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Bring the Street Taste to your House this Lockdown with these 3 Easy-to-Make Street Delights. It has been quite a while now and our taste buds have started to crave for the ever-delicious street food.

Bring the Street Taste to your House this Lockdown with these 3 Easy-to-Make Street Delights

However, seeing the gravity of the situation, it won’t be fair to step-out or bully someone for our craving. Besides, there have been a few news where the Police of a city made a few people clean the roads and various parts of the city due to their constant calling for a Samosa. Why is Apple’s $400 iPhone SE the perfect package in 2020? Apple has played its most ambitious card in a very long time, setting the platform for some new competition in the budget smartphone landscape.

Why is Apple’s $400 iPhone SE the perfect package in 2020?

With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple took smartphone pricing to an entirely new level. The world witnessed its first $1000 smartphone, and soon we saw competitors like Samsung and One Plus pushing their flagships to the limit. This time it is different. Apple has launched a budget smartphone that will compete in the mid-tier budget range. Did you know that this thing alone can improve your Sleep Cycle? What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Did you know that this thing alone can improve your Sleep Cycle?

Keep everything on hold! No matter what you had in your breakfast nothing can benefit your brain in a more beneficial way than this item can. Curious to know what we are talking about? Mega Sports Events that are affected by the Virus amid this Lockdown. What’s life without sports?

Mega Sports Events that are affected by the Virus amid this Lockdown

Practically speaking, the recent pandemic has made this question even more relevant in our lives. Besides, those who once protested the meaning of sports in human life are joining fitness platforms like cult-fit in order to keep their fitness game a notch higher than what it used to be. So, this brings me to the question: What is the meaning of sports in our life? Sport by itself is nothing more than fun. Allow these 4 shows to recreate your Sweet Memories this Lockdown. This lockdown is pretty special.

Allow these 4 shows to recreate your Sweet Memories this Lockdown

Think of it: Will we ever get a chance to relive our childhood? Did you know that these 5 Films were a remake of Hollywood Cult-Classics? From Masakali 2.0 to Dus Bahane 2.0, Bollywood has been the epicenter of remakes that shouldn’t have been made.

Did you know that these 5 Films were a remake of Hollywood Cult-Classics?

Though they claim their work to be a piece of inspiration yet there is no denying the fact that with the evolution of music and content, Bollywood has been at the forefront of wrongdoing! How these 3 Vital Nutrients can Benefit your Mind? Read to Know. Could you explain what a mind is?

How these 3 Vital Nutrients can Benefit your Mind? Read to Know

Let’s keep it very simple and generic. Is Diligence related to Discipline? Read to Know. There are things that catch your attention.

Is Diligence related to Discipline? Read to Know

What caught mine today was a meme, rather a motivational meme. It said: You Ought to Read This if You are “Working From Home” With half of the entire humanity under lockdown, working from home has become the new “usual”.

You Ought to Read This if You are “Working From Home”

For what might have seemed all fun in the beginning, people soon realize that this isn’t easy. You try to focus, and your mother calls out to you, or your neighbour suddenly believes karaoke is fun. If not planned properly, working from home can be an utter disaster. But dread not, we have a solution. From energy fluctuations to distractions, developing these habits can help you tackle the worst. Is this what they think about you? Read to Know. “Is this comment what they really think about me?”

Is this what they think about you? Read to Know

, “How about posting this image for a post?” , “Should I use this caption and filter with my image?” , etc. Here is How Social Media alters your Lifestyle in 3 Unique Ways. How much time do you spend on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media application? Let me provide you with some options: Around 5 hoursAround 5-10 hoursAround 10-15 hoursMore than 15 hours (These hours also include the time you spend watching videos, reading magazines, giving your opinions, trolling, and forwarding various click-bait articles)

The new iPad Pro? Do we really need it right now? With the world suffering losses on different levels due to the pandemic, tech giant Apple launched its brand new iPad Pro on Wednesday starting off at $799. Oh, and the magic keyboard will dig your pockets an extra $299 because why not. The MacBook Air also got a worthy upgrade making it an “almost” new product. With a majority of the population calculating their grocery store receipts, Apple firmly believes that fanatics will go ahead and invest in their latest iterations. The products are significantly better from the previous launches with breakthrough technologies such as the LIDAR scanner and 120 Hz Pro Motion displays.

But was this really necessary considering the current world scenario? We have more Information on the PlayStation 5 than ever Before. Gamers have been longing for the next generation of gaming consoles ever since Sony and Microsoft launched the so-called “slim” alterations of their respective flagships. The PlayStation 5 was unveiled in a “wired” interview last year with vague details coming to light. The almost familiar logo, AMD GPU and CPU chips, lightning-fast SSD storage and hardware-accelerated ray tracing. The details sounded promising but weren’t even remotely close to the incredibly insightful Xbox Series X launch.

Microsoft fans applauded while PlayStation fanatics felt utter disdain. No matter, things have changed. The GPU. 5 Essential Shirt Colors That You Must Own To Make Your Wardrobe Versatile. The most crucial piece of your lean minimal wardrobe puzzle is your formal shirts. There is no better feeling in this world than to own and wear a crisp shirt and a well-ironed shirt that fits just perfectly. So to make your everyday dressing hassle-free, here are seven formal shirts that are will help you ace your office-going men look. Let it, Grey Perhaps, the most undervalue the power of grey color. The Test: A New Era of Australian Cricket, A Journey of Bad boys to the Good boys of Cricket. Cape Town 2018, the series was on the line. The partnership between the Proteas batsmen was building, and there was utter frustration in the Australian camp.

To their displeasure, the ball was not doing anything, and there was assistance from the pitch. In such a scenario, Cameroon Bancroft used yellow sandpaper, while pretending to shine, to tamper the shape of the ball to get some reverse swing for his pacers. 5 Books that will Reinvent your Journey as a Reader. Books. Today I will leave it just there. As kids, we had this knack of picking different comics and storybooks, which interested us, to read and know what our favorite character did to battle out the villain or unveil the famous suspense of a Hardy Boys novel.

As we grew up, something happened! 4 Unusual but Day-To-Day Things to Make the Best out of your Weekend. 3 Real Ways in which you can counter Coronavirus! Mind you, Each Way is a Medicine in Itself. 3 Real Ways in which you can counter Coronavirus! Mind you, Each Way is a Medicine in Itself. Stop Doing this if you Wish to be More Confident in Different Facets of Life.

10 Memes on Coronavirus that prove Twitterati can make Anything Funny. No matter how worse the situation is, Twitterati knows how to make a thing funny. Cognitive Supremacy? A superpower that can set you apart from the crowd (Only if you follow these 6 steps) The world is becoming a very different place from what it was back in the day. Fabricated personalities and emotional repression have given way towards an “unrestricted society.” 4 Looks that will Sort your Attire for the Office Holi Party. Okay then, Holi is around the corner, invitations for office party have been distributed and you are still wondering what to wear? 3 Reasons why India Lost the Tour to New Zealand in a Shameful Fashion. Outbowled, outplayed, and outclassed. The green pitches have turned the faces red and, perhaps, has left no hiding place for the players of no. 1 test team. There are three aspects to foreign conditions; one is the pace, which Indian batsmen have started to handle pretty well, given the fact, that a spinner blessed country is producing better pace bowlers at the international level.

4 Summers Essential that you should have in your Wardrobe. Okay then, winters are a thing of past and the bright sunny days an affair with our future. Also, those who don’t enjoy wearing four or five layers of clothes, man, it’s your time! Barge into your street, office, club or whatever place you want to visit with the trendiest summer look. Can You Pass These 9 Questions To Acclaim The Title Of The Biggest FRIENDS Fan? Indeed, it has been a while since the new episodes embraced us with their quirky and loveable nature. Anticipate these results to take place in the UEFA Champions league second half of the First Leg. India vs New Zealand: 3 scary similarities that prove that India’s defeat in Wellington was a ghost of 2002 tour of New Zealand. The Habits of Highly Productive Personalities on a Weekend. Time Management Like You've Never Perceived Before. Hilarious reactions as Twitterati’s go berserk with jokes about the new Love Aaj Kal.

What To Expect From The Two Marquee Games In The First Leg Of The Round Of 16 Of The UEFA Champions League. The First Look Of Robert Pattinson As The New “Batman” Is Here. The Greatest UNSUNG Sacrifice Ever Made by a Mother. India vs. New Zealand: 3 Points that were highlighted as India was clean swept. 7 Highlights of Auto Expo 2020 that You will not want to Miss Out On. Joaquin Phoenix wins the Oscars for the Best Actor for Joker with a Heartwarming Acceptance Speech. Oscars 2020: Everything You Need to Know. Hard To Believe What Rice Water Can Do To Your Skin! Read To Know. We Bet That 2/3 Comic Book Fanatic Will Fail To Pass This Quiz. India vs New Zealand: Two outcomes that define India’s whitewashing of New Zealand.

Want to change your life over the weekend? Can you train your Subconscious? This might change your Life. How NOT TO photograph at these world-famous sites! 5 Celebrities that you might not know died in Air tragedies. 5 Milestones in the life of Kobe Bryant; One of the Best Players of All-Time. 5 Bollywood celebrities who did not charge a penny for their Roles. We as Indians should be proud of these Musicians. 5 Essentials that a Woman should have to make her Wardrobe Timeless. 8 precious moments to celebrate three years of Breakfast with Champions, our special talk show. India vs Australia: 4 talking points from India’s comeback win against Australia. Did scientists prove the existence of Multiverse? Why Jon Snow would make the perfect Politician? 5 Things that a Man should have in his Wardrobe. India vs Australia: 4 Rivalries that can be a tilting factor of the ODI Series. 3 Easy Hacks To Find The Perfect Winter Perfume That Can Do Wonders To Your Winter’s Fragrance.

This Toyota project is surely going to shake-up the world! Read to know about it. Brilliant or Creepy? The Future of Digital Avatar is Here. You won’t believe what Finland's New PM just proposed! Read to know. 4 tailor-made treatments that can help in permanently removing acne scars. 6 for 2020: Top Sporting Events that one should not miss out this Year. Was it my fault? 5 Big Things to Look Out For in 2020. Bukchod Picks: 10 Challenging Movies for Dumb Charades at your New Year Party. Bukchod Picks: Top 15 worst Bollywood Movies of the Decade. 6 Hacks to Keep the Winter Boots Clean and Tidy. 5 Experiences to Cherish this Christmas Eve in Delhi. Top 5 songs of the 2010s (English) Bukchod Picks: Top 16 Bollywood Movies of the Decade. Bukchod Picks: Top 10 YouTube Minisodes of the Decade. 2 Outcomes from first India vs West Indies ODI that defined the scope of India’s Match.

5 Places to Go Winter Dating In Delhi. The Top 5 Video Games of the Past Decade. Will these 3 rivalries decide the fate of India vs West Indies T-20 Series? Top 5 Movies of the 2010s (Hollywood) 5 Hilarious reaction on Messi’s sixth Ballon D’or win that will make you go ROFL. Premier League’s video of Mesut Ozil’s popularity in India is the injection of fandom we football fans needed. 5 texting signs that shows that the girl you're texting is into you. Coldplay just made 2019 a Year to Remember. Planning for a vacation? Here are top-notch destinations that can suit your Zodiac signs. Planning for a vacation? Here are top-notch destinations that can suit your Zodiac signs. 15 lines that gives us a good learning from Robert Frost’s Legacy. 5 Hacks that will prevent bad odor even if you don’t Bath! Eden Gardens set to script history as India faces nothing-to-lose attitude Bangla Tigers in the first Day-Night Test.

15 unseen images of Indian Politicians that will give you a run for money over your physical smartness. Every Rider Should Know These Hand Signals For A Group Ride. Brace yourself for scandals as Inside Edge 2 Trailer Promises a dirtier Game than Before. A Familiar Face - Horror Story. 4 ways in which you can make your Denim Style a Standout. 4 Alternatives to Your Junk Cravings That Will Make a Difference. We can’t keep calm as our beloved dog Scooby and his gang is back!

This Girl’s Story will make us Realise that Breaking your Self-Worth is the best thing we can do to Ourselves. Twitter goes Gaga over Ranveer Singh’s effort as he nails the famous Kapil Dev’s Natraj Pose. Shoo away the fear of Holding Hands! Here is a Study which reveals that holding hands is actually good for Emotional Health.

This is how you can stay safe in Delhi’s Air Apocalypse. On his 31st birthday, Virat Kohli pens down the heartwarming letter that one can write to their younger self. Only a true Andaz Apna Apna fan can Answer these 10 Questions Right. Follow Your Road With Benelli Imperiale 400. 3 Examples of Influencer Marketing horribly gone wrong. Dada casts his magic, India is set to play its first ever test match against Bangladesh in Eden Gardens.