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Everything You Need to Know About Giving Negative Feedback - Sarah Green. By Sarah Green | 12:00 PM June 30, 2014.

Everything You Need to Know About Giving Negative Feedback - Sarah Green

Business. Jared Cohen: How To Be A Great Manager. How To Be A Great Manager The prerequisites for being a great manager are: Sincerely and deeply caring about your team and company.

Jared Cohen: How To Be A Great Manager

Having empathy, self-awareness, organizational awareness, perspective, maturity, and security. If you possess those characteristics, you can become a great manager in practice by doing the following: Empower your team. The weekly bi-Romanarian/Cohenarian. Why Startups Should Train Their People. Teachers teach and do the world goodkings just rule and most are never understood—KRS-One, My Philosophy When I first became a manager, I had mixed feelings about training.

Why Startups Should Train Their People

Logically, training for hi-tech companies made sense, but my personal experience with training programs at the companies where I had worked was underwhelming. The courses were taught by outside firms who didn’t really understand our business and were teaching things that weren’t relevant. Then I read chapter 16 of Andy Grove’s management classic High Output Management entitled Why Training is The Boss’s Job and it changed my career. Most dramatically, when I was Director of Product Management at Netscape, I was feeling frustrated by how little value most product managers added to the business.

Management Debt. When you base your life on creditand your loving days are donechecks you signed with love and kisseslater come back signed insufficient funds—Funkadelic, Can You Get to That Thanks to Ward Cunningham, the metaphor technical debt is now a well-understood concept.

Management Debt

While you may be able to borrow time by writing quick and dirty code, you will eventually have to pay it back—with interest. Often this trade-off makes sense, but you will run into serious trouble if you fail to keep the trade-off in the front of your mind. There also exists a less well-understood parallel concept, which I will call management debt. Like technical debt, management debt is incurred when you make an expedient, short-term management decision with an expensive, long-term consequence. A Good Place to Work. It’s just another mutherf*ckin’ day for Dre, so I begin like thisNo medallions, dreadlocks, or black fistsJust that gangsta glare with the gangsta raps—Dr.

A Good Place to Work

What agile means to me. [Update: in response to some of the comments here and on HN, I thought it might be worth updating with a note on my personal experience with Agile, which appears at the bottom of the post.]

What agile means to me

Agile (with a big 'A') has become so mainstream now that it has started to become the problem. An alarming number of people who espouse the virtues of Agile, and who quote the Agile Manifesto believe that Agile is a project management methodology, and that Agile really means SCRUM, XP, Kanban, and that it is embodied in the daily stand-up, whiteboards or writing requirements on post-it notes. AGILE IN ACTION: Don't break the build. The Command and Control Management Method. By Joel Spolsky Tuesday, August 08, 2006 Frederick the Great [PDF]: “Soldiers should fear their officers more than all the dangers to which they are exposed....

The Command and Control Management Method

Good will can never induce the common soldier to stand up to such dangers; he will only do so through fear.” The Command and Control form of management is based on military management. Contributions Appearing in the Book. Guest Post from a CodeBoy: The Five Stages of Debugging — The Cranky Product Manager. In her previous post, the Cranky Product Manager unloaded on Code Boys & Grils who don’t fix their damn bugs.

Guest Post from a CodeBoy: The Five Stages of Debugging — The Cranky Product Manager

She dropped the eff bomb and everything. Indeed! This post is the flip side. The developer’s point of view when faced with a nasty bug. And it’s an extremely well-written piece by a Code Boy who is a reader of this humble and cantakerous blog. This post is required reading for product managers. (Oh yeah, go visit Quantum Whisper.


The Three Axis of Software Management Complexity. Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse. Editor’s note:This guest post is part of an in-depth series looking at the daily deal industry written by Rocky Agrawal, an entrepreneur who has worked on local products since 1995.

Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse

7 Myths of Entrepreneurship and Programming. (Photo: Stuck in Customs) For the last two years, one name has come up again and again when talking with A-class start-up investors: Pivotal Labs.

7 Myths of Entrepreneurship and Programming

See, Pivotal Labs quietly helps dozens of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world, including freight trains like Groupon and Twitter. If your start-up needs to get good coding done quickly, as in lightning fast — or if new hires need to get good at coding quickly — top venture capitalists are likely to look over their shoulder and confide: “Call Pivotal Labs.” I first met the Founder of Pivotal Labs, Rob Mee, when one of the start-ups I advise, TaskRabbit, began working with them.

Some lesser-known truths about programming. My experience as a programmer has taught me a few things about writing software. Here are some things that people might find surprising about writing code: Averaging over the lifetime of the project, a programmer spends about 10-20% of his time writing code, and most programmers write about 10-12 lines of code per day that goes into the final product, regardless of their skill level.

Good programmers spend much of the other 90% thinking, researching, and experimenting to find the best design. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years. How I Program Stuff. I love programming. I can truly say that of all the things I enjoy, I enjoy programming the most. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you create something.

Writing code is a lot like building your own little universe. When you build stuff, you're in complete control, and, no matter how hard you fight it, your code directly reflects yourself. Software Development. What is a Hacker? Copyright © 2001 Eric S. Raymond As editor of the Jargon File and author of a few other well-known documents of similar nature, I often get email requests from enthusiastic network newbies asking (in effect) "how can I learn to be a wizardly hacker?

". Back in 1996 I noticed that there didn't seem to be any other FAQs or web documents that addressed this vital question, so I started this one. A lot of hackers now consider it definitive, and I suppose that means it is. Still, I don't claim to be the exclusive authority on this topic; if you don't like what you read here, write your own. If you are reading a snapshot of this document offline, the current version lives at Note: there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this document. Change Is Good, But It’s Also Really Hard: Tech News and Analysis « Last month, I took a little break from all the hustle and bustle of the Internets and decided to focus on trying to get a better handle on my daily life.

INVEST in user stories. User stories are the basic units of work for Agile methodologies. They describe features to implement in a system and are one of the primary artifact generated before coding a prototype. Stories are usually written on a 3"x5" card in the format: As a <User Role>, I want to <Action> so that <Goal>. Writing a simple phrase seems very simple, but the specification activity behind it is not so trivial.

O'Reilly Webcast: Ten Things Every Software Architect Should Know. Top 9 of 97 Things every programmer should know. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge - Wikipedia, Management 3.0 - Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Lead. Why Software Projects Fail « Fear No Project – A Project Managem. While there is great debate over why software projects fail, it is commonly believed that many— if not most—software projects fail in some way. Because of the fear of probable failure, many organizations continue to run their organization with antiquated or outdated software and processes rather than attempt a new software implementation. Collaboration tools for Virtual Project Teams « Fear No Project. How to create and use predictive project scheduling « Fear No Pr.

Why project managers get no respect. Top Three Motivators For Developers (Hint: not money!) Before coding… Think! My favorite project management links and websites « Fear No Proj. Accents français sur un clavier Qwerty. Taper des accents français sur un clavier Qwerty La solution usuelle pour taper des accents sur un clavier Qwerty est d'utiliser une touche compose. J'utilise néanmoins une autre méthode. L'idée est de simplement associer la touche AltGr et une lettre pour produire un accent.

Le français n'ayant pas tellement de lettres accentuées, il est possible de choisir les touches judicieusement. 5 Whys. The 5 Whys is an iterative question-asking technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem.[1] The primary goal of the technique is to determine the root cause of a defect or problem. (The "5" in the name derives from an empirical observation on the number of iterations typically required to resolve the problem.) Example[edit]

It's not a promise, it's a guess. Instapaper developer: "I try to minimize ways for my customers t. Why a Great Individual Is Better Than a Good Team - Jeff Stibel. 5 ways to keep your rockstar employees happy — Online Collaboration. Getting Real.