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Apps. 10 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom. It has been a while since I have posted any practical ideas for the classroom, and for this I am sorry.

10 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom

However, yesterday I found inspiration, yet again, while preparing for a workshop for my teachers at our school. This coming Friday’s workshop is about mobile learning and I have an opportunity to provide some input on the use of QR Codes in the classroom to motivate young learners. I have never used QR Codes before in the classroom but it would be something that I would definitely use in the future to engage learners with reading and conversation skills. Before we start with the 10 practical ideas with using QR Codes in class, here is a quick tutorial for those new to creating your own codes.

How to create your own QR Codes Application:; lets you make QR codes which could then be used in a variety of ways during lessons. Similar application: identical to the website mentioned above. Why & How to Green Screen in class. This is my new must-have for all classrooms!

Why & How to Green Screen in class

Finding interesting ways to evaluate, reflect and report on work and projects can be tricky. Many students struggle to engage with the reflection properly as it is often a dry, unentertaining end to any unit or project. But that’s where the Green Screen App can help. (How-to help sheet below) Remember: People don’t learn from experience. It’s not all about being Superman! Being able to place moving images as well as still behind the student reporter / reflector makes the report far more engaging for the viewer. Making tiny reference points on your green screen (cloth) can also allow students to point at specific things behind them. The possibilities are endless and can be used by any subject at any grade. Ideas: Use the camera to simply record a computer screen playing a Youtube clip. Guide: Using Apple TV in the Classroom. (Image Credit: Apple) Firstly, despite its name, Apple TV is not a television.

Guide: Using Apple TV in the Classroom

Instead it is a device which allows you to wirelessly stream content from your iOS devices or Mac on your TV or projector using AirPlay. AirPlay is Apple’s technology that will stream whatever is on an iOS or Macs screen and is built into all iPads with the exception the first generation iPad, and all newer iPhones and iPod touches. This means you or your students can easily display Keynote presentations, images, videos or content within apps on a large screen at the touch of a button. Uses in the Classroom Apple TV has many uses which make it perfect for use in the classroom that revolve around its main function, AirPlay.

Einstieg in die Lernvideo-Erstellung mit iPads: Screencast mit „Explain Everything“ Erklärvideos mit Jugendlichen nach dem BYOD-Prinzip produzieren. BYOD – “bring your own device” – dieser Ansatz liegt derzeit für die Medienpädagogik verlockend nah, da viele Jugendliche umfangreiche Tool-Boxes in Form von Smartphones mit sich herumtragen, was für uns eine neue Herausforderung, aber auch Chance darstellt.

Erklärvideos mit Jugendlichen nach dem BYOD-Prinzip produzieren

Zudem dürfen wir uns auch inhaltlich permanent mit neuen Diensten und Angeboten auseinandersetzen, die ebenso rasch verschwinden, wie sie aufgetaucht sind. Warum also nicht diese Ausgangssituationen zusammenfassen und ein BYOD-Medienprojekt zu aktuell angesagten Tools und Apps durchführen? Dieses Experiment sind wir im SIN – Studio im Netz angegangen, um Handyclips produzieren zu lassen, die derzeitigen Trends im Handmade-Stil erläutern. Gestern war noch Facebook in, heute ist es WhatsApp, morgen vielleicht Tumblr oder Snapchat oder etwas ganz anderes. Um als pädagogisch Verantwortliche nicht den Überblick zu verlieren, empfiehlt es sich, intensiv zu surfen, zu lesen und zu experimentieren.

iTunes U Getting Started Tutorial. Troubleshooting your Apple TV. The second- and third-generation Apple TV were designed with simplicity in mind but they don’t always work as expected.

Troubleshooting your Apple TV

Where do you turn when your Apple TV acts up? The next several paragraphs are a good place to start. Check out our symptoms and solutions for common Apple TV issues. When I use the Apple Remote with my Apple TV, that remote starts controlling my MacBook across the room. Is there any way to stop it from doing that? Yes, but you have to manage it with your MacBook rather than the Apple TV. LernFilm Festival. Wikispaces. Eine kostenlose Website erstellen. Sek1 Tab – Material-Digital. Pad2go. Mobiles Lernen @ Kaiserin Augusta Schule (KAS) Material-Digital. Laverna/laverna. Das iPad und andere Tablet Computer in der Bildung. Teach Kids JavaScript. Lernklick - Laden Sie Software von lernklick bei iTunes. Wo sehen Sie die grössten Vorteile für den Unterricht mit Tablets und Smartphones?

In vielen Schulen ist die Benutzung von Handy und Smartphone immer noch verboten. Klar - die Geräte stören den Unterricht, wenn sie zu unpassenden Zeiten piepsen. Aber sogar skeptische Lehrer sind plötzlich nicht mehr dagegen, wenn Schüler schnell mal bei einem Problem in Wikipedia nachschlagen können, den Taschenrechner benutzen, Wörter übersetzen, im Duden nachschlagen oder sich ein Diktat diktieren lassen. iBooks Author – Galerie. Fundamental Teacher Apps. - interaktive und multimediale Lernbausteine.

LearningApps into iBooksAuthor. Projektarbeit_Schlussfassung.pdf. iPads für die Schule einrichten - IPads_fuer_die_Schule_einrichten.pdf. Die Plattform für iPad-Projekte in der Schule. TabLets - One2One -