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20 Innovative Startups. Ben Milne founded Dwolla Company: Dwolla Founders: Ben Milne Location: Des Moines, Iowa Funding: $1 million from The Veridian Group and The Members Group in Iowa.

20 Innovative Startups

Data mining, forecasting and bioinformatics competitions on Kaggle. Description - Heritage Health Prize. Stack Exchange’s Architecture in Bullet Points - I thought as a break form the normal prose some of our readers might enjoy a short overview of the Stack Exchange Network (including Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User) from a technical view: Traffic: 95 Million Page Views a Month800 HTTP requests a second180 DNS requests a second55 Megabits per second Data Centers: 1 Rack with Peak Internet in OR (Hosts our chat and Data Explorer)2 Racks with Peer 1 in NY (Hosts the rest of the Stack Exchange Network) Production Servers*:

Stack Exchange’s Architecture in Bullet Points - : le moteur de recherche visuel.