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Image Optimisation Tips. Create a picture-perfect website that is a celebration of functionality and form with these seven image optimisation tips.

Image Optimisation Tips

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words and this adage was never more true when it comes to hotel website design. But image optimisation is critical when it comes to selecting quality shots that clearly highlight the hotel’s facilities, rooms and location but do not compromise on the usability of the website. Here are seven tips to help website designers deliver stylish image-rich designs that are still user friendly and offer all the functionality travellers need. Choosing the right file types When choosing a file type, you should think about how you want to manipulate the images and file compression.

12 Of The Best Social Media Manager Tools. Tags: Lists As a brand manager if you spend time logging into to Facebook or conducting individual searches on Twitter’s search engine to find out what people have to say about your company, you are doing it wrong.

12 Of The Best Social Media Manager Tools

There are a bunch of services that help you become an effective social media manager.