's era has been redefined with the advent of the development and operations (DevOps) methodology. From mobile apps to websites, DevOps has powered incredible agility in the way we code and deploy our digital assets. Award winning San Francisco Mobile App Development. Asim Rais, Tekrevol's CTO Is Now A Member Of YEC. “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” –John F. Kennedy. Defining Big Data – Examples, Data Sources & Technologies. New age marketing techniques and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand.

With a rise in the collection of information to gain benefits, a problem emerged where there were no good tools to collect, analyze, and properly store and manage the massive database. What Is Outsourced Mobile App Development ? Animations For Mobile Apps - How To Use Them. How To Make A Mobile Game? 10 Apps Like Instagram That You Should Really Know About. Listing Down The 10 Best Startup Videos Ever Created. Rounding Up The 10 Best Animated Commercials Over The Years. Best App Developers in Houston - Tekrevol. A Conclusive Guide On How To Hire A Mobile App Developer - TekRevol.

Tekrevol Co-Founder & CTO Asim Rais Siddqui at Houston meetup. How To Get Investors For Your Mobile App - The Complete Guide. Most Innovative Things Happening With Apps Today. Houston Second Meet-up (Part 3) Prototyping Your Mobile App - Here's The Complete Process To Do It. Bite-Sized Business: What Should You Do After Creating A Pitch Deck? ft. Jose Caya, CEO of Slidebean. How To Create A Million Dollar App? - Comprehensive Guide. Affordable WordPress Support and Maintenance Agency.

Growth Strategies For Gaming Apps In The Modern World - TekRevol. The Importance of App Maintenance. Houston Second Meet-up (Part 3) How Much Can A Game App Make in 2020? - Tekrevol. 11 Best Ideas For Building Educational Mobile Apps in 2020. Bite-sized Business: Importance of Startup Accelerators in Starting Your Own Business . Single Page Application VS Multi-Page Application. The Best Apps For Apple Watch In The Market Today. Technologies and Trends of Mobile Game Development: Reshaping the Future of the Gaming Industry - TekRevol.

Client Testimonial - JR Ridge Founder of Guardian Angel. Ask An Entrepreneur - Different Approaches Of Going Back To Work After COVID-19 - TekRevol. Client Testimonial- Cristina Cabrera, The Veteran App. Curiosity App – The Best App For Ensuring Daily Learning. A Step By Step Guide on Making a Game Design Document. Bite-Sized Business: How Businesses Should Pivot During The Covid-19 Pandemic. How Does Custom App Development Help Entrepreneurs Build Successful Businesses? User friendly Interface Apple Vs Android - TekRevol. Testimonial Review. The Most Anticipated Upcoming Android Games In 2020. Mobile App Maintenance & Support. NBC Palm Springs - Tipping Point ft. TekRevol CEO Abeer Raza. Top 10 Facial Recognition Apps In 2020. Native App Vs PWA App Guide. Guidelines For Beginners: 5 Fundamentals for Android App Development. Genius Scan: An Absolutely Free Document Scan App.

10 Best WordPress Hosting Services For Website Owners - Using Growth Hacking Techniques To Drive Business Success. How Much Doest It Cost to Make an App in 2020. 5 Best Apps for Book Lovers. Hybrid Cloud Security: Benefits and Challenges - Business 2 Community. "Pitch Deck 101 – How To Get Investors To Say “YES” To Your Startup!” 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services For Website Owners - 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services For Website Owners - How Much Does a Website Cost In 2020? Why Does the Shift Towards Low-edge AI Require A Major Shift in App Development? React vs Angular: Which One Should You Choose For App Development? - TekRevol. Noonlight App – Best Safety App For Emergency Situations - TekRevol. The 15 Best New York City Apps For Travelers & Visitors. Best LGBT Dating Apps: 10 Most Popular Dating Apps For The LGBTQ Community. Website Design Trends to Keep Up With in 2020 - TekRevol.

What is Full Stack Development?