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5 Great Classroom Management Tools for Teachers. November 23, 2016 There are multiple ways teachers can use technology in their instruction and one important one of them is for classroom management. Over the last few years we have reviewed numerous mobile apps and web tools that aid teachers in effectively managing their classes and today we are sharing with you five excellent tools from our collection. Some of the things you can perform with these tools include: create groups with specific seating charts, give instant feedback to your students, poll your classes, control the level of noise in your class, communicate with parents and keep them engaged in the learning process taking place in class and many more. 1- Class123 Class123 is a free classroom management tool with various classroom tools and communication features. Class123 is both available on app and on desktop.

Some of its features include:Give instant feedback to your students from your mobile or computer. 3- Plickers 4- Too Noisy Pro Watch or control your own set of lights. Platforma LearningApps. Just-in-Time Teaching Strategies. If you’re like me, then when you first heard about Just-in-Time teaching strategies you probably thought it referred to those moments when you thought of your lesson right before class began. “I made today’s lesson just in time!” That’s not what it means. In fact, Just-In-Time Teaching strategies (usually abbreviated as JiTT) are much the opposite of coming up with your plans at the last moment. Here’s how Gregor Novak, one of the original developers of these teaching strategies, defines it: “Just-in-Time Teaching is a teaching and learning strategy based on the interaction between web-based study assignments and an active learner classroom.”

Basically, Novak says that JiTT has two parts. Let’s look a little more closely at these two parts of JiTT. The Before-Class Assignment A few of the top classroom management questions and answers that every novice... Everything you need to know about Just in Time Teaching strategies, which bring... Easy teaching strategies to keep your students moving.

These Google Forms turn video from passive to active learning. For as long as I have been a teacher, I have been showing videos in class. While not a revolutionary idea, back when I first started I would show a video related to the lesson and hand out an accompanying question sheet to make sure the students were focusing on the main ideas. I would call out helpful reminders like “Number 3 is coming up!” To ensure that students were paying attention. They were not. My high school students were sometimes doodling on the paper, staring out the window, or hoping to just get the answers at the end from myself or a friend. But the content was so good and so relevant! I thought. The VBQ In a field where lecture-based learning is the norm, I began to reflect on my own education experience and what kept me engaged.

I took inspiration from the standard document-based question activity, or DBQ. I began by completing a VBQ on two events that were current at the time. Students were also asked to complete a feedback form about the activity itself. Getting it right. Finding the right parent-teacher communication app for your class. With a smartphone glued to 90 percent of the parent population’s hands, how is it that schools still depend on old methods such as sending notes home, newsletters, and emails to communicate with parents? A recent study by Gallup found only 1 in 5 parents are fully engaged with their child’s school, meaning 80 percent of parents are either indifferent to or actively disengaged from their kids’ school. It’s clear there is a disconnect between the way teachers are communicating and the way most of the world is getting its information. As a trailblazer in classroom technology, it seems like I’ve tried every form of communication out there: printed newsletters, emails, texting, blogging, a YouTube channel, even Facebook.

But along with grading, lesson-planning, and everything else a teacher is asked to balance, it all got to be too much. I wanted the communication process to be easy and streamlined for my parents and me. There’s an app for that — but which one?